World Famous Travel Destinations that are seriously Over rated

overrated destinations
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The holidays are approaching and you look for a heaven to plan your retreat to, but you are stuck with the same old repetitions. How often have you experienced this? Though new and emerging tourist destinations abound, there are quite a few places that seriously hold no appeal to revelers any longer. So take care not to check in on some highly popular but overrated travel destinations as you dream away of some picturesque vacation!


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The worst thing about Paris as a tourist destination now is that it ceases to represent all things grand and stylish. Plus the language barrier and also the extravagant expenses, added to the mostly fabricated glamour serve to demean one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide.



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This place used to be a haven till until recently when the travel fad caught on people and now Darjeeling isn’t as serene as it used to be. The crowd, the water scarcity as also the traffic are not issues you would want to deal with while on holiday.

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More than the fame associated with Hollywood, the Walk of Fame is more famous, or rather infamous, for tacky souvenir shops and creeps impersonating as celebrities. You surely wouldn’t want to waste your holiday waiting for some impostors to scare you off!


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That elusive Goa trip that you have been planning with your friends might not turn out to be a fun holiday idea if you seriously consider the lack of maintenance of its otherwise idyllic beaches. Plus, its not touted as a completely safe travel option by many.


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Though the financial capital of the entire United Kingdom, the city of London is one highly over hyped destination for tourists. Be it the unexciting Buckingham Palace, the conjusted Oxford Street, the overpriced Leicester Square or the deceptive Big Ben, there isn’t much about London to excite tourists for long.


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The Garden City of India may not be able to offer you a perfect holidaying experience as far as relaxation is concerned. The place’s already cramped, plus the humidity and the traffic are notorious enough to drain all your energy away and leave you fuming at the choice that you made in the first place.