Places to go on a vacation with your girl gang

Places to go on a vacation with your girl gang

Girl gangs can bring about the ultimate gung-ho experiences while traveling together. Girl squad travels scream out fun, nurturing and party like nothing else from the roof of all that we know is holy and good! So what do you do when you find that rare moment of agreement among all your girlfriends regarding holiday plans and travel dates? Make the biggest and most happening voyage maps of course!

So here we can try to help you make some good travel decisions by referring you to a few amazing and safest places to travel to with your precious female flock:

#1 Goa

Go Goa with your girl gang for a lifetime of limitless fun, frolic, and adventure. With the chance to relax, pamper thyself, and party at the same destination, what else could a real vacation ask for? Goa is an enchanting pleasure for the sights with its colorful architecture, eccentric bazaars, and creamy beach destinations accompanied by its soothing and leisurely ambiance. You and your girl squad can take up this opportunity to partake in plenty of engaging activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, cruises, hot air balloon flights, parasailing, white water rafting, surfing, banana boat rides, and so on. Also, Goa hosts wild parties and thrilling night-life that is full of vim and vigor for the ultimate girl group revival. Goa is extremely promising and it has a little of everything for each girl’s tang. For a trip with your ladies, this state can live up to all your expectations as the ultimate laidback destination.

#2 Kaziranga, Assam

The realm of the rare one-horned rhinos, Kaziranga National Park is a land of beautiful innate diversity. This amazing World Heritage Site is nestled as a quiet haven in the course of the mighty river Brahmaputra. With its lush green environs and scenic beauty, the land of Kaziranga is a treat for the eyes and the soul whilst pampering your senses in nature’s most bountiful wilderness. The Kaziranga National Park can be a wonderful place of respite and peace when you’re traveling with your precious all-girl group with its beautiful green forests, towering trees, tall grasses, freshwater wetlands, expansive grasslands, and enigmatic river islands. The natural melody of this national park can be best explored by taking delightful elephant rides or jeep safaris to witness rare rhinos, elephants, tigers, jackals, monkeys, languors, deer and a ton of amazing migratory bird species. This heritage site in India is the paradise of wondrous simplicity surrounded by the call of the wild and the beautiful melody of singing birds! 

#3 Ziro Valley

The Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is yet another picturesque beauty that can be a great place to visit for a traveling girl’s group owing to its peaceful greenery and calm habitats. If you and your girlfriends are looking for a quite recluse away from the maddening race of city life, the lush Ziro valley can offer the perfect spot to relax and treat your senses with its rustic natural scenic beauty. This haven is occupied by some of the most hospitable and friendly agrarian locals whose lifestyle and habits are most delightful to explore and mingle with. This place is the most fun to visit during the greatest and most popular outdoor music festivals in India called the Ziro Festival. This amazing four-day fiesta showcases well-known bands of international and national status as a standing delight to music lovers everywhere. You and your peeps can set up camp near the music venue and have fun getting together and bonding with the most incredible souls and awe-inspiring music. Ziro valley is nothing short of a beautiful magical experience that your heart would cherish and long to come back to year after year with renewed spirits.

#4 Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India is one of the most fun places to visit with your beloved girl group – to explore and to dissolve in its ever vibrant energy. This buzzing city has everything to offer for the entertainment and pleasure of adventurous spirits. The city of Delhi has a wide array of culture in its history, architecture, food, places, tradition and even its people. The timeless city is evolving every minute with the infusion of tremendous ways of life and technology and yet manages to carry a quiet elegance and age-old reverberations about it that is quite incomparable and mesmerizing.  The city has something to offer for every kind of vacationer, from the nocturnal beings, foodies, shopaholics, lovers, devotees, artists, etc. with its unique multiplicity of events and places. In this city, one simply has to ask and all of the heart’s desire can be achieved with the right kind of ‘jugaad’. Delhi meri jaan, with its incredulous monuments, lazy parks, museum centers, art exhibitions, top-notch eateries, and late night haunts is the place to be when the heart seeks to love again and the soul longs to be lost in echoes of human wonders.

#5 Rajasthan

Another exhilarating trip to go to with your female squad is the remarkable state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan can be explored with a range of simultaneous trips to the amazing cities within it including pink city Jaipur, Udaipur the city of lakes, Jodhpur the gateway to Thar, Ranthambore National Park, Mount Abu, Bikaner the swirling desert town, and Jaisalmer the Golden City. Within its large and extensive cultural borders, Rajasthan has a great deal to offer for travelers and voyagers. The royal heritage of Rajasthan is amply depicted in its towering havelis, awe-inspiring palaces and forts, and grand temples. Your trip can be extremely entertaining with a pinch of camel and horse rides, exploration of the colorful bazaars, lakeside strolls along with a taste of its amazing gastronomy. Your photo shots will easily depict a sort of colorful quality that would only run deep through time.

The height of ease and comfort that girls feel among the company of their chosen precious girlfriends is universal and cannot be compared to any kind of material goods. It is a chance to be with one’s own nature and revel in the simplest pleasures that life has to offer.

Traveling is a learning experience and going out to explore the unexplored with your precious girl squad can be the best way to create fresh bonds and beautiful cherished memories that can last a lifetime!