Discovering the quaint hinterland of Tosh somewhere up in the Himalayas


Tucked away somewhere in the quaint quietude of Himachal Pradesh in India, the valley of Tosh exists as a vista of sequined beauty. Close to one of the most frequented tourist destinations of Kasol, Tosh is however as much a discovery in itself as its famed neighbour. Nestled in the Parvati Valley that which itself is a breathtaking escapade of nature’s bounty, the scenic allure of Tosh comes alive in its vibrant existence. Tranquil and serene yet not tepid at the least, this picturesque village is a montage of every color that nature has been generous to bestow it with.

In its very convenient seating at the far end of the Parvati valley, Tosh serves as just the perfect escapade for all those seeking to detach from the humdrum of the world and recline at leisure instead in the gorgeous lap of greenery. Laidback in its life and lush in its existence, a substantial part of the reason why Tosh holds everyone in its deep trance lies in its plentiful of cannabis plantations, that which intoxicates with its very distinct smell every soul who meanders into the inner nooks and crannies of this getaway place that while might be small but is still worthy to its core. Setting foot in this mountainous haven of the chills and the charms is also one mutifaceted adventure in itself- on one hand there is the calming lure of the piquant scenery that which unfolds before the eyes almost as if you were in some dream, with hues so vivid and images so fresh that seems straight out of some postcard perfect setting, delivering therefore also picture perfect spectacles for you to capture and live in them, once and forever. On the other hand however, there is the rush of adrenaline that takes over as soon as you land in this valley characterised by steep drops and rugged facade. Mind you, Tosh sits elevated at some 2400 meters on a hill, overlooking the Tosh River as it gurgles through, an offshoot of the more famous Parvati River, and makes therefore also for one of the most famous trek routes through India. The Tosh Valley trek itself is a rewarding experience for the senses, as it takes you along the periphery of the mighty Himalayas, with sights of snow capped mountains, boundless greens and scattered skies to eventually lead you to the beautiful Pin Parvati Pass. While at Tosh, it is impossible to not let yourself be awed by the enormous magnificence of the spectacle that greets you from across every spectrum of its existence. Or also not yield in to the gust of clear airs that has you feeling revitalised and refreshed, putting you more on course to explore this land of exquisite beauty.

What makes Tosh even more an inviting escapade to yield into is not just the stunning views it offers, but also the distinct experiences it enriches you with. Even with the sceneries however, Tosh blesses you with also all the charms that it plucks from the magnificent premises of the Parvati Valley, be it the sheer wonder of Kheerganga or the raved about beauty of Kasol. Also equally prominent is its many a wooden houses, that which stands out in their unique beauty, even when being just the perfect setting for the encompassing greenery to allure onlookers even more with the stark contrast of the hazy browns and the verdant nature, seamlessly transitioning gradient by gradient as if it were some work in perfection. As the hippie existence beckoning you from the entrails of the Parvati valley, an escape into Tosh also would have you land in the midst of a number of trance and psychedelic parties that are just the perfect complement to the dreamy terrains of this jaunt in the Himalayas. There really isn’t much you can do in Tosh except to laze around and flaneur, rediscovering your peace with every step, as you seek out something beyond the ordinary in even simple incidents of everyday life. In its ease of the village life that which still teems with a buzz in its touristry promenade, yet in a calm so that even the seemingly mundane turns out to be the experience of a lifetime that you will ruminate and cherish, Tosh is in itself a thousand different worlds woven into one. The hearty splendor of Tosh laces so well its terrains of tranquility that once you find yourself here in this land of the hippie vibe, you would be wanting to make this magical place your home forever. In its every nook and every speck of its tiny expanse, Tosh is radiant in a charm that makes for a highly satisfying escapade once in a while, with so much to offer even when it seems just like the ordinary, this would be a travel experience that perhaps would find no match throughout your growing travelogue of stories even over the years.

Even without having much to do in this quaint land of the calming charms, Tosh will not however have you feeling lethargic to any extent. In the crisp mountain air that envelopes its expanse and the delight of the extravagance that comes naturally to it, Tosh is resplendent in such sights and sounds that makes seeking them out one of the absolute musts whenever you happen to tread into its premises. Ambling along therefore the banks of the Parvati River for a feast to the eyes counts as one of the sight seeing mavericks while in Tosh. The sparkling sheen of the water presents a complete contrast to the breathtaking assortment of the bevy of surrounding greens, making this a walk to remember for eternity. With also the snow capped mountain peaks in the background, the river is just the perfect setting to while about an entire day in, without doing anything and letting your senses absolutely indulge in what is indeed an extravagance of the ultimate kind. With the quite rustic life offering no any elements that would disrupt the unabated peace by the river bank, with only the gentle gurgle and occasional splash of the water asserting its melodic presence, the sun kissed surroundings that feel like a warm hug in all that cold setting, the Parvati River comes across as one of the most extraordinary sights for you to savour, glimpses of which promises to linger in your mind long after you have moved on to the next spectacle on your sightseeing spree.

As a village of wonders itself, Tosh offers also the chance to explore other equally captivating vistas of the rustic life. Particularly exciting is the prospect to explore the old village of Malana that which sits at an even higher elevation than Tosh. Walking all the way up to Malana will also land you in a place that lets your adventurous spirit take full charge for a true blue feel of being up there in the boundless expanse of the mountains. Another exquisite tourist destination in itself, a visit to Malana only doubles the charm of the experience that Tosh had blessed you with. No wonder returning from so near this tourist hamlet without embarking to explore its haven of history is something that would render a Tosh experience incomplete.

Raving about the aesthetics and allure of Tosh however isn’t the only thing guaranteed in this village of truly natural beckonings. Tosh also can be surprisingly steeped in spirituality, specially for those who care to seek it out. The pilgrimage site Manikaran Sahib is located in close proximity to Tosh and is a popular tourist spot for its religious significance as well as the encompassing scenery. Famous also for its hot springs that which are believed to possess divine powers, a visit to the Manikaran Sahib would also be incomplete if you do not go for a dip in its magical springs amidst equally magical surroundings of the divine and the scenic. Another place on the religious radar that Tosh boasts of in its uniquity is the Tosh temple. A wooden temple dedicated to Sage Jumdagni Rishi, the Tosh mandir remains closed most of the time but still sees visitors thronging its premises to dwell again in the dual aspect of the aesthetics and the divinity. It only is fitting that in a place so standout in its features as Tosh, would you encounter such a religious site so standout as well!

tosh temple
Source: Tripoto

However not everything about Tosh is a medley of nature in its many explorations. Tosh is as much a worldly place as it needs to be, as you would discover when you set out to shop and dine across the many options that the place, even as a quiet village, offers to you. Shopping particularly is quite an experience in Tosh where local and street shops line up in abundance offering the best of such goodies it is particularly famous for. Be it semi precious stones, woolens, T shirts with that hippie feel or even handicrafts, Tosh makes sure you won’t be returning from this memorable land with just intangible memories.

If however you weren’t surprised by the shopping experience in Tosh, you still have another option to explore to leave you truly intrigued. And that relates to the gastronomic bliss that you get to enjoy there. While it might be hard to believe that a place so well settled in nature and so rustic in its essence would offer such an amazing diversity of cafes and cuisine, Tosh perhaps has been helped primarily by its growing reputation as a touristry place for some time now. Exploring therefore the decently accommodating tastes of this place would mean that you don’t have to make do with just pahari food if that isn’t something that you quite fancy. Tosh has its own assortment of cafes that offer delectable global fare, particularly Israeli and European food, and that which are quite authentic in the flavor of it. But venture beyond the true tastes and Tosh will also pleasantly surprise you with a treat that you would have thought impossible to emerge from its simplistic existence. That scrumptious sounding delicacy that which is a fusion like no other turns out to be a very ingenious offering- the Snickers chapati! A sweet, sweet treat up there in the sweet ambience of the hills, Tosh seems to have rolled out its own taste in delivering a crispy, chocolatey delight that which warms up your soul as you sit there marveling at the chilly excitement that this little place somewhere in the mighty Himalayas has so unexpectedly landed you in. It only is discoveries like this every now and then, of unbelievable places and satiating treats, that makes life all the more worthier than it already is. Tosh then is the true embodiment of all things life craves for, in its trippy terrains as well as in its diversity.