10 places to visit in the world if you want to breathe in some of its freshest air

places with the freshest air

With the air quality indices of some of the major cities of India presenting an appalling picture of the state of the environment in the country, the concern indeed arises as to the quality of the air we breathe in as the sustaining factor of life leading us instead on the path of a choking shock. The reasons may be varied and numerous, the elements responsible for this greater tragedy everyone from the citizens to the government, but what is of immediate need in this hour of disaster to save ourselves from the deadly clutches of doom is concerted and genuine actions that can help reverse our fate before it is too late. Taking a leaf out of some of the world’s countries that have managed to maintain their air quality at impeccable levels could be a very practical way of guiding ourselves on the path of ‘environmental salvation’, of course for our own selfishly better sake. Rounding up hence those nations incredibly sustaining their quality of life and living by breathing in some of the cleanest air that can be a lesson in learning for some of the world’s most dirty breathers-


Established by the World Health Organisation as residing in the world’s cleanest air is the idyllic nation of Finland. One of the cleanest places on earth as judged by a range of environmental parameters, it also is the air quality of the Nordic country that stands out in all immaculateness. And while taking in the clean and fresh, crisp air anywhere in Finland will likely strike as an altogether different draw of the breath, it particularly is the pleasing city of Turku where the air stands out as being the most ambient. The oldest city of the country and one that gets as prettily perfect as it could, Turku is a haven of purity perfectly in sync with the pleasing environs of Finland. That indeed is a derivant of the rich green coverage that characterise the aesthetics of the country besides making it a deterrent for pollutants to thrive and survive.


The Swedish capital of Helsinki boasts breathing in the second most cleanest air among all the world’s capitals and that presents itself instantly as an upholder of Sweden’s claim to pure, clean air. That itself is a huge call on for a country to present itself as but with one of the Swedish National Environmental Quality Objectives being the very clear emphasis on Clean air, it is no wonder that this 2010 European Green Capital has more than enough substance in validating its say. One of the most sustainability focussed nations, Sweden’s active pursuance of expanding its green covers of course has contributed largely to keeping its air bearing of as natural a life as possible. Also possibly helping this pursuit is the exemplary indeed Nordic way of life that deeply values the environment, explaining why bearers of this particular geographic and cultural identity so often come out on top in such aspects of living that matter the most.


Consistently among the top 10 countries ranked for having access to good quality air is the continental presence of Australia. Specifically even, it is the Tasmanian region of the country that enjoys even greater a reputation as regards to the freshness of its air. No wonder then that the small town of Judbury in Tasmania has indeed emerged to be the place numero uno in its harbouring of some of the worthiest breaths affordable in the world at present. As the least polluted among the world’s nations, the superiority of Australia in the environmentally driven conscience is well established manifesting indeed in its clean air levels even across its urban fore.


Entailing itself of the luxury of taking in what accounts for among the cleanest air in the world is yet another Nordic existence, this time being the country of Norway. With a host of its major cities continually experiencing extended periods of clean air the expanse of Norway resides in an ambient feel of purity through most of the year. Environmentally driven in its approach to life and living that guides therefore all of its developmental and industrial activities has helped the country chart such courses of existence that enables it to maintain optimum standards in its quality of the whole range of clean and green attributes.


Faring well across many of the factors that conjure up favourable images of the environment and pristine views of its territory is the country of Iceland with claim over some of the world’s freshest air as well. The sparse population helps indeed to keep pollution levels low and sustain superiority of its air quality even when the ravages of the weather happen to adversely impact its status of prestige. The capital city of Reykjavik is in fact one of the least polluted cities anywhere in the world and in presenting vistas of beauty as exotic as the air it allows you to find leisure in, Iceland sure is fair enough a bet that can cater to your holiday demands of fine flair and finer air.


Known for the breathtaking visuals generated by its alpine mountains and verdant valleys and enticing lakes with of course the white cover of snow only enhancing the allure that lays amidst the fascinating fore of Switzerland, the country is associated indeed with all things that strike as an epitome of natural immaculateness. That is a notion extending to its air quality as well though the country’s levels of air pollution are surprisingly aggravated in relation to its image. That however is an aspect of it only in relativity as the air that the Swiss breathe still is among the cleanest of the world, the quality of it has only been improving with concerted efforts made to this effect. Among the least polluted of the world’s countries that which has contributed even further in making its already booming tourism scene even more resounding a tale of success, the European presence establishes itself therefore as heralding of an essence even outside its global reputation in picture perfect prettiness.


Perhaps somewhat of a surprising revelation lending the airs of superiority to the environment would be the American country of Canada that dominates despite its rather substantial urban existence. Consistently ranked among the cleanest of the world is the air that characterise the significantly large expanse of the country, with requirements comfortably conforming even to the ultimate WHO standards. Concerted efforts on the part of the government as well as the citizens is what have dawned this rather unexpected distinction upon the nation that rigorously adheres to the norms of the Air Quality Management System regulating the whole premises of it. It helps also that the country has one of the lowest deforestation rates in the world that implies a greater green cover to suck pollutants out of its environment and allow it an existence more steeped in the luxury of good quality air.


Another urban region that has managed to let its rate of modernisation not adversely impact its access to fresh air is an Asian nation, the country of Brunei. That itself is a diversion from the notorious reputation marring the continent of Asia, that which is home to some of the most polluted countries in the world. Retaining still its touch of natural freshness courtesy its rich biodiversity even in the face of rapid industrialisation, Brunei boasts also of a privilege that has it combating no major environmental problems as such and therefore correspondingly lower rates of death attributable to pollution. Also one of the richest countries not just in Asia but in the world, Brunei’s parallel charting of the twin courses of cleanliness and commercialisation is quite a wonder and can be a lesson indeed for a couple some Asian countries dubious for their disastrous standards of pollution.


Yet another European emergence on the list of countries with the cleanest air anywhere in the world is the nation of Estonia. Validated again by the World Health Organisation itself is this country wholeheartedly pursuing an approach to sustainability that explains to a great extent its good fortune of breathing in some of the purest air. With a low population count and a substantial forest cover that which accounts for more than half of its land area, Estonia sure stands right up there with the world leaders when it comes to catering to the human race with its own bounty of clean and good quality natural air.


While all countries that we have mentioned above are veritably breathing in of some really quality air, the purest, cleanest air to ever characterise the earth circulates somewhere in the continent of Antarctica. That itself is no surprise, since this part of the world being relatively less subject to human influence has managed to retain its ambient quality in nature. The clean air here however is more specific in its area of circulation, as studies establish the boundary layer air that feeds the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean to be the most pristine dose of freshness earthlings can ever think of breathing in its immense ‘divinity’. With lowest levels of human activities occurring in this continent perennially cold to the extremes, Antarctica indeed is the most favourable region on earth to be fanning and spanning the airs of ultimate cleanliness.