13 cheap honeymoon destinations outside India for the perfect romantic getaway

cheap honeymoon destinations outside India

Extravagant weddings are perhaps not so much a priority for new gen couple as is the choice of honeymoon destinations. Because of course it is the memories of the love and the snaps of the dreamy lands explored together that resonate far more with the heart than the many elaborate arrangements of wedding rituals. Picking the right honeymoon destination is indeed a daunting task- with considerations like budget and accessibility weighing down on convenience. While an exotic foreign locale appeals to all, not all off shore lands are equally viable. Here’s therefore picking for you 13 cheap honeymoon destinations outside India so that your love remains a journey to cherish, unhindered and unthrottled-


cheap honeymoon destinations outside India nepal
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India’s closest neighbour and a country that has forever been steeped in the charm of its simplicity and the unspoiled beauty of its gorgeous expanse, Nepal is a land unparalleled. Not only it is an exotic travel destination but it definitely is also one of the cheap destinations you can plan your honeymoon to outside India. And with the landlocked country emerging on the top of Forbes’ latest compilation of Ten Bucket List Trips for 2020, a honeymoon is all the excuse you need to tick this quaint land off your bucket list.

An exotic land where you can go in search of the ultimate bliss, Nepal remains delightfully nestled in pristinity and abounding in scenic beauty. Romance is an element so inherent in the dreamy landscape of the country that you wouldn’t ever be out of love here. The mystic of the majestic Himalayas and the ample privacy that would greet you from layers and layers of pristine serenity makes Nepal just the perfect honeymoon destination. Be it the allure of the city of lakes Pokhara or the charm of Kathmandu, you will return richer from this Himalayan hamlet without weakening your finances a single bit. Nepal is so much more than what you can you ask for a love that will feed your soul for lifetime.


It’s surprising how a country as naturally endowed and culturally vibrant like Vietnam has managed to escape the international radar as a prime tourist destination for so long. Replete with a host of rich cultural legacies and stunning landscapes, Vietnam though has been doing the rounds lately as one of the really cheap honeymoon destinations outside India that has so much charm on offer. Pretty beaches, antique colonial structures, sparkling pearl farms, really fantastic food and a whole more of such offerings make a visit to Vietnam a really worthy affair. Specifically with the love of your life, a travel to this compelling southeast Asian country is indeed a worthy affair that you would reminiscence throughout your life.

Costa Rica

cheap honeymoon destinations outside India Costa Rica
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A top notch among international honeymoon destinations, Costa Rica is also one of those cheap countries to visit outside India that will have you high on the euphoria of love. A world leader in eco tourism, Costa Rica is spectacularly beautiful and very low cost to travel to. With worthy natural assets to boast of, the country has indeed focussed heavily on sustainability to emerge as a very aesthetic, green tourist hot spot for people around the world. Gorgeous beaches, luxurious resorts, lush greenery and a host of adventure activities are what you will find aplenty in this Land of the Volcanoes. A mostly pleasant tropical climate and an equally enriching natural ambience sure makes Costa Rica a very charismatic place to live a really memorable honeymoon experience in.


The last Shangri- la on earth, Bhutan is a mysteriously enchanting abode that allows you to relax and splurge your spirits in the super amazing ambiance of this super happy land. An aura of purity and calmness will definitely set you up for one of your most fulfilling travel affairs ever in this mountainous country even as the spirited vibe palpable all through even in the quietude makes it more than just a happy honeymooning experience. Be it the picturesque Paro valley or the vibrant yet peaceful Thimpu, the many prayer flags fluttering about or the multitude of mountainous treks, Bhutan will forever have you falling in love with its verdant experiences. And also of course make for such a fulfilling romantic getaway on a budget that will have you reverting there again and again for more and more love.


For all you die hard romantics who have forever been swooning over the allure of Bali but can’t afford it yet, we bring to you another gem that is no less enticing than its Indonesian counterpart. Known as ‘the country of a million elephants’, Laos speaks opulent majesty and elegance. The beautiful specimen of French architecture set against the idyllic mountainous expanse beckons you into exploring one among this romantic and cheap destinations to visit outside India.

A gorgeous country that is as light on the pocket as it is packed with the bounties, Laos is the ultimate place on earth to celebrate your love. In its laidback vibe and peaceful ambiance, Laos is such a delightful way to make memories with the one you love in all its quaint tropical wonders. There are hidden bays to explore, there are cascading waterfalls to gape wide mouthed at, there also is intriguing mysticism and soulful serenity to be taken aback by. A honeymoon in Laos is unlike any experience you have ever had before and obviously one that is worth much, much more than the price it commands.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
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Another very exotic land that forever has its arms thrown wide open for love soaked souls is the pretty island country of Sri Lanka. There is a certain charm to this land of serendipity that you will not readily experience even in far more exotic sounding locales, which is perhaps why this tear drop country easily makes it matter as one among the cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. There are so many lovely beaches to explore in Sri Lanka as there are idyllic villages and abundant natural wonders to seek romance in. The perfect laidback detour to offset all that pre and post wedding buzz and start off your conjugal life with simplistic servings of love, Sri Lanka sure will pack in enough charisma to have your love survive for ever!


cheap honeymoon destinations outside India Taiwan
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Another of the very peaceful and offbeat destinations that serve as a really cheap honeymoon getaway outside India is Taiwan. Very evidently underrated given the vast array of prettiness it houses, the reputation of Taiwan as a really romantic place indeed is less validated even when this Asian land surely enchants you with its beautiful lush mountainous terrain as well as its sparkling cities. Be it the stunningly aesthetic Sun Moon lake or the many mysterious islands, the amazing Taiwanese food or the even amazing hospitality and of course the many bustling cities, you will likely have the time of your life in Taiwan as you embark on an altogether diversified honeymoon experience here.


We know, you would likely be scratching your heads at the mere mention of Russia as a honeymoon destination, cheap or not. But there’s no better way to ignite the warmth of love than a place as cold and dreamy as this European country. In its beautiful landscape and stunning architectural manifestations, Russia is no less than any other touristry haven when it comes to beauty and significance. And with snow enveloping the entire country of Russia during winters transforming it to a virtual paradise, a winter honeymoon experience in Russia sure would be second to none, that too on a budget!


An attractive global destination because of its moderate climate and really spectacular sightseeing detours, Paraguay is easily one of the cheap honeymoon destinations you could venture to outside India. There is abundant amazing natural beauty to partake of, the nightlife there is also pretty vibrant, there are also pretty architectural specimens to revel in and with a budget that low, you would not really want to make your way out of Paraguay even long past your honeymoon is over. There’s also bustling streets and hustling bazaars to lose yourself in when you star missing the routine buzz a bit too much. Anyway however, with love in tow, Paraguay will not disappoint you with so much fun fare on offer.


Kazakhstan might not appeal to you as being particularly quirky but the world’s largest land locked country is indeed charming. High on thrill and oddities, Kazakhstan is also wealthy and well, ‘oily’. Revel in the sight of this country dotted by idyllic lakes and green mountains and you get the idea how surprisingly romantic Kazakhstan can be. Yet another exotic pick when it comes to charting out cheap honeymoon destinations outside India, Kazaksthan has some really undulating landscapes and experiences extreme weathers which perhaps makes this Eurasian country all the more daunting a destination to challenge the delicate confines of love. If you are a truly in love soul willing to go to any extremities for the sake of an offbeat romance, then Kazakhstan is very much the place for you.


There’s no way you can not yield in to the amazing amassment of love and romance that Japan seeks to enrich you with its immense charm and quietude. Think of pretty cherry blossoms, envision snowy landscapes, feel the peace in its serenity, indulge in the many elaborate Japanese tea ceremonies, feast on sushi and ramen- do whatever you like, to your heart’s content and in realisation of your elaborate fantasies in this land of the rising sun that sure will have the golden rays shining bright on your love life for eternity. Japan holds an allure that few other lands on the face of the earth can emulate- one that allows you to be completely connected to that special someone as you lose yourself in the offbeat way of life and love in this magnificent country.


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An archipelago of more than a hundred islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is famed for its natural beauty. Specifically for its exotic beaches and magnificent coral reefs, the country offers exemplary opportunities to just laze about and revel in as much love as possible on your romantic detour. And what’s more, this picture perfect getaway comes at a price that would not be too high a tug on your budget. Easily one among the cheap honeymoon destinations to visit outside of India, Seychelles is characterised by deep blue waters and white sandy beaches, archipelagic islands and hiking trails to make your honeymoon a truly all- encompassing affair just so you live fully the unbounded expanse of your larger than life love realisation!


Friendly locals, rich scenic landscapes, opulent and ancient legacies and above all its reputation as the Land of Smiles- Thailand is very much every traveler’s paradise. As a tourist favored destination, Thailand has held everyone in awe since long. For regular tourists and for love birds alike, the country marks up as a really cheap of the international destinations to visit outside India for both your exotic honeymoon or your vacational backpacking. The picture perfect beaches, idyllic islands, sunny landscapes, gorgeous caves, stunning coasts of Thailand will have you in awe as you celebrate the love in and of your life in an experience that will indeed be the indulgence for a lifetime.