The perfect Kasauli travel guide you need to browse through before booking your tickets


Kasauli is that place on earth known for its natural appeal and lush green beauty. One among those tourist destinations in India that allows you to unwind and relax at will, this cosy little town nestled within the magical abode of the Himalayas is as pretty as it sounds. While exploring places with a travel guide might seem to be convenient, the true joy of travelling lies in wandering to all such ‘attractions’ that you deem as worthy. As such, the Kasauli travel guide should not even be a thing. But for those for whom the travel itinerary is as real a part of travelling as the journey itself, we still intend to get you covered.

Kasauli is defined by its characteristic presence of the elegant pine and charming cedar trees, caressed by a mountain air that is all things pure and gentle. Kasauli behests a magical mystique that is totally in sync with the allure of the serenity this place embodies. But what has to be the most interesting aspect about Kasauli is unlike other popular tourist destinations, Kasauli does not have a set scheme of things to enchant you. Rather it’s every aspect of the place that will hold you in awe with its enchanting calmness and its totally out of the world aesthetics and appeal.

Kasauli travel guide: Best time to visit

It’s the placidity in the pace of Kasauli that will make time look like eternity to you. In this land of quietude and unruffled beauty, it’s the peace that flows as calmingly as time itself, leaving you yearning for more. Even when time seemingly stands still, you discern a sense of belonginess and an urge to make this pretty haven your home forever.

With a mostly comfortable climate the year round, Kasauli is one of those places you can experience in its utmost luxury at any time of the year you choose to visit it. But as a typical tourist destination, your best bet for visiting this abode of the clouds is the dreamy days of monsoon, from July to September.

Other seasons though are also equally conducive for a detour to this idyllic land of peace and calm. For generous splashes of snowfall, winters during the months of November to February would be great days to chill in Kasauli. While for those who view holidays as an opportunity to splash about in riots of exotic color and fresh fun, summer months from March to June are ideal bets to be in Kasauli.

Things to do in Kasauli

When you are in Kasauli, amidst the enchanting beauty of its greenery and its tranquil hush environs, you wouldn’t really care about doing things. You would rather let your weary soul soak up all those calmness the place has to offer. But since you can’t escape the vagaries of life forever to be seeking freedom from all bondages, the best you would rather be doing would exploring all wonders the place has to offer.

From lush trails of wilderness to captivating specimens of Victorian era architecture, from capturing gorgeous sunsets to waking up to magnificent sunrises, Kasauli never disappoints. Here’s a round up of all the things you need to definitely follow as part of your Kasauli travel guide-

#1 Trek your way up through Kasauli’s many trails

Any trip to Kasuli would be incomplete without treading the town’s many trails. Along the Lower Mall Road upto Manki, Jabli, Kalki and Sunset Point, Kasauli has more than a few trekking trails up its sleeve.

#2 Hop in for a joyful train ride to and from Kasauli

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Attraction, a jump on Kasauli’s pretty toy train is an experience to cherish. Winding through the town’s winding roads, navigating lush greenery and exotic beauty, that too in a train that is as thrilling and joyful as the toy train is one of the truest ways to rewind and refresh.

#3 Shop to your heart’s delight at the delightfully assorted Mall Road

While Kasauli might not be shopping destination, the local fare on offer in the town’s local markets is endearing. Colorful handicrafts and fabrics dot the line up of the market place. Also on offer are a wide variety of fresh fruits that are some of the finest local produce you can get your hands on. Assorted fruit wines and jams or marmalade also jazz up the place with their spunky color. From souvenirs to garments, food to fun, there’s nothing that Mall Road does not have to offer.

#4 Gorge your taste buds on the lip smacking local cuisine

Like every other hilly town, Kasauli’s spicy local cuisine is a treat to the senses. Tibetan food and dumplings are the hot favorite among tourists and locals alike. Authentic Kasauli fare sums up the flavorful eating experience in the place.

One particular type of samosa that is exclusive to Kasauli is the bun samosa. Filling and uniquely delectable, this remains one of the most coveted snacks to dig into. A locally made bread called the Sidu, Kadhi, Poppy Seeds Halwa, Maadra and the Green Ginger Tea are the other special attractions of the place.

#5 Take a dive into low stated spirituality at iconic Kasauli hotspots

Kasauli is also bustling with a number of temples and gurudwaras and churches. However the religious experience here is somewhat relaxed and rests more on spirituality than divinity.

The Sri Baba Balak Nath Temple, the Krishna Bhavan mandir, the Hanuman mandir, the Nahri temple, the Christ Church, the Baptist Church, the Shri Guru Nanankji Gurudwara are some of the places of religious significance that Kasauli is steeped in. Any Kasauli travel guide sure calls for a plunge into such spirituality.

#6 Lose yourself in a romantic stroll along Lover’s Lane

When it’s the hills and the clouds around, can there not be romance in the air? And Kasauli, with its picturesque settings and pleasant climate is just the perfect place to rekinde your romance. A long walk along the Lover’s Lane, hand- in- hand with your bae is the experience to lose yourself to when you are deeply in love.

#7 Discover a hidden gen in the form of a lake

Kasauli is also home to a hidden lake. Along the Chakki mod, lies an unexplored paradise of water flowing over smooth rocks that even not many locals are aware of. With even a dwarf waterfall flowing beneath, this pristine presence near Kasauli also serves as a meditation point.

#8 Embark on a sightseeing tour of Kasauli along the Timber Trail

Along Kasauli’s famed Timber Trail, greenery isn’t the only delight to relish. You will encounter an abode of serenity and calm, as well as a treasure trove of beauty on offer. Also offering a striking view of the city’s green landscape, embarking on the Gilbert Trail is a sure shot way to relax in Kasauli.

#9 Sip on some whiskey at the famed Kasauli Brewery

Any Kasauli travel guide would be incomplete if it does not include a trip to the Kasauli Brewery. One of the oldest distilleries in Asia with a 200 year long legacy, the Kasauli Brewery is a place steeped in intoxicating antiquity. But tasting the freshly brewed Indian pale ale isn’t the only thing to do while in Kasauli. Taking a tour of the brewery to understand the whiskey production technique is also an interesting thing to do while in the hill town.

#10 Enjoy a slice of history with the place’s antiquated heritage

Kasauli’s fame does not rest in just its natural beauty. The town is also dotted with rich cultural heritage. Be it the majestic Gurkha fort or the nearby Sangin Darwaza, Kasauli has no dearth of antiquity and history to explore.

#11 Walk along the woods in an almost mystical, magique kind of way!

The best part about Kasauli is the ambiance created by its dense foilage of gorgeously bushy trees. Woody and rustic, Kasauli dazzles in its spectacularly dense beauty of greenery. A stroll along the woods of Kasauli is also a very commonplace experience, because with all the roads meticulously tree lined, walking along the roads is an enriching experience in itself.

#12 Brace yourselves for a unique experience at Monkey Point

The highest point in Kasauli, Monkey Point or Manki Point, remains swanked with hordes of monkeys. Legend has it that a Hanuman temple at the top of this tourist attraction is the point where Lord Hanuman had descended on while returning with the Sanjeevani Booti.

Apart from the historical significance, the Manki point also offers a spectacular top view of the forest and valley studded hill station. Exalted views of the sparkling night life is one sure shot attraction in Kasauli from the top of Monkey Point.

#13 Sway along to the swirl of colors at Kasauli’s annual Sari festival

A place near Kasauli called Akri is the home to a uniquely colorful experience. Every year in July, celebrating the splash of the rains is one of the most off beat and vibrant festivals. The Sari Festival is a grand affair of cultural significance and immense hued beauty. Witnessing this one in a lifetime experience is a very Kasauli thing that should not be missed!