Importance of travelling: Things you are completely missing out on if you are not travelling

importance of travelling

Travelling is a passion for some, a necessity for others. But the kind of traveller you are does not in any away impact the importance of travelling in living a life worthier. In its many facets, travelling has always fed the soul. Whether it be soothing your eyes or making you more inclusive, travelling is indeed the elixir to life. The importance of travelling is manifested in diverse ways and through elaborate impacts. Here are some things that explains why it is so very essential for everyone to travel, as much and however one can-

Travelling is the panacea to life’s woes

Well, not all of them though. Of course when you are without the money and the means to travel, you can get even deeper entrenched in misery. But for most of life’s poignant woes, travelling is important to help you heal with them.

A change of place is the thing that can absolutely pull you out of a heartbreak. Of course not immediately. But when you do want to heal emotionally, getting to travel places and exploring them sets off your mind such that you gradually begin to come out of your mess.

Because travelling isn’t routine, it gives you a fresh lease of life- one that offers things so new and varied that it is most likely to offset even crucial life problems.

Travelling is fun


Undoubtedly! Getting to explore pretty new destinations and meeting interesting new people is one of the many perks you get when you go travelling. By easing the worries of life at least for the moment, travelling allows you a more fun approach to living- one that seeks beauty in every nook and corner of the whole wide world. In fact, there are very few things that will amuse you in life like travelling does!

Travel is exciting


Who doesn’t like the anticipation of getting to soak in new sights and experience the newest of places? Those picture perfect beaches, postcard landscapes, beckoning valleys and adventure oozing mountains that has made even your Insta feed a travel haven is just enough reason for you to go barging into the world!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. With their unparalleled exuberance and diversity, travel destinations stir up your soul and lends you such joy that prods you on excitedly through life, or at least till your next travel sojourn!

The importance of travelling rests also on the plate!

Travelling isn’t just about collecting introspective experiences and having cultural enlightenment though. Venturing into newer lands is also your best bet of letting your taste buds savor the authentic taste of the place. Trying out new cuisines in the most indigenous way possible is the best way to satiate the foodie soul in you. Not only does it impart the local flavours and the local taste but also is the best way to do away with all drooling at the sight of every fancy foreign dish on social media. Traditional food and traditional customs are best explored the traditional way, so take your next travel journey as the way you need to go about for rendering that offbeat taste to your tongue.

Travelling enriches you


Travelling also enriches you with experiences. Your life becomes an amalgamation of the most interesting stories, of incredible happenings and diverse encounters that is your treasure for life. By rendering you richer in experiences and memories, travelling can also further your creative pursuits. The importance of travelling is such that it makes your life all the more richer even when it can take a toll on your bank balance!

Travelling is learning in itself

It isn’t also only the beauty that beckons you into exploring the world. Travelling is important because it also makes you culturally informative and historically enlightened. While there are folks who travel just for the sake of it, travel is as much an experience to be lived as it is cherished.

Roaming the alleys of forts and palaces deeply seethed with history or seeking rich cultural experiences through discovering age old legacies is the best way to be aware of the world you live in. Travelling is also more effective an educational tool than education itself! Such is the importance of travelling that we seek respite in travel and also sap excitement out of it!

Travelling enlightens you


By making you more accustomed with diverse facets of different parts of the world, travelling also enlightens you. It makes you see the world in a different light, one that need not necessarily be as rosy or as dark as your own existence. From teaching you to adjust and compromise, get accustomed and uninhibited, travelling basically sets you up for life. Like we said earlier, travelling is education- the kind that educates you to ace life itself.

Travelling sets you up for life

By expanding your knowledge, travels also enhances your prospects in life. You learn and relearn so much by travelling that life comes surprisingly easier to you. Because you would have witnessed comfort and adventure all in once, you know how to tackle life situations better. You are always prepared for the worst even when you don’t give your hope of the best. That’s just how practical travelling helps you be. In teaching you to view life through a colored glass, travelling ensures you aren’t just stuck with the basic monochromatic version of the world.

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Traveling gets you going (literally and figuratively!)


When you are out on a travel sojourn, you cease to be preoccupied with life’s tiring musings. Even when you travel just because you like it, travelling still serves your purpose. In being even your addiction, travelling gets you going on the high. You tend to soar like a free bird, far removed from the regular humdrum of monotonity. Naturally, when you travel, your stress somehow loses its intensity of having you worried. And that’s just the perfect way you need to live life. Travelling lets you while away your stress without as much a damn as life expects out of you.

Travelling also leads the way to your soul

Travelling also lets you connect with yourself. Specially when you travel solo, you get this deeper introspection into life and into your own soul. The solitary times help you discover your essence and perceive your own existence in a very different understanding. That’s perhaps the best point to enumerate about the importance of travelling. Because knowing oneself inside out is crucial to living a life of fulfillment and clarity, one that will not drive you to disenchantment.

Also, when you travel, you have a deeper sense of the vastness this entity called the world encompasses. This makes you realise just how minuscule our lives are, just how unnecessarily occupied we remain with our own bodings even when we are as insignificant as anyone else. In manifesting your own triviality, travelling teaches you to be modest and humble.

Travelling is lifetime investment


Travelling as an action might be fleeting but the many memories of that wonderful bachelorette trip will linger on all life long. Many a time, it is these eras lived that help you tide over life when things aren’t particularly easy. But even otherwise, travelling gifts you such moments of pleasure and fun that are ever lasting, memories that will make you smile in fond remembrance every time you drift off to wonderland.

Travelling is an adventure in itself


Treading new terrains, dealing with unknown people and finding your way through hitherto unfamiliar lands can sound a bit intimidating but as you master the art of travelling, you will begin to view such unfamiliarity as something adventurous rather than offsetting. Travelling becomes all the more exciting when it is challenging. Even when you are travelling in some quaint, sleepy town, maneuvering through the lesser known place is what keeps you upbeat about experiencing this adventure called travelling. Travelling is as much a rush of adrenaline as it is a surge of excitement. And once you have successfully made it through such an experience, you would acknowledge how travelling also boosts your confidence and leaves you craving for more and more of such adventure.

Travelling is wholesome entertainment!


It might not be so obvious but planning a travel trip is as exciting as travelling itself! The anticipation of the long awaited trip and even the intricacies of packing and sorting, of booking and prepping have you as much excited as the travel day itself. It is also in this expectation of living a new experience, of joining in with all the hustle and bustle that makes travelling all the more enticing and thrilling. Because the journey is worth more than the destination and travel lets you know exactly why this has been the universal saga all throughout.

Travelling is Instagram goals


However superficial this might be, there’s no denying how breaking it on Insta keeps us all hooked in the times of today. In fact, people now travel as much for their social life as for their own pleasure. The excitement of travelling to new places increases manifold at the anticipation of how your latest vacation pics will be the talk of the grammers. It is also this excitement of being talked about that drives many to travel in the modern world. You might not be agreeing on this particular ‘importance of travelling’ but to the extent it makes you feel good about showing off your latest plunge, travelling indeed is goals!

Travel is also the worthiest leisure


Leisure in today’s world is a luxury. One that therefore must be efficiently utilised so as to make every moment matter. There’s no luxury in the world that transcends the ecstasy of travel. In enriching you with experiences, in letting you de- stress, in making you happier, travelling is the worthiest luxury you can buy.

Travelling makes you happy


Travelling also makes you happier. By reducing stress, by helping yourself let loose, by rewarding you with the most luxurious of experiences, travel has a way of making the heart go fonder and happier. For many, travelling is freedom. The importance of travelling is all the more manifested in it being a delightful break from the monotony of routine and the boredom of schedule. In being an experience so liberating, travelling instantly perks up your mood and leaves you happier.

Travelling will be your most exclusive luxury


Not just exquisite, travelling is also exclusive to you. It is one of those very few experiences that you share only with yourself. Because travelling affects different people differently, your individual experience is only your own. That as a thought itself is so relaxing, of having something very intimate with the world, of something that is not forged but created. Travelling is so exclusive to you that even when it makes you humble it also leaves you resplendent in a pride of connecting so deep to the world.