13 jaw dropping places to visit in Brazil atleast once in your lifetime

places to visit in brazil

Fancying a trip to Brazil after visa restrictions on Indians have been lifted? You sure need to be! A country that is a virtual tropical heaven, replete with seas and sands, charms and colors, Brazil is indeed an amazing travel destinations. Here’s 13 of the most exquisite places you must visit in Brazil if you want to witness unadulterated natural beauty-

The Amazon Rainforest

You can’t be in Brazil and not explore the majesty of its breathtaking Amazon presence. The largest rainforest on earth that is touted to be the lungs of the earth with its extensive reserve of lush greenery and staggering wildlife, the Amazon rainforest renders much importance unto Brazil. An array of water bodies, a trove of unparalleled verdancy and exotic fauna besotted with extravagance, the Amazon rainforest definitely counts among the places to must visit while in Brazil.

Minas Gerais

If you are a lover of all things coffee, then you can’t miss out on the fact that Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. Minas Gerains jumps into touristry prominence as Brazil’s most prominent of its coffee producing states. Even otherwise though this Brazilian state is also a treasure unexplored in its stunning art and architectural heritage. Minas Gerais also remains steeped in history- being at the center of Brazil’s Gold Rush that had the ancient capital city’s walls washed in gilded glory.

Gruta Do Lago Azul

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Brazil is home to numerous landscapes that make it matter on the face of the earth with their unique distinction. One among such places to visit in Brazil would be Gruta Do Lago Azul or the Blue Lake Grotto, one of the largest flooded cavities on the planet. The Lake Grotto stuns with its shade of tantalising blue that runs some 200 feet deep and is hoarded within a rugged cave of fragile calcareous formations. Apart from its beauty and geography, the Lake Grotto also satiates the fancy with its numerous fossil plantings. A sheer delight for locals and travellers alike, Gruta Do Lago Azul should be on your must-see list while in Brazil.

Meeting of the Waters

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The wonder land of Brazil is home to a really striking phenomena. Called the Meeting of the Waters, this baffling occurrence is the tale of two rivers that meet but never mix. For a distance of about six kilometers, two rivers streaming from the Amazonas namely the Rio Solimões and the Rio Negro run side by side but leave quite some boundary as they don’t let their own waters lose way. While the phenomena is completely natural caused due to a difference in temperature, speed and density of the waters, the sight is a marvel to behold. Among the places to visit in Brazil, this Meeting of the Waters sure makes for an interesting spectacle.


The biggest tropical wetland on the planet, Pantanal is Brazil’s yet another reservoir of spectacular wildlife nestled in complex ecosystems. From dwelling in peace with the exotic wildlife, sitting in serendipity bird watching or going daring swimming with piranhas, Pantanal has all you need to witness and experience nature in its full bounty.

Iguazu Falls

For souls enticed by the cascading flow of waterfalls, Brazil has a real wonder up its sleeves of natural abundance. The Iguazu Falls is a series of waterfalls bordering Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay creating a spectacle so remarkable that will have you in awe. Some 270 waterfalls of varying heights fall in tandem, as the lush green forest around envelops them, replete with teeming wildlife. Brazil comes up with such diverse attractions every time you think you are done seeing it all that you will never be running out of places to visit in this indeed amazing country.

Chapada Diamantina

At Brazil’s Chapada Diamantina National Park, you can seek some solace in the mystique even as a host of natural beauties seek to keep you captivated in this park that supposedly dates back to 1.8 billion years in history. A World Natural Heritage Site, the park is named after its many cliffs and the many diamonds that were once found abundantly here. The Cachoeira da Fumaça is a very enchanting attraction within the park that harbours water so sparse that it hangs somewhere in the air like some misty formation! Brazil indeed does up its levels of incredible in the way only it can.

Rio de Janeiro

You can’t visit a country and return without having a tour along the capital. Wander therefore within the confines of the Rio de Janeiro city, the most visited city in entire South America. Forever bursting with color and verve, Rio de Janeiro is a conglomeration of life and leisure, of the pristine and the posh. Rio itself houses numerous attractions that make up for among the many places to visit in Brazil. Be it the sightly Sugarloaf Mountain, the towering Christ the Redeemer statue or the extravaganza called Carnival. Rio de Janeiro knows how to do life up in its full frenzy!

Fernando de Noronha

Think of a place so meticulously and consciously restricted in human footprints that it retains its breathtaking pristinity and beauty. That’s exactly what Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha archipelago encompasses in its dynamic natural enclosure. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fernando de Noronha is a cluster of 21 islands and amazing beaches dotted by sharks, dolphins, turtles and other such exotica. The natural site serves as a gasping aurora of natural beauty that will captivate you with its diverse wonders.


Every country on earth seems to have its own Venice and among the places to visit in Brazil, Recife owns that distinction. A network of waterways and bridges is what has lend Recife this title but this place sure has a lot more on offer for visitors. The sprawling landscape of Recife is home to Brazil’s most attractive beaches and a number of nightclubs and pubs, cafes and restaurants that make this city an array of wonders to behold.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Within the lush tropical confines of Brazil rests an area resplendent in sprawling white sand dunes that looks no less than a dreamland. Nestled withing turquoise lagoons are expanses of luxurious mounds of sands that offer a sweeping encompassment of the desert like landscape that comes to life in this striking landscape dotting the gorgeous country. It’s indeed surprising that even with such unique beauty this particular spot remains relatively away from the spotlight. This is one of the places to visit in Brazil that might be lesser explore but is as enriching an experience than any other.

Porto de Galinhas

Once in Brazil, do take some time out to explore Porto de Galinhas, which is hands down the country’s best beach. Bright blue waters and an array of natural pools make this place the most favored among beach crazy tourists who like to indulge in Porto’s extensive offerings. A day on the picturesque beach is a sunny, colorful affair that mingles up just the right mix of old fashioned charm with chic appeal.


As the gateway to an inhabited region with the purest air in the world, Natal sure commands a lot of attention. A quiet, pretty town in the northeastern region of Brazil, perched on the Atlantic coast, everything about Natal is very calm and quaint. Sun kissed beaches, historical sites, clear sparkling waters and a whole lot of muted excitement- natal is one of those places to visit while in Brazil to simply bask in the laidback essence of life.