Losing oneself to the lures of life in Lošinj


A spectacular sight of nature and endowed also with a bounty of benefits that accrue as well to the marvels stemming from the natural world is a certain Croatian isle drenched in therapeutic prettiness characteristic of the very region wherein it rests. Slightly off the mainstream tourism radar even when it boasts in itself of a distinguished legacy in wellness tourism is the Island of Vitality that Losinj is so well known as, having employed to its benefits the locational advantage that it enjoys as being a geographical manifestant of the Kravner region, reigning in therefore the rich repertoire of goodness this particular traverse of the lithosphere has always been known to encompass.

Though overlooked in favor of popular picks most notably centered on the Adriatic Sea’s Pearl of Dubrovnik, Losinj has its own distinctive claim to fame when it comes to charting out its own legacy of tourism. At very first glance as well, the prominence of the island as being a coveted holiday spot is established- lush green vegetation complemented perfectly by the crystal clear blues making up the sea and the sky, even as the bright cheer of the sun’s rays shine upon the island in a hue of rejuvenation guaranteed to offset even the most mundane of moods. But it isn’t the mere exuberance granted by this brilliant play of the colors in all their natural resplendence that what makes Losinj the famed isle of healing attributes that it is today flocked for. Deriving also from such incredible bestowings of natural basis, most prominently its idyllic sun kissed confines that sees the island lounging is an average 2600 hours of sunshine per year, is the identity of Losinj as the pristine place where the feel good vibes come alive in more tangible an assertion of them.

Unspoilt and preserved in its natural beauty that which also is supplemented by a wide many elements of profuse attractiveness, including its rocky shoreline extending along the entire length of its mid sea seating and the many dolphins that playfully abound this expanse of prettiness, there is something about the existence of Losinj that makes it irresistible a facade of grandeur of immense charm. And while vibing to the simplistic yet indulgent appeal of this relatively obscured presence that still makes up a significant chunk of the allure that Croatia harbours is itself a very luxuriant, relaxant and incredible proposition to yield into, the catch though lies in breathing in utter leisure the miraculous air of Losinj that carries in its every whiff a scent redolent with not just the trove of history that the wonder island has been glorious a host to throughout its century long tryst with fame but also permeating every molecule of which lies the essence of a healing power stemming from the aroma of the many a herbs growing gleefully along the lengths and breadths of this small island.

So prominent is the treasured reputation of these 1200 something varieties of herbs steeped in their aromatic and therapeutic properties that thrive on the island that makes Losinj a place where the goodness of aromatherapy accrues to one and all in its most natural essence. That, coupled with the extravagant clocking of sunshine hours as well as the elevated saline properties of the waters from the Adriatic Sea make Losinj even more attractive a positioning among tourists as a destination of a wide many wonders woven into the multihued tapestry of its being. And while all over the globe many other such exceptional routes leading to the seas exist and in fact are world famous as locations where beauty and benefits converge most impeccably, it still is the essence of the atmosphere that dresses Losinj up in its characteristic unique healing properties owing to the working of the Kvarner effect that what makes this part of the Croatian hinterland a truly one of its kind experience to seek out and immerse one selves completely in.

The air of Losinj incorporates in its very essence a duality of uniqueties that endows with such immense properties that which has made it a prime restorative area of global fame. The crisp and clean air maintains the most optimal levels of humidity and temperature, that aided further by its saturation with sea salt particles and the essential oils from the many greens is what has made Losinj a traditional respite for people suffering from respiratory problems and allergies. Mild in its climate, healing in its environment and beautiful beyond measure in what stems of it as the ultimate blend of surreality and substance of purely natural leanings, Losinj truly would be the physical visage of what panacea would seem like with of course its appeal as a Mediterranean occurrence enhancing only further the wholesome appeal of it.

With such tremendous potential that lay within the confines of this isle enriched abundantly by the many forces of nature, it indeed is no surprise that the health tourism options of the island were scoured out as early as in the 19th century when perhaps such concepts were yet to become a definite theme of widespread exploration. Since at least the year of 1885, Losinj has been the base where the medical aspect of pulmonary rehabilitation found expression, establishing itself therefore rather early on as being more than a show of beauty, or even an elevated experience in unwinding at that. It was in that same year that the beautiful premises of Losinj saw what would perhaps qualify as the first touristry activity spanning out of its such diversive reputation characterise the lores of the island. With Archduke Charles Stefan seeking to find succour in Losinj during the winter of the year, the spree ensued of the island being a favorite place for royals and royalty to covet in all its numerous entailing of what was on offer. And therefrom Losinj embarked upon such premises that enabled it to harbour a significance of its own, helped of course by its immense surrounding reservoir of sea water that has always been identified by its very similar composition to that of human plasma with a number of beneficial trace elements and microorganisms further upping the ante of benefits sailing through the course of it.

Lending even more enhanced a reputation are the mineral composition of the waters that make up the Adriatic Sea, that boasts specifically of even a higher range of mineral content, some 7 to 14%. This is what establishes Losinj and in fact a wide many regions centered around the Adriatic Sea as havens carrying in them the elixir of life. From relieving respiratory ailments and helping stave of allergies to help speed the process of recovery from illnesses, as well as in alleviating tension and stress while lending also to beauty pursuits particularly with its impact on the skin that which is anyway a tremendous respondent to the amazing benefits of sea salt, it is this emergence of Losinj from within the middle of the amazingly blue prominence of the Adriatic that has made it the wellness hotspot that it has been since at least a hundred years now in history.

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This exceptional reputation of Losinj being a healing paradise enticed not just the tourists but presented also the Austrian- Hungarian monarchy that governed the island with the opportunity to claim for it the status of a climatic health resort. In 1892, the towns of Veli and Mali were declared as climate spas even as Losinj itself came to bear the title of being a climate oasis. With a unique microclimate in tow, that which is the result of the island’s as unique positioning and that which helps the Kravner effect unfurl its most promising properties, Losinj finds itself dwelling most spectacularly in such flows of air that is the purest and finest, to immaculate measure. It of course is the serendipitous nestling of the island amidst the sea in the most natural of surroundings that is what has lent it the airs of first class manifestations. But also helped immensely in its maintenance of this superfine air quality is the very low levels of pollution as well as its innate essence of being the forever crisp and rejuvenating sea breeze that anyway is a therapy for travelers drunk on the beauty of nature. Calming in its assertion of nature’s most potent forces taking over the senses of one and all even as it reveals a vision of itself as strikingly dramatic and gorgeous in stark contrast to the peace it helps dawn upon many a minds and spirits afflicted with woes of both the physical and the mental, Losinj indeed is an enigma far more versatile than what it seems worthy of at first glance.

Which is why exploring just the character of Losing as being the retreat of rejuvenation in very literal terms indeed makes for just one facet of examining its multidimensional identity. Also worth exploring is the stellar landscape that makes up the island, that though for some surprising reason remains still relatively obscure, though to good measure. Expressant along a plethora of factors that which includes elements of the geographical, the climactic, the biological and the botanical is this isle of immense vitality resting also within its own alleys of the presence that it is in all its physicality. Losinj is spectacular indeed in its impact upon healthy living but not just for humans.

Also steeped is the allure of the island in its concern for the environment that which finds expression in its parallel identity as a destination of eco tourism. No wonder that Losinj is as wonderful a paradise to stumble upon in its rich reservoir of wildlife and amazing amassment of biodiversity, as seeking out bottleneck dolphins and sea turtles continues to be among the most favorite of tourist activities along its rocky shore. The myriad bunch of herbs is also not all the flora you can be enticed by while lounging at Losinj; the air there is as full with the scent of pinewood, the encompassing views vibrant and the accompanying mood exuberant with the many blossoms swaying to the fresh lure of the crisp and sweet sea air.

The scenery of Losinj itself is no less mesmerising- rugged sloping terrains that offer adventures galore to take on headlong, the sharp waves treading the confines of the watery blues from where they emerge every now and then to hit and caress the rocky outlines along the shore, pines dancing to the winds that stroke gently their decorative heads, and of course the standout presence of the sun that touches down most generously and healingly upon everyone venturing into the ambient reaches generated from this placing in exotic nativity- every single facet of life in the island of vitality is an element of infinite luxury of a kind that does justice to the globally renowned awareness in which Losinj seats today. With a history that might be concise but sure is interesting, this tiny island that began to see semblances of human life taking over its wilderness only from the late quarters of the 13th century, developing from there to emerge as a shipping hub centuries later and evolve further on to take on its present identity of immense possibilities, the lore of Losinj is one that sounds very much like a streak of life coming to assume its own in the world. Aptly only since it indeed is this very essence of life that this Croatian jaunt of tamed wilderness has been nurturing throughout its course of intriguing enough history.