Facts about Finland- the happiest place on earth

Source: Lonely Planet

The land of mystic and charm and the happiest place on earth. Finland never fails to have us spellbound. And while happiness may be a paradox for some, the Finnish land has quite a leaning towards all things fun. Nature’s juxtaposition with humor of the human mind strives to make Finland a true wonder. Check out some of the interesting facts about this ultimate abode of happiness-

The dual landscape..

Finland is one of the most scenic countries in the world. With a whopping 1,87,888 lakes equally paced by 1,79,584 islands dotting its landscape, Finland is the place for both wayfarers and water surfers.

..dotted by saunas..

Finland also happens to be the most ‘saunic’ country. With close to 1.8 million saunas for a population of 5.5 million, sauna luxury is basically a way of life for the Finns.

..immersed in peace

Also as the least densely populated country in Europe, Finland abounds in peace and is the ultimate place for solivagants. Introverts (out) there, are you listening?

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Odd balls

Finland is the true land of oddities. Home to quite a few off beat competitions, the country is a true wonderland.

As the homeland of iconic mobile phone brand Nokia, it’s perhaps no wonder that the mobile phone throwing competition is an annual fixture of the country.

The mosquito catching and squashing competition, the berry picking championship, the beer floating competition are just a few of the most peculiar events to be held anywhere in the world.

But perhaps the most fun of all Finnish competitions is the International wife carrying championship celebrated annually. Even more interesting is the fact that the winner gets free beer supply, equivalent to the weight of his dear wife he had carried. The proof of the love is indeed in the carrying.

Also, with the celebration of Restaurant Day, Finland provides an opportunity for anyone in the country to open up a restaurant for a day without a permit. Business wouldn’t have been easier!

Finland takes pride in failures as well. The country celebrates the Annual Day for Failure on October 13th. For a world that is steeped in the pursuit of excellence and success, here’s a nation that raises a toast to failure as well. Whatta nation!

It seems that the Finns perceive their sleep way too seriously (or perhaps not seriously as well). No wonder the country has an Annual Sleepyhead Day held to honour the most sleepyhead persons of all. And the honor- tossing the ultimate sleeper in cold water to serve him just right!

The coffee culture

The Finns have a high preference for coffee. With a per capita consumption of 12 kgs of coffee per year, the Finnish’s love for their cuppa surpasses that of even the Americans and the French.

Milky meals

But it isn’t just coffee that rules the beverage world of the Finns. Surprisingly, folks in Finland are also much drawn towards milk as a favorite drink. Healthier than booze, definitely! And so much a fun drink for cats to rejoice when you chill alongside your purry friends at the Finnish cat cafes.

Traditions galore

Finland is a quite and calm nation but it has quite a few interesting traditions. Specifically, the New Year Eve tradition that the country follows is delightful and unique. For a future obsessed nation that also offers a professional course along this particular line of interest, 31st is the time for people to welcome in a new beginning with fortune telling and future predictions on full play.

Another interesting tradition that is very specific to Finland concerns its food and drink rituals. Mornings are a blissful affair on the dining table, with Smorgasboard coffee buffets being the most delectable of affairs. Consisting only of coffee and tea accompanied by some savoury and sweet pastries is the morning meal to get you going throughout the day.


Finland is the home to our dear old Santa Claus. The legacy of the delightful bearded old man lighting up our Christmas celebrations has its origin in this mystic land.

In this land of the dreams and myths, there are days when the sun never sets. Equally awe inspiring are the days when the sun never goes up. Continuity seems to be the norm for days altogether in Finland.

Equality rules

Finland is steeped in equality as well. So if you are caught speeding in Finland, you will be equitably penalised. Which means you will be fined an amount based on your annual income. Legit.

Road rules

Another unique road rule of Finland requires you to have headlights on every time. Pitch dark or broad day light, if you are driving, you should very well switch on the lights. Peculiar though.


With low population density and tremendous thrust on recycling, Finland is one of the eco friendliest countries in the world.

Beauty and the view

Finland is truly magical. Be it the Northern Lights or the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort which boasts of pretty glass igloos, Finland is the place of eternal charm.

Finland is also home to the world’s one and only female exclusive island in the world. The SuperShe resort in the Baltic Sea is the true blue place on earth to accommodate all those females tired of giving men a shit.