19 most beautiful roads in India which makes for a kickass road trip

most beautiful roads in india

The journey is often more beautiful than the destination.

Because you live the journey and enjoy the place (and its beauty) that trips have emerged to be more favourable among the masses, more than even the destination itself. Road trips in particular are more exclusive to beauty and experience which renders them all the more alluring. Beautiful roads undeniably hype up beautiful journeys. Here are 19 of the most beautiful roads in India which makes for a kickass road trip-

#1 Dehradun to Kasauli

Kasauli is abundant in its bounty of natural wonders and is a place has this calm serenading vibe to it. And while Dehradun is equally resplendent of all of this divine pristinity that makes both these places an abode of the ultimate peace, it does not mean that you cannot experience this peace in the accompanying journey as well.

A distance of 182 kilometers is what separates these two havens of sanctity and you can sure expect to be greeted with beauty even all this while. You can keep yourself occupied with all the lush beauty on offer as you amble on course for a decent five hours along this magical trail.

#2 Manali to Leh

The Manali- Leh highway is one of the most beautiful roads in India that has been celebrated and danced upon. Best explored on a bike, the road is beset with a stunning azure waterline and rendered more gorgeous by the snow clad hill slopes.

With a journey spanning over two days to cover the entire 479 kilometers stretch of unwinding route, this is one of those road trips that would be surely an once in a lifetime experience for you to cherish.

#3 Shillong to Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunjee is one of the most rainiest of places in India. A trip to this high altitude town in Meghalaya from Shillong, an equally picturesque north east Indian destination, is not to be missed.

The road trip from Shillong to Cherrapunjee would endow you with such beauty that will be a panacea to your souls. Silver streaks of light rain, the slight nip in the air, the romance in the panoramic view will make your one and a half hour’s of journey through winding curves worth every hurdle you might face.

#4 Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Hill stations are the go to places to escape the clamour of the tedious city life. And Araku valley being a hill station in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is obviously welcoming. The journey to this place of scenic lavishness from nearby Visakhapatnam is equally enticing.

Majestic hills, the appeal of the freshness in the air brought about by the influence of the massive seas of Bay of Bengal and the grandeur of the Eastern Ghats make the trip all the more worthwhile. This journey will sure set you up for one of those Bollywood like pleasures of life amidst all the relaxation.

#5 Hyderabad to Kannur

The splendor of Kannur in God’s own country is enough for you to be left spellbound. And when you embark on this delightful nestlement of beauty on road from the historic city of Charminar, you can be assured of a journey that is steeped in delights and desires.

You would need more than a couple of days to cover the 700 kilo meters of distance that sets these two places apart. And indeed, the road will never let you wane in spirits, with enchantment and beauty at every turn.

#6 Pamban Bridge to Rameshwaram

An endless expanse of blue greeting you with whiffs of freshness as you let yourself loose in the car while soaking in the rich view a ride along the Pamban Bridge will for sure offer counts among those moments of life that elevates and enriches you with a kind of pleasure that cannot be put into words.

The Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge is indeed one of the most beautiful roads in India. And also one to covet for all those souls feeding on wanderlust.

#7 Chennai to Pondicherry

Pondicherry has forever been that haven of lesser explored treasures waiting to surprise you with more than a few surprises in fold. However, even when you aren’t there yet, the route to this quaint town is equally amazing. The sea alongside a long winding road and the pretty sunsets will sure take all your worries away as you drive along this 160 kilometers long stretch of land that passes through UNESCO’s World Heritage site, Mahabalipuram.

#8 Bangalore to Coorg

Known as The Scotland of India, Coorg is pretty with its breathtaking tranquility and its green cover. The road leading to this picturesque land also happens to be an equally delightful journey along what is easily one of the most beautiful roads in India.

From aromatic coffee plantations to dew soaked carpets of greenery, you wouldn’t be short of sights to take in during the entire duration of this scenic journey!

#9 Mumbai- Pune expressway

The Mumbai- Pune expressway is undoubtedly among the most scenic highways of India. Specifically as you take a ride from the bustling city of Mumbai through the road steeped in the coolness of its high altitude location and the soothing effect of the greenery, you will know how very easy it is to rewind and relax when you seek a detour in the lap of nature.

Even for its stature of a national highway, The Mumbai- Pune expressway gives of an enjoyable, laid back vibe to it that is only enhanced by the magical effect of the monsoons. Tempting enough to hit the road right now!

#10 Mumbai to Goa

Both Mumbai and Goa sounds like too cliched for what they are eternally famous for. Bustle is the in thing in both these place and even with its reputation as a sea side state, Goa is also clamorous to quite an extent. But the road leading you to this Queen of beaches from the City of Dreams is a journey to cherish, savor and enjoy.

Easily one of the most beautiful roads in India, the Mumbai to Goa is particularly preferred for its pleasant vibes and an experience that might be ordinary but is all the more worthwhile.

#11 Guwahati to Tawang

Tawang is known for its rocky, mountainous terrains that are as steeped in adventure as they are in pristinity. Taking the road to this place of immense natural beauty from Guwahati is a double delight in itself because you also get to soak in all the pristinity and charm that the north eastern region of India is particularly famous for.

#12 Delhi to Leh

Leh is one of those Indian places that screams adventure. Expanse of rough terrains, a perfectly pleasant weather and a daunting spirit makes this road one of the most magical to cover,especially on bike. High on adrenaline and riding on thrill, the Delhi to Leh road is not to be missed for all those adventure junkies.

#13 Mumbai- Rann Of Kutch

Rann of Kutch had been one of those childhood memories of our geography class which had us in awe with its magnificence of being a salt desert! Landing in the middle of nowhere that too from a city like Mumbai that is forever abuzz with life is a truly enriching experience to seek solace in at least once in your life.

#14 Mangalore to Goa

While Goa might have been on top of your bucket list since forever, keep calm for the route from Mangalore to Goa is at least as stunning as the beachy state itself. The prismatically beautiful Malabar Coast will enchant you to no end as you take road from Mangalore along magical Gokarna to land at Goa, one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the country.

#15 Siliguri to Darjeeling

The pristinity of Darjeeling and the charm of Siliguri are unmissable in this exotic old world blend of the road that you embark on to tread along these beautiful Indian states. Lush greenery and fascinating terrains lure you on course of exhilaration along another of the most beautiful roads in India.

#16 Chennai to Yelagiri

If you have ever witnessed the beauty of southern India, you will know why we consider the route from Chennai to Yelagiri as one among the most beautiful roads in India. Blooming orchards, flowering gardens, majestic mountains, and an enchanting vale weaves magic around you as you negotiate skillfully each of the hairpin bends to embark on a delightful concoction of alluring adventure.

#17 Jaipur to Jaisalmer

A rustic ambience, a cultural journey and an altogether phenomenal experience- that’s how you can sum up your ride along the 560 kilometers stretch of road that connects Jaipur to Jaisalmer. There also are sunsets that you can wax eloquent about if you happen to embark on during the evenings. But most remarkably, a road trip through this dusty terrain of adventure and thrill is unlike any you will ever witness along a road trip. Authentic cuisines and exotic colors that are so much a Rajasthani staple will set you up for a memorable journey along one of the most beautiful roads in India.

#18 Darjeeling to Sikkim

Among the most famous tourist hot spots of India are the cool sates of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Lush greenery and exotic charm runs rampant through each of these hilly regions. The winding route between these two delightful lands offers an equally scenic view as well. With a distance of 97 kilometers separating the magical lands, even the two hours journey along the route is an amply refreshing and beautiful experience.

#19 Puri to Konark

Good things often come in small packages they say. This is exactly what you would decipher as you are set well on course for a road trip from along Puri to Konark in India. With a mere 35 kilometer route lined with trees that form a canopy of mystical magic to light up your journey, this is one of the most beautiful roads in India.

Picture perfect gorgeous beaches and other exquisite tourist places on the way makes this route one of the most captivating to plan a retreat through to discover opulence and charm.