Most mesmerizing places to visit in Kashmir

places to visit in Kashmir

The Heaven on Earth that Kashmir is, it is no wonder that every single place that makes up this amazing array of nature’s choicest splurge remains steeped in prettiness all throughout. Be it the green vistas or the blue scapes, the snowy wonder or the floral allure, the calming beauty or the overwhelmingly splendour, nowhere on earth would we come across a land as magical as Kashmir. To make the most of your unforgettable experience of a lifetime in this dreamy land, we absolutely recommend the wanderlusting you the following most mesmerising places to visit in Kashmir-


The summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the city of Srinagar lies mesmerisingly steeped in serenity on the banks of the Jhelum river. With the Dal Lake enhancing the beauty of its landscape set amidst majestic mountains, Srinagar is known for its many shikaras and houseboats that present a sight unparalleled against the majestic backdrop of the pristine blues. An abundance of romantic charm and azure beauty sure makes the largest city of Kashmir one of the most mesmerising places you can ever visit.


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Like the picturesque expanse that the entirety of Kashmir is, one of its must visit places Kishtwar too is an abundance of nature’s bounty and mesmerising beauty. Fruit orchards and verdant valleys, snowy mountains and the many firs and pines, streams and springs, blooming flowers and blossoming ferns, exotic flora and fauna characterise this place of immense beauty that is a sight to behold in all its preciousness. Seating luxuriantly embedded in nature on a plateau above the Chenab river, Kishtwar remains unexplored and unknown, thereby making it the true paradise for enchanted mortals.


Exploring the beauty of Kashmir in all its greenery and serenity is something that takes an elevation in Kupwara. Exuberant in its rich wildlife as also in its verdant landscape that thrives in meadows and mountains, Kupwara is one of the lesser known places to visit in Kashmir.


Sonamarg, literally translated as Meadow of Gold might not be the most comfortable of places to be in winters given its reputation as being one of the coldest places in India. But this Kashmiri hamlet still is very much a place to seek pretty detour in. A land of verdant greenery surrounded by mountains nestled in snow and lakes residing in serenity makes Sonamarg an enticing place to visit in Kashmir.


The city of Sufis, Kathua is as soulful and mesmerising as you would expect of a place that plays host to such an epithet. Sufi shrines abound in and around the city that is as much a place encompassing the spectacular beauty of Kashmir as any of its other tourist attractions.


The delight of Kashmir and also sometimes referred to as the Rice Bowl of the state, Pulwama is a quaint little place that has the finest reserves of nature’s beauty on offer for you to explore and cherish. Apple orchards, sparkly streams, saffron fields and scenic valleys dot this part of town that surely is one of the places you must not miss out on a visit while in Kashmir.


Literally translating as the Meadow of Flowers, Gulmarg is every bit as enchanting as it needs to be. A hill station as also a popular skiing destination, vibrant flowers enhance further the beauty of its snow capped expanses even as lush meadows and verdant hills make this picturesque paradise a haven of stunning exquisiteness.


Another hill station resting in serenity in the pretty expanse of Jammu and Kashmir is Pahalgam that is known for its picturesque lakes and flower meadows. Sitting gorgeously by the Liddar river in the namesake valley, Pahalgam provides a panoramic view of the surrounding Himalayas even as adventure activities like hiking and trekking continue full throttle in this serenade of serendipity.


Considered by many as the real Kashmir yet relatively less explored and obscured, Watlab does not sound even anything remotely familiar to Kashmir. Yet in its untamed beauty and artistic splendor, Watlab definitely counts as being among the places you must visit any and every time you happen to be in Kashmir. Watlab is like a slowly unfolding panaroma, that gives you glimpses into the real exquisiteness that Kashmir nestles in before revealing itself in its full glory, unwinding into the veritable sequence of majestic grandeur that can just about leave anyone awestruck. Apart from the beauty however, Watlab also is famous for its hilltop shrine even when it offers a spectacular view of the Wular lake amidst the goldens of the paddy fields and motley of hues of the apple orchards.


For those not willing to do away with the thrill of adventure even while reveling in the joy of beauty and the bliss of serenity, Doda is the perfect of places to visit while in Kashmir. There sure are valleys and meadows so enchanting that can take your breath away but for those who seek breathlessness in pursuits rather than in sights, the diverse terrain of Doda offers more than just a few detours. What’s more, a couple of Hindu shrines also maintain their presence in the region for you to seek spirituality even in adventure and vice versa.


The winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu is a city famous for its many temples as also for its multi hued beauty. There also are forts and palaces dotting this most explored of places to visit in Kashmir. And of course you would revel in the glorious expanse of the snow capped mountains, the verdant manifestation of forested hill and the breathtaking expanse of numerous valleys that the entirety of Kashmir is so famous for.


A Mini Kashmir nestled within the Paradise on Earth, Pooch is a haven of abundant beauty and thriving charm. Meadows and mountains, shrines and villages, a namesake fort and a valley of seven lakes, Poonch has wonder and prettiness thriving in its every vein so realistically that it sure can do more than being just a part of the famed glory of Kashmir. It is a place that encompasses the glory of the state as much as it resides in it!


One of the most beautiful cities in Jammu and Kashmir, Anantnag is definitely among the places to must visit while in town. A city that remains as steeped in the essence of nature as any of its contending counterparts, Anatnag is known for its many streams and springs as well as for its gardens and woods that remain comfortably nestled amidst the city’s many shrines and ruins. In fact, for everyone unwilling to restrict their senses only in the pursuit of the instantly decipherable charm of Kashmir, Anantmag is a worthy detour of ancientry, of reverence and of course, of beauty.

Chashma Shahi

Among the limited man made attractions that can rival the natural abundance of Kashmir is the Chashma Shahi or the Royal Spring. The smallest yet the most captivating of the three Mughal Gardens in the state, the Chashma Shahi offers a spectacular view of the Dal Lake while being equally striking a sight in itself. Fountains and waterfalls, flowers and greenery do up amply this offering of exquisiteness which is very much a royal experience encompassed in its every fold.


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A lesser known hill station in Kashmir but surely not any bit wavering in its offering of beauty is Yousmarg, meaning the Meadow of Jesus. An offbeat destination even in the myriad range of uniqueness exclusive to Kashmir, Yousmarg is a hilly retreat that remains relatively unexplored and hitherto undisturbed. A visit to this of all the places should therefore be a must in your Kashmir itinerary for a worthy vacation experience that goes beyond the conventional.

Nilnag Lake

places to visit in Kashmir Nilnag Lake
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Just a short distance downhill from Yousmarg lies the spectacular Nilnag Lake that boasts the bluest of waters and the most captivating of appearances. Idyllic in its setting amidst verdant meadows and scintillating in its eponymous blue identity, Nilnag Lake is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque of places to visit in Kashmir. The surrounding pines and the high altitude location of the lake makes it a really exquisite sight, one that is accessible through walks along the vast expanse of greenery and prettiness.


Pine dotted endless meadows and snow capped majestic peaks do up amply the picturesque paradise that Patnitop is in all its alluring essence. A hill resort perched on a plateau that offer panoramic views of the beautiful bounty that Kashmir is, Patnitop is also an adventure haven and remains dotted with some shrines and temples for you to explore at will. What’s more, just some distance away from Patnitop lies the village of Kud that is popular for its varieties of sweets. Thrilling, tantalising and toothsome, Kashmir indeed is the paradise on earth for sure!

Aru Valley

A pristine village that dwells both in the enchantment of beauty and the lure of adventure, the Aru Valley is one of the must visit places in Kashmir for its exceedingly pretty expanses. Misty musings, native pines, exotic meadows, breathtaking blues characterise this very popular valley that is truly heaven enough to make you lose your senses. The smallest hill station of Jammu and Kashmir, Aru is however no less bewitching and enthralling than any of its sprawling counterparts. With trekking and skiing options also available, Aru however is more than just a retreat for the soul; it also is the ground for indulgence of your fantasies.


Perhaps among the most well known of pilgrimage sites in India, Amarnath is another place that also counts on its ‘cool’ reputation to draw tourists from all over. The cold terrains perfectly offset the strenuous trek along Amarnath that will bring you to the shrine much revered by devotees of Lord Shiva. However avalanches and snow blockages make this already demanding trek even more challenging. With daunting precipes and huge masses of ice and snow doing up the drab and dreary environs of Amarnath, this is one place you need to go to if you seek adventure even in spirituality!


It’s indeed baffling that some of the most beautiful places to visit in Kashmir are also the ones that remain relatively miffed in obscurity. One such very captivating place, that remains a misty haven in appearance as well as in perception is the hill station of Sanasar. Encompassing the twin towns of Sana and Sar in Jammu, Sanasar remains dotted with pines and firs, greens and blues, leisure and zest in equal measure, making it a really enthralling place to be in. Of course you can laze about in its pretty meadows and around its beautiful lakes but you can as well go paragliding and rock climbing, trekking and camping for the high of adventure.


A valley of flowery delight in spring and one that is a snowy haven in winters, the delightful place of Khilanmarg is never sans a generous bounty of beauty. A miniature valley some 2000 feet above Gulmarg, this serene place offers also spectacular view of the surrounding Himalayas. Accessible by a walk through flower dotted or snow covered meadows as the season permits, Khilanmarg definitely is as much an adventure hotspot as it is a place to satiate your soul with all that boundless expanse of alluring picturesqueness.