The Heavenly Place On Earth that transforms visitors into an other-worldly feeling

The heavenly place on Earth – Cherrapunjee -is such that the moment you step in it, you are engulfed by an other worldly feeling as the amazing vistas reveal their magic before your eyes.

The mystic lush green valleys of Cherrapunjee that seems to be basking in a cloudy glory will also eradicate all your stress and worries of everyday life with a light drizzle that is constantly felt in this place.

It is because the place was once the wettest place on Earth but presently Mawnsynram holds this notable distinction.

While visiting Meghalaya, you must always take time out to visit Cherrapunjee because it will give you innumerable reasons to regret later if you do not do so.

The indescribable natural beauty of this place has so much to offer to a traveler- relaxing vibes, a soothing calmness,  relief from anxieties and tiredness and of course, a vast expanse of sheer paradise.

The place is home to a large number of natural waterfalls. Although the place is full of curious shaped gorges and cliffs and has jets of water falling from high altitudes in various kinds of its nooks and crannies, never miss visiting the Nohkalikai and Seven Sisters Waterfalls because of its unique features that make it quite different from most of the waterfalls of Meghalaya. Besides these two waterfalls are also seeped in shocking and sad legends.

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The Nohkalikai Falls which is the fourth highest waterfall in the world is a crowd puller because a single trail of water from a high cliff of 1100 metres gushes down into a deep blue pool situated deep below with a huge sounding force.

During monsoons, the fall is a sight to behold as the water rushes with much speed and a huge amount of water falls down into the pool. Sometimes, the pool is not visible as it is covered with clouds. According to legends, the waterfall is named Nohkalikai as a woman named Ka Likai committed suicide from the cliff after finding that she had mistakenly consumed the food containing her daughter’s flesh. Ka Likai’s daughter had been murdered by her stepfather out of hatred and the man later mixed the flesh in her food. Later, when she decided to eat betel nuts after the meal and found her daughter’s little finger in the betel nut basket, she immediately became aware of the death of her daughter and took away her life by jumping in grief from the cliff.

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The Seven Sisters Falls is unique as jets of water falls from seven adjacent sides of the cliff from a height of 315 metres. The sight is wonderful and quite rare to feast on as seven different kinds of waterfalls fall from the same height and in an equal pattern down below.

Apart from waterfalls, the caves of Cherrapunjee are good avenues to seek some sort of adventure and thrill in the expanse of natural beauty. Be sure to visit the Mawsmai Cave which is hugely popular among the tourists. The 150 metre cave is a complex landscape wonder as the dark limestone caves will give you to relive spy movie scenes with its various stalagmite and stalactites of different sizes and forms that reveal themselves in various turns of the caves.

Do not miss out the Mawsmai Eco Park too. As the name suggests, the place in addition to being a natural greenery wonder will also give you a view of Bangladesh. However, the notable part of this park is the beautiful variety of orchids that are sure to enthrall you with its prettiness and vivid colours.

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While visiting Meghalaya, you cannot miss out the living root bridges. The whole state abounds in such kind of bridges which are built ingeniously by the people of the state from the roots of ancient rubber trees. The most popular living root bridge in Cherrapunjee is the Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge. Located at a height of 2400 feet, the 3 km long bridge is present in Nongriat village of Cherrapunjee.

So guys, pack your bags and visit Cherrapunjee during this monsoon to enjoy every amazing vista Cherrapunjee offers and get a chance to transform the irritating and drenched word of the monsoon season into words like wow and beautiful.

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