Sort out your 2020 travel goals with Forbes’ latest compilation of Ten Bucket List Trips

Forbes 2020 Travel Goals: Ten Bucket List Trips For The Next Decade

Lands that enchant, cultures that beckon, heritage that awes and beauty that has you forever in lure- sorting out your travel goals is no mean task. As the world is all set to bid goodbye to the old year and step into a new one, in fact a new decade, it’s indeed necessary that you too revise and redo your bucket list and amp up for some whole new worlds of unparalleled travel experience. And with the prestigious name of Forbes in tow, you really don’t need to fret much about the ideal detour for your next foreign vacation. As the American business magazine compiles its choosiest possible list to cater to the travel bug in you for the next decade, here’s our take on what makes each entry a worthy contender of your visit in the years to come-


Emerging at the top of the esteemed Forbes list is our very own neighbouring country of Nepal which comes as a double delight, being also one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. An exotic land where you can go in search of the ultimate bliss,Nepal remains delightfully nestled in pristinity and abounding in scenic beauty. Be it coursing along the many treks along the hilly terrain or paying obeisance at the country’s many temples, Nepal is just the perfect place to rewind, relax and rejuvenate. In fact so grand and diverse is the allure of this landlocked Asian country that despite its obvious backpacking explores, Forbes also expands and extends much beyond the hilly terrains to cite it as the absolute destination that has something on offer for all who want to venture into this land of natural wonders.

There’s so much to do and see in Nepal- reveling in the sight of an array of World Heritage Sites, more than a couple hundred lakes that are absolutely mesmerising, seeking thrill in a host of adventure activities, exploring the solace of spirituality and the peace in the calmness, you won’t ever run out of spirit while in Nepal. Whether you find sanctity in its charm or want to discover adventure in its folds, Nepal is absolutely the place for every one of you.


The country closes to space and also home to the world’s first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site- we know you are already planning your Ecuador trip right away! Also beckoning are the world’s highest mountain and the largest ocean and that too resting forever in the charm of an endless spring of a country that also boasts of numerous volcanoes and mountains and beaches and also of course the Galapagos Islands. But even as we wax eloquent about the ample natural wonder on display, let’s not forget that the country is also known for its amazing night life and an equally diversive yet boisterous food scene. Ask of one and Ecuador will give you thousand reasons to venture into its adventurous confines. It’s that encompassing!

New Zealand

Source: The Telegraph

First things first, New Zealand is home to the real Hobbit village, Hobbiton which is reason enough for our fancy and our travel goals to take flight. Add to it incredible sceneries and amazing beaches and we got all the ways in which New Zealand spins magic for the senses. There’s also glacier trekking and star gazing, glow worms to leave you gaping in awe and some of the finest wines to have even teetotalers in intoxication. Sounds too good to be true? Venture and figure for yourself- that’s all the pint New Zealand will ever be willing to make!


Home to a lake where the sun was believed to have been born- Peru already sounds so much more fascinating than any exotic travel destination already! Not to forget that this another of the South American country on the list has also pretty much all the standard fare on offer- pretty landscapes, scenic beauty, friendly people, extensive and expansive flora and fauna and a host of adventure trails. You decide which reason appeals to you best to give in to the Forbes validation of paying Peru a definite visit!


Source: Lonely Planet

Sunshine at midnight- sounds so surreal a phenomenon but is every bit real an encounter in Alaska. An extensive, more than half a year long view of the Northern Lights and an encompassment of more than half the world’s glaciers- Alaska is a glistening land of natural bounty and wonder. You can see the world’s most gigantic vegetables and fruits in Alaska thanks to the generous amount of sunshine it receives. No wonder even Forbes has been so enchanted with this American region to promptly place it in the top five.


A country that is a virtual tropical heaven, replete with seas and sands, charms and colors, Brazil is indeed an amazing travel destinations. And specifically after the Forbes validation, Brazil has sure emerged as one of the must visit countries if you want to also cash in on its visa free entry for Indians! As one of the world’s largest countries recently waived visa restrictions on tourists from India, Brazil is a hotshot tourist destination anyway. The largest country in the whole of South as well as Latin America, and with a veritable reserve of natural endowence and pristine beauty, this is one country that is truly enchanting.Home to the Amazon Rainforest and some of the most exquisite beaches, Brazil holds all in fancy with its natural abundance and cultural exuberance.

But even when the lush green rainforests and the colorful Brazilian culture of an enticing race of people invite you to this land of pure natural charm, there’s a lot more to discover in this very vibrant land. Like Nepal, Brazil also is resplendent in an array of World Heritage Site- 21 to be precise, while being home to what is touted as the world’s largest party courtesy the Rio de Janeiro carnival, and a lot many natural and man made wonders that have you in awe. Also the world’s largest producer of coffee for more than a century and a half, Brazil will sure serve you up with some of the finest brew you would ever sip in your entire life! And if you are a soccer aficionado, you don’t even need any other reason to visit Brazil!


Magic and mysticism rules large the meanderings in Morocco that sees tourists flocking in hordes owing to its offbeat allure. There’s of course the might of the Saharas beckoning you within even as the treasure trove Medinas are no less a wonder to have you enchanted. There’s also the Atlas mountains in tow while the Moroccan carpets weave their vibrancy and charm all through the country with its expansive coverage. All in all, Morocco is the best bet for adventure enthusiasts and also for aesthetic scouters so if you are either or both, you know where to check in to satiate your spirit and senses.


Great Wall of China

Speak of China and it’s inevitably images of the gigantic Great Wall of China that conjures up the Asian country in your mind. But there’s much more to discover about this land of wonder that is only best experienced with your own senses. A detour to the world’s most populous country will more than amaze you with its rich legacy and heritage, its veritable natural attractions and many man made wonders and of course with its variety of cuisine that is remarkably different from the rest of the world. Even in its modernity, China holds its tradition and lineage in such high regard that you will be fascinated with such a marvelous amalgamation of the old and the new. Also with cute cuddly pandas found in abundance in the Chinese mainland, we aren’t even thinking of any more reason to include this name in out bucket list!


What more reason do you need to experience what life is like in a place that is the happiest country in the world? The land of mystic and charm and an innfinitely happy existence, Finland never fails to have us spellbound. Also the land of a thousand lakes as well as islands, Finland is one of the most scenic countries on the face of the earth.

There’s magic at play as well- Finland is the origin country of our beloved Santa Claus and also offers some really spectacular sightings of the stunning phenomenon of the Northern Lights that adds more and more to its charm. Abundant pretty vistas, expansive safe lands, a horde of coffee lovers, amazing food affairs, weird but interesting traditions and weirder national days- Finland has so much of gaiety dotting its every nook and corner that will have you returning there again and again in pursuit of true blue happiness!


If you are one of those wildlife enthusiasts who seek to explore the wilderness in nature, then Kenya should be an unmissable opportunity to wander to. Safari trips amidst the majestic wildlife settings and picturesque savanna terrains, while discovering also the intriguing culture and other touristry attractions will sure make your Kenya trip a truly memorable one. As the place that plays host to the biggest migration on earth, the wildlife diversity and pride of Kenya stands unparalleled. Life in Kenya is full on adventure but even then there remains a laidback vibe nestling deep within its diversive landscape. Kenya has always been an offbeat yet impressive destination for globetrotters and with the Forbes feature this African country sure claims stake as a worthy travel goal.