Places to visit in Malacca for the perfect fun getaway 2020

places to visit in malacca

Malacca is as interesting a tourist destination as it sounds like. Steeped in history and rich in legacy, the Malaysian region however isn’t just about the placid dose of ancientry. Even with its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Malacca is more than just your average date with the past. In fact, the place is offbeat in so many of its offerings that it’s easy to lose yourself in all its fun and color. Here are the top places to visit in Malacca for the perfect fun getaway in 2019-

Malacca River

Can you be in Malacca and take the famed tour to the Malacca River? Absolutely not. The lifeline of Malacca, flowing through the middle of the city is also one absolute gorgeous river you will fall in love with!

Cruising along the Malacca waters offers splendid views of erstwhile colonial buildings, antique shop houses, local settlements and ancient bridges. In fact, much of the beauty of the river is enhanced by the presence of quite a number of scenic bridges over it. Street art is another dominantly stand out spectacle that will hold you spellbound with the sheer grandiose and vibrancy of it.

The Malacca, or Melaka river can indeed be considered the most defining presence in Malacca, that which houses many a structure and legacy of proud ancestry. Among the places to visit in Malacca, the namesake river therefore holds prominence.

Melaka Straits Mosque

One of the most stunning marvels of architecture that rears its head from among the cloudy magic embossed Malacca skyscape is the Melaka Straits Mosque. One look at the structure and you will be drowning in the beauty it brings to life. But the mosque carries more play with aesthetics than you would ever imagine. No wonder the site has emerged to be the hotspot for photographers during their every detour to Malacca!

Built on stilts over the sea, the mosque gives off the impression of being a grandiose floating structure in events of high tides. And the view at that point of the day is truly as enchanting as it sounds. A sweeping panoramic sight of the Malaccan straits from this beautiful glassy structure replete with a striking minaret is truly one to behold in all its captivating magnificence!

Alor Gajah

Amidst the rich cultural legacy and historical beckoning that Malacca is steeped in is the laid back countryside town Alor Gajah. Lush and abundant in beauty, the tranquil town is just the perfect place to delight in and about while in Malacca. Color and life erupts high from within this town that is beset with a number of tourist attractions that will not let you down.

Masjid Tanah

One of the remarkable presences in Alor Gajah is the mosque of Masjid Tanah, that is in fact the name of eponymous town it is nestled in. Also called the Land Mosque as it was made from soil by a sheikh from Gujarat around 1800, the mosque is a remarkable presence in Malacca. Apart from this place of religious importance however, the namesake town is also famed for its iconic clock tower called the Big Ben. No doubt Masjid Tanah is revered as a place of historical significance among the list of places to visit in Malacca. That apart, adventure junkies and beach babies also will find an array of wonders to revel about in Alor Gajah.


A coastal town in Melaka located along the Malacca Strait, Klebang sure lives up to its reputation of being among the best places to visit in Malacca. Whether it be the pretty white sands of the Klebang beach or the stretch of desert like sand dunes, Klebang will leave you awed with the beauty it harbours. Exotic and surreal, Klebang sums up all the magical experiences that mystical Malaysia is so generously abundant in.

Ayer Keroh

The outskirts of Malacca is home to another place of tourist importance. Ayer Keroh or Air Keroh as it is known, is a town that is a major tourist spot in Malacca and houses more than a few attractions. Nature sure has its way in this nice, pleasant place with lush greenery perking up more the beauty it has on offer. It’s one of those places with a vibe that sets you in motion to just loiter about and enjoy life, without really doing anything!

Tanjung Kling

Among the places to visit in Malacca is Tanjung Kling, an area some 20 minutes away from town. Known for its gorgeous Puteri beach that offers ample avenues for relaxation while also indulging in adventure water sports. What’s more, Tanjung Kling also has a night market that comes alive with all the fun by the shore.

Hang Tuah mausoleum

He might not be the most celebrated of men in the history of Malacca or of Malaysia but the Hang Tuah mausoleum in Tanjung Kling still remains very much a tourist attraction. Understated and unassuming, the mausoleum is not a worthy bearer of the last mortal remains of a man who might well have been among the most legendary warriors of Malacca. Quite forgotten and largely obscured, a visit to the mausoleum will also render you wiser with pieces of Malacca’s forgotten history.

Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar
Source: Giga Circle

A haunted and abandoned island off the coast of Malacca sounds like more than enough reason to already rattle off to Pulau Besar, one of the places to definitely visit while in Malacca. Once resplendent with its rich natural bounty, the island today is only a sad reminder of its earlier glory. However, the attraction it holds remains intact- shifting from the paradigms of aesthetics to that of mystics with its many mausoleums, graves and tombstones .

With alluring Spanish style streets and the curiosity brought about by spirituality seekers, Pulau Besar continues to catch the fancy of tourists who like to explore the offbeat vibe of the place. Also called the Big Island, Pulau Besar exhibits mysticism even in its greenery. Bewitching shapes and patterns dot the landscape in all its lush foilage that remains abundantly embedded with a lot many shrines and some many lakes and boulders that are also eerie in their appearances.

Apart from some abandoned resorts and the definite air of desolate non- existence, Pulau Besar also has quite ancient structures that would be worth exploring. The Telaga Tempayan or The Wishing Well, Batu Belah or the Splitting Rock are some such places that would hype up the ante for Pulau Besar and Malacca.

Pulau Upeh

Another island off the coast of Malacca is the tiny, quaint reserve by the name Pulau Upeh. The breeding site of the endangered Hawksbills turtle, Pulau Upeh is also a sanctuary for this rare sea species. Tranquil, scenic and harbouring the innate calm of nature, the island is a refreshing detour from the otherwise very vibrant clamour and buzz of the other zillion places to visit in Malacca.

Jonker Street

No visit to Melaka is complete if you haven’t wandered down the Jonker Walk or the Jonker Street, one of the most remarkable of places to visit in Malacca. From unveiling the wonder trove of Malaccan food to going souvenir shopping or stocking in on some local handicrafts, there’s never a dearth of treasures to uncover on Jonker Street!

Jonker Street is also the place to go to if you want to just chill and relax in your Malacca detour. Bars, cafes and eateries dot the area which is quite a bustling hub of fun stuff. Reknowned as the Chinatown area of Malacca, the walk also leads on to other equally happening straits of activity to discover other places that will leave you agape.

But even if you are not much into exploring anything other than the most popularly know, Jonker street is still the place for you. The night life here is equally striking and colorful, enticing you into a world that seems high on life. Just amble along the really happening area in town and take in as much of Malacca as you can!

A’Famosa Fort

An iconic historical structure in Malaysia, the A’Famosa Fort is one of the best places to visit in Malacca. Peaceful and priding in a large slice of the heritage of the place, all that remains of the fort is its ruins but the grandeur and significance still stands intact.

A fine manifestation of the Dutch architectural finesse, the all white fort is magnificent even in its mere remnants. One of Malacca’s best known tourist attractions, the fort remains true to its name A-Famosa, literally translating as ‘The Famous’.

St. Paul’s Church

The St Paul’s Church is yet another tryst with history and mysticism in what is one of the best known places to visit in Malacca. The white structure with the amazing background setting does help in getting some really breathtaking shots but in St. Paul’s there’s indeed more than what just meets the eye!

One among the more famous churches in the region, St. Paul’s relies on its relics and inscriptions to drive you a bit deep into history. The ascend up the St. Paul’s Hill is worth the magnificent view that greets you once you are perched atop it. But perhaps what is a bit unsettling but equally interesting is the legacy behind the statue of St. Paul’s.

Source: Melaka

Legend has it that the missionary saint John was amputated off his right hand before being canonized. In stark disbelief, what emerges is that the statue also had the man cut his right hand off when a tree fell upon it! What’s more, the statue had the same hand cut off one second time due to some strike of lightning. That’s something bizarre enough to lead you into exploring this very worthy place in town!


Stadthuys stands in Malacca as a testament to the Dutch legacy with its bright red sighting and strategic presence. The massive terracotta structure is one of the most historical architecture specimens in the Malaysian region and currently houses a museum exuberant with age old relics. Once the Dutch governor’s official residence, the Stadthuys now itself spells significance with quite a few places of tourist importance around and about it.

Melaka Maritime Museum

Just ahead of the Stadthuys lies another of the places to visit in Malacca. A replica of a Portuguese ship Flor de la Mar that is supposed to have sunk at Malacca with a huge bounty, the Melaka Maritime Musuem offers a voyage through Malacca’s maritime history.

The Maritime Museum could not have been more appropriately located either. Resting majestically along the banks of the picturesque Melaka river, the wooden ship replica is staggering at the very sight of it. For history revelers and art connoisseurs, the museum is the perfect place to embark on a historical sojourn through the alleys of the days gone by.

Melaka Batik House

You surely haven’t explored the true soul of a place if you have been there and yet not encountered any of its heritage. Raving about at ancient relics, gazing at memorials and monuments, digging deep into history and archaeology at museums is all fine. But why not dive in straight into a unique age old experience when you have every chance of being enthralled by the same?

The Melaka Batik House is one such house where you can literally relive tradition which makes it one of the best places to visit in Malacca. Batik is a traditional fabric art form of Malaysia, learning which can be both fun and exciting. Because you need to imprint colorful patterns with elements as unique as wax and dye, batik is enchanting at the very sight of it. Witnessing and learning such fun craft is what makes the Batik House a tourist attraction.

Menara Taming Sari

menara taming sari
Source: MBMB

An UFO shaped chamber that glides up and down a tower allowing an encapsulating view of the wonder that Malacca encompasses is what makes the Menara Taming Sari one of the places to must visit in Malacca.

Enthralling in the panoramic aerial view from atop the 360° rotating tower is as enriching an experience as the cruise along the Melaka river. However, the design isn’t inspired by an UFO sighting as you would have deemed conceivable. The tower is, in fact, in the shape of a weapon with the chamber acting as the hilt.

Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park

Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park Melaka

The Mini Malaysian and ASEAN Cultural Park encompasses exactly what it seemingly sounds like. Each of Malaysia’s 13 states find representation in homes housed inside the cultural complex that makes the Park serve as an enriching source of information of the country’s culture and heritage.

Replica of traditional architectural styles, the homes are also resplendent with indigenous costumes, furniture, art and handicraft that offer an overview of Malaysia within Malacca. Located in Ayer Keroh some few kilometers outside Melaka, the cultural centre also houses the aboriginal Orang Asli village.

Machap Baru

Machap Baru is among those places to visit in Malacca that drive on the fetish for extensive and exclusive food as its USP. In fact, there is nothing on earth that remains off bounds as being inedible in Machap Baru.

A huge many wild meat eateries dot the Machap Walk that offers fare as exotic and bizarre as crocodiles, monitor lizards and snakes! But as off settling as they sound, such diverse food is the reason that attracts tourists to this place.

The every weekend only Machap Baru Street Walk offers a really enticing experience of the nightlife in this part of town. Upholding the spirit and integrity of Malaysia, Machap Baru delight with its unity and foodity with both exotic and slurp worthy stuff on offer.

Masjid Tranquerah

A pagoda like appearance of the Masjid Tranquerah in Malacca strongly manifests it as a unique architectural specimen that combines traditional Chinese and Western elements. One of the oldest mosques in Malaysia, the Tranquerah features intricate details in its architecture, with carved doors and gilded minibars enhancing the grandeur of the holy place. Whether it be the holy sanctity of the place or its rarity as a piece of monument influenced by fusion, the Masjid Tranquerah occupies place in the list of places to visit in Malacca.

Melaka Quran Museum

Malacca sure has some of the most offbeat museums in the world. The Melaka Quran Museum is one such history hoarder that also is one among the places to visit in Malacca. Muzium Al Quran

A rare collection of the Quran is the most remarkable aspect of the museum which is also steeped in interesting decorations and calligraphic art. From old manuscripts to special collections, the Quran Museum or Muzium Al Quran has it all to document the spread of Islam over time through history.

Bukit Cina

Chinese Hill- that’s what Bukit Cina literally translates to. A Chinese graveyard, the largest Chinese cemetery in the world outside of China to be precise, the hill side is a stark respite from the city. Far removed from Malacca’s hustle and bustle, the site is historically significant and attracts tourists as one of the places to definitely visit in Malacca.

The verdant ambiance which nestles the graveyard has also made Bukit Cina as significant a potential tourist attraction as significant it is as a cultural heritage center. Uncovering the Chinese legacy of Malaysia isn’t possible without a tour to this historical place.

King’s Well

Just below Bukit Cina lies another of the interesting places to visit in Malacca. Known as the King’s Well or the Hang Li Poh’s Well, the well is as rooted in fantasy as in history.

The oldest water well in Malaysia is in fact a wishing well now! It’s seemingly mystic as well, what with the water never drying out, even in scorching summers or droughts. No wonder, people began to interpret the well as harbouring some form of divinity, that can make wishes come true. It is said that wishing upon the well by throwing a coin or by drinking its water will bring you to Malacca again some day!