Top 12 least polluted cities in India which takes Swachh Bharat seriously

least polluted cities in india

Even as the World Health Day was celebrated only recently across the globe, Indian had reasons to lose some sleep. With reports suggesting that India accounts for a whole quarter of the world’s air pollution deaths, the situation is grave. And with our national capital Delhi forever decorating headlines for being notoriously polluted, we can’t afford to breathe at ease.

And yet as we seek a detour from all this toxicity that flows unto us, we scrounge for the least polluted cities in India to at least try and save our souls from becoming too polluted-

#1 Hassan, Karnataka

Karnataka’s picturesque haven of scenic natural beauty and unlimited peace, Hassan is every inch the paradise retreat. With pollution levels that have been among one of the lowest in the country continuously, the place famed as the ‘poor man’s Ooty’ can in fact be every man’s dream of a pollution free life.

#2 Tezpur, Assam

The eternal town of romance located in North east India, Tezpur is another Indian city that retains its pristinity with lower levels of air pollution than elsewhere in the country.

The culturally iconic town had in fact been named the least polluted city in India by the World Health Organisation in its 2012 report.

#3 Pathanamthitta, Kerala

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Another state from the southern most part of India, Kerala has the reputation of being home to another of the least polluted city in India.  Pathanamthitta by virtue of its ample forest cover and abundance of water bodies has managed to emerge as one of the India cities to meet clean air standards.

#4 Kochi, Kerala

Kerala houses yet another gem that has laid claim as being among the least polluted city in India. Kochi, a portal city of the state isn’t just a place resplendent in its array of natural beauty.

Ranked among the top five of Indian cities as far as absence of air pollution is concerned, Kochi is also magnificently steeped in clean air and enjoys the reputation of not being among the most polluted cities in India.

#5 Kollam, Kerala

The Keralian city of Kollam is one of those wonder places that is as much refreshing as it is peaceful. Pretty beaches and the serene backwaters of God’s own country apart, Kollam is also one lesser polluted city in India.

Also as a city with the cleanest air not only in India but in the whole of the world, Kollam is definitely the place to be reckoned as one unmarred by the evils of pollution.

#6 Puducherry, Pondicherry

The quaint Indian town of Puducherry is as pure and priestly as it looks. Among the cities in India with the best air quality, Puducherry is every inch a delightful place.

Apart from being one of the best when it comes to singling out the least polluted city in India, Puducherry is also famed for its premium air and water quality enhanced greatly by local efforts.

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#7 Madurai, Tamil Nadu

One among the ancient of Indian cities is also the least polluted of the country. Touted the Athens of the East, the city of Madurai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu had featured among the top five of WHO’s least polluted city in India.

An interesting amalgamation of technology and local resources to combat the region’s not so favourable climate has worked wonders to bring honour to the city.

#8 Alappuzha, Kerala

Kerala seems to be the ultimate destination as far as scrounging for the bs air quality in India is concerned. With the city of Alappuzha also making the cut to be among the least polluted city in India, another picturesque coastal town bags the laurels.

#9 Shillong, Meghalaya

North east India is also home to another of the country’s least polluted cities. Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya is a relatively pollution free zone.

And as a city that retains a charm not commonly found, Shillong entices as much with its simplicity as it does with its reputation of being yet another least polluted city in India.

#10 Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

The city in India which has the cleanest air is Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. One among the prettiest and most serene of tourist destinations, Kinnaur is also particularly famous for its lush apples. Relishing juicy apples, fresh and unaffected by pollutants in another of the least polluted city in India also sounds inviting!

#11 Patiala, Punjab

The city in India which has the cleanest air as of now is Patiala. In fact, surprisingly and in a sorry state of affairs, Patiala is also the only Indian city that boasts of an air quality that can be termed as clean.

#12 Chandigarh, Punjab

When it comes to big cities, Chandigarh in Punjab happens to also occupy coveted position as one among the least polluted city in India. As a planned city, Chandigarh has managed to ace a mix of nature and technology to continuously emerge at the top of its pollution less game.