A dozen haunted railway stations in India you don’t want to visit

haunted stations in India

There’s something undeniably enticing about ghosts! Spooky and all definitely but having chills sent down yourspine is an exhilaration like no other. Ghosts perhaps find their haven more in places that suddenly die off the buzz after a full day of activity. No wonder railway stations so often come across as haunted. Here are 12 haunted railway stations in India you don’t want to visit because you are one practical person, but ask your soul and you will know just how much it wants to partake of a spirited adventure!

Barog Tunnel

The longest tunnel on the Kalka Shimla rail route and in fact one that sits pretty in a seemingly mysterious locale is the Barog Tunnel or the Tunnel No. 33 which is believed to harbour considerable paranormal presence.

The story goes that British engineer Colonel Barog who was entrusted with the task of constructing the tunnel fell prey to a serious miscalculation of the necessary alignment for which he was humiliated in front of his workers. This fall into disgrace was too much to bear for the officer who committed suicide while going on a stroll along the tunnel. Dead and buried in the tunnel vicinity might have led the Colonel’s ghost to famously haunt the place as local beliefs and ‘feels’ have established.

Many people have indeed felt the presence of Mr Barog inside his namesake tunnel. Wandering in and about the station and the tunnel, Barog’s spirit seems to be inspiring eerieness in what is the straightest tunnel in the world. But in spite of famously haunting the route, Mr Barog is seen as a friendly ghost, who is even up for talks and laughs with the people!

But not just Mr Barog can claim the fame for the tunnel which in fact was constructed by another engineer who came after him. Local lores has it that there is another man who goes about the tunnel asking matchsticks to light his cigarette and even a woman who go screaming in and just vanishes into thin air from there! We don’t know how much petrifying this sounds but the dampness of the abandoned tunnel of premise sure holds something sinister at play.

Patalpani Station, Madhya Pradesh

Well, it isn’t exactly the Patalpani station that is haunted. Near the Kalakund railway trek in Patalpani is a temple dedicated to freedom fighter Tantya Mama Bhil who had been nanged to death by the British and buried there. The Patalpani route is believed to be haunted by the spirit of this historical figure who needs to be paid obeisance for a safe train ride through that part of the town.

Every train passing through the route are required to halt at this particular point and show their respect to the departed soul. Even when railway officials maintain that the compulsory halt here is for checking brakes, instances of several accidents happening in case respects are not paid seem to have created real terror among the people.

It is said that trains inevitably meets with accidents or fall into the nearby ditch if Tantya Bhil isn’t shown due respect. The mystery is apparent- it’s an unwritten rule proclaimed by the Railways that requires the halt to be made even when there have been claims that the accidents can in fact be attributed to a difficult track ahead. Things definitely are somewhat fishy in here!

Chittoor Station (CTO), Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor Station (CTO), Andhra Pradesh
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The Chittor station has a haunted legacy that unlike most ghostly places is pretty recent. In 2013, an injured CRPF constable Hari Singh upon getting down at the station was attacked by some on duty RPF personnel and TTEs. The critically injured Singh succumbed to his injuries some few days hence. Since then, the station is believed to be haunted by the soul of this man who is seeking justice of his life in death. Even when the station remains as normal as any other, bustling with people and activity, the jitters of the dark start getting onto locals and on- duty police once it gets dreary and deserted.

Ludhiana Railway Station, Punjab

In perspective, the Ludhiana railway station does not bear any of the bizarre vibes that you would expect from any haunted place. Maybe because it isn’t the entire station that remains steeped in mystery. It is only one particular room at the corner of the reservation center in the station that is supposedly the center place of all paranormal activity.

Reports has it that an employee at the station, a young man named Subhash passed away in 2004. But he loved his job at the Computer Reservation Center so much that even after he dies, his spirit continues to manifest its presence at the center which was once his dedicated work place. Local tales also have it that people have felt something in the air of that particular room once they tried to work from it. Well we suggest Subhash and his spirit rather stays in solitary confinement like ghosts would.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, West Bengal

Bengal might have long nurtured notions of the dead and spirit in literature but the souls have come to rule the state even in its railway platforms. Kolkata’s Rabindra Sarobar Metro is one of those public platforms that remain haunted despite it being teeming with people and activity.

Spooky sightings are often reported from this spot in town, with unusual sightings and bizarre occurrences dominating activities in the station after the last train makes the stop at 10:30 in the night. Whether it be peculiar shadows cast on platform pillars or a ghost like figure making way through the tracks, terrifying sights put this particular center of activity off limits for even the not so faint hearted.

Begunkodor Station, West Bengal

Though another West Bengal station, Begunkodor might have lost out on its haunted status after it was found to be ‘normal’ by some rationalist group, but the 50 year old legacy still continues to hold prospective tourists in its awe of mystery.

The station acquired the reputation of being haunted long back in 1967 when the then station master apparently spotted the apparition of a female ghost doing the rounds in a white sari, much like the type ghosts happen to be in Bollywood movies. The man was so startled by the sighting that he himself passed away from a heart attack. Since then the ghastly lore started doing the rounds- the ghost of the woman who supposedly committed suicide years ago and the apparition of the station master haunting the station came to tale.

The haunted rumours even led the station to be closed down and reopen more than forty years later in 2009. But even then the tales continued doing the rounds- with many passengers reporting fearsome encounters and alleged sightings.

Mulund Railway Station, Mumbai

mulund railway station
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Mumbai’s Mulund railway station is supposedly haunted by spirits of the many people who died here either in accidents or while crossing the tracks. Resounding screams, desperate cries and wails of despair and agony of the dying souls pervade the Mumbai air at night , terrifying all those who happen to be there after dusk.

Dombivli railway station, Maharashtra

The Dombivli station is also believed to be home to the spirit of an old lady. Numerous accounts have surfaced about how the lady is seen crying at the railway station waiting to catch a train that will take her back home. There also have been instances when people have felt an unknown presence and even fallen sick and queasy due to the operation of paranormal elements in the place.

Sohagpur Station, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh’s Sohagpur station also hoards similar tales of the supernatural that leads it to be deserted once darkness sets in. The ghost of a lady is purported to be behind all instances of eerieness, sitting and screaming in the station all night long, with her shrill cries heard even quite some distance away.

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi

The Dwarka Sector 9 Metro in Delhi is haunted by the spirit of a lady who don’t only conform her self to mere sightings. The ghost allegedly runs behind cars that pass through the are, even knocking on the doors and worse, slapping petrified passengers!

Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

Located near the Naini Jail in Uttar Pradesh, the Naini Railway Station is said to be haunted by the spirits of a large number of freedom fighters who lost their lives to torture during their stay in the jail.

MG Road Metro Station, Gurgaon

In Gurgaon’s busy MG Road Metro station inhabits yet another she- spirit, that of a woman who passed away years ago. Though she does not hover about like the terrifying ghastly figure, he still can spook you out with her bulging eyes and tongue. She roams around though having lost her life in a car accident at that very place.