21 awesome places to visit in Sakleshpur in 2019

places to visit in sakleshpur

As an elixir to the soul, travelling essentially needs you to be reinvigorated and relaxed as much you can be. While preferences undoubtedly vary, with busy environs appealing to some while others hear the call even in silence, it is undeniable that a date with nature is the perfect remedy to relax your weary soul.

Among the many beauties that dot the incredible country of India as tourist locales, there are some which are delightfully steeped in the magic of nature. Sakleshpur, a sleepy town since forever has only recently emerged as one among the go to hill stations for every spirit in search of some peace. With lush coffee plantations bearing the aroma of its reputation, this pretty town in Karnataka is now one of the go to destinations for travelers. Here are all the places to visit in Sakleshpur in 2019 on your most refreshing detour of the year-

Sakaleswara Temple

As an epitome of elegant architecture, the Sakaleswara Temple is undoubtedly one of the sure places to visit in Sakleshpur. An ancient Shiva temple that dots the bank of the pristine Hemavathi waters, the Sakaleswara temple is revered because of its ancient religious and spiritual lineage, and inspire awe it its portrayal of majestically detailed craftsmanship.

Manjarabad Fort

Noted for its spectacular star shaped construction, Manjarabad Fort is another of the places to must visit when in Sakleshpur.

Majestically sitting atop a hill with a towering height of 3240 feet, the fort offers a definingly clear and expansive view of the beauty of the Western Ghats. The fort also houses a tunnel leading to Srirangapatna, which in fact intensifies the appeal of the place all the bit more.

Manjehalli Waterfalls

Like most exotic dreamy locales that abound in the sound of the waters, Sakleshpur in the southern part of India is also home to some really beautiful waterfalls. The Manjehalli waterfalls in particular, with its cascading fall of water and its pristine, lush green surroundings is a delight to behold when you are in the hill station.

Also known as the Abbi Falls, Manjehalli is also one of the picturesque destinations where you can go capture all your fantasies. Either to rewind with a cool bathe beneath the stream or go picknicking along its shores, the waterfall is one of those gorgeous beauties you should not miss out on.

Monsoons are particularly enticing when you are discovering this scenically pristine water body. However, treading the scenic landscape requires some caution because the rocks underneath tend to get a whole lot slippery from the cascadingly free flowing water that falls from a generous height of 20 feet.

Bisle Ghat trek

Regarded as Sakleshpur’s own Heaven on Earth, Bisle Ghat is one of the panoramic places to take a trek to when you are on a detour to the Western Ghats. A tread of the trekking route will indeed enrich you with a mesmerising view of the mountain wilderness and the majestic greenery.

Whether it be the treasure trove of natural treasure that comes into view or the sheer romance in the one of its kind trail, the Bisle Ghat trek is one to definitely take on headlong for a dose of adventure on your visit to Sakleshpur. With a steep incline and a relatively rough terrain, the Bisle Ghat trek is one of the most difficult of treks to undertake for adrenaline junkies.

Murkannu Gudda and Hadlu Waterfalls

Another of the places to visit in Sakleshpur is yet again a trekking delight. The Murkannu Gudda and Hadlu Waterfalls is the route to embark on if you want to explore the rich biodiversity of the region. Thick woods, splashing waterfalls, ample bird watching opportunities and an ample lot of other natural pleasures will satiate your soul as you marvel at the view while on course on your trek.

Jenukal Gudda

In a place abundant in natural wonders, soaking in the bounty of this unparalleled beauty is the only thing you will certainly want to indulge in. A small hill in Sakleshpur, Jenukal Gudda beckons you on a trek that you will forever remember, for the rest of your life.

A walk along the rich plantations of coffee will leave you enchanted as you take in the delectable aroma of fresh coffee sprouts while delighting in the greenery that seems to engulf you into a sea of serenity you want to be forever swimming in. The surrounding mountain landscape that nestles this ‘honey stone mountain’-also the second highest peak in Karnataka- is as much of a sight to bask in as the greenish yellow appeal of the wilderness.

Agni Gudda

Another Gudda aka hill that dots the charming town of Sakleshpur is the Agni Gudda or the fiery mountain. This is one of the most adventurous places to seek thrill in- not only because of the camping and trekking opportunities it encompasses but also it is the hot bed of volcanic activities in and around the region. The view is equally picturesque though, with an expansive coverage of the encircling rice terraces and the refreshing flashes of greenery.

Kukke Subramanaya Temple

Divinity is as much the essence of Sakleshpur as is the enticing greenery of the place. Dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, the place is one of the most elaborate havens of sanctity you will come across. The rich bounty of nature’s bestowings further makes the Kukke Subramanaya temple one of the worthiest places to visit in Sakleshpur.

Hemavati River

A tributary of the Kaveri river, Hemavati is surging with life and resplendent in all the glory of treasure that nature has to offer. Naturally then, the river is one of the more popular spots in Sakleshpur and one that you should not miss while on a visit to the hill station.

Ayyappa Swami Temple

Peace and serenity flows unabated through the Ayyappa Swami Temple in Sakleshpur. Either for basking in the spiritual aura that the place encompasses or for simply feasting your eyes on the greenery that Sakleshpur has in ample abundance, the temple is both extra ordinary yet commonplace.

Nestled in equal parts serenity and greenery, visiting the Ayyappa Swami Temple during the early morning or evening hours can be a splendid experience to not miss out on. The peace pervading Sakleshpur gets further imbibed in you once you set your foot in the premises of this grail of holiness.

Eshwara Temple

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and impressing through its representation of the art and culture of the place is the Eshwara Temple which also counts as one of the tourist attractions that Sakleshpur has to offer.

Abbe Gundi Waterfalls

Located 23 kilometers away from Sakleshpur is one among the most magnificent of waterfalls to be amazed at. Nestled between the exotic coffee plantations and aromatic pepper vines, the Abbey Gundi waterfalls make for a perfect destination to bond with and over nature. Gushing out from a substantial height of 70 feet, the water sure makes for a splashing experience to be enticed by. Undoubtedly one of the must visit places of Sakleshpur, Abbey Gundi is beauty enhanced by its pristinity.

Betta Byraveshwara Temple

A 600 year old temped perched atop a hill top certainly spells history and significance in its every aspect. Sakleshpur’s Betta Byraveshwara Temple is one such wonder of the ancient times, that to this date remains rooted in the popular conscience and culture. The locational setting also offers visitors the luxury of witnessing breath taking views of the surrounding western ghats.

Pandavar Gudda

The Betta Byraveshwara Temple is circled by the Pandavar Gudda, another of the places to visit in Sakleshpur. Believed to have been an abode of the Pandavas, this ancient hill sits just next to the gigantic Jenukal Gudda. A visit to the Pandavar Gudda lets you explore history and be marvelled by marvelous view of the sun rays, while letting you capture the most breathtakingly amazing shots.

Ombattu Gudda

Yet another trekking route to turn to while in Sakleshpur is the Ombattu Gudda trek. Interestingly, this is however a hill that is made up by 9 smaller hills- hence the name that translates as Nine Hills came to define its being.

Located inside the Kabbinale Reserve Forest, this one is probably the most interesting to embark on, as it offers ample scope for wildlife exploration. Also because you can explore the forest as well, this remains a prime feature in the list of places to visit in Sakleshpur.

Green Route Trek

While Sakleshpur has more than a few treks that adventure seekers can seek delight in, one of the most sought after treks in this part of the country is also one of the most unique. The Green Route Trek has to be one of those unconventional of trekking routes in the world.

The railway track that runs from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subramanya is the route that trekkers along the Green Route will embark on for one of the most unforgettable treks of their life. Unexplored eco corridors and lush green burrows along with quite a few waterfalls are some of the unanticipated luxuries that the Green Route Trek will greet you with. The unconventionality that this particular trek makes you embark on is reason enough for it to be named among the notable places to visit in Sakleshpur.

Bisle View Point

While a trek to the Bisle Ghat will have your spirit all up and about, it isn’t just adventure that the trail has to offer. The Bisle view point in the Bisle village is one of the worthiest of locations to explore in Sakleshpur.

A particularly scenic spot, the Bisle Point is recognised as one among the world’s eighteen most diversified places resplendent in its blooming riches. Rare flora and exotic fauna are in abundance in this place. Nestled in layers of cloud and streaks of rainy romance, the place offers a memorable view of the mountain ranges nestling the town. No wonder this spot counts fomemost among the list of places to visit in Sakleshpur.

Hanbal Falls

21 km away from Sakleshpur lies another spectacularly clear waterfall that visitors take delight in. Known as the Magajahalli Falls, the water body is one of the lesser known beauties of the place. Within its unexplored confines, the water flows clear and crisp with a sparkle that renders it all the more enchanting. For visitors to Sakleshpur, this is one of those places that should not be left untreaded and unknown.

Burma loops

Well this isn’t any of the ‘places’ to visit in Sakleshpur. But walking along one of those loops of ropes that act as bridges over the many streams of Sakleshpur is an experience to surely indulge in. It is also sort of a thrilling adventure, with finding the right grip and maintaining balance vital for an enhanced fun walk.

Raxidi Estate

Sakleshpur is dotted with coffee estates that nestles its many lush plantations. One such estate to not miss out on is the Raxidi Estate. A small hamlet nearby the hill town, the panoramic views of the coffee bushes inside Raxidi is a sight to behold. There are also cardamom and spice plantations that adorn the green slopes. But apart from the view, it is also the pleasant ambiance of the place that will lend you all the feel- good vibes.

Hemavathi Backwaters

Among the prime places to visit in Sakleshpura is the Hemavathi Backwaters and the Hemavathi Dam. The earthen dam sits beside a garden which is also a popular picnic spot in the place. Observing countless exotic birds behind the backdrop of the gushing waters makes for a sight to cherish in this part of the town.

The backwaters are equally scenic a place to explore. Offering a tremendous view of the picturesque Western Ghats while oozing tranquil beauty itself, Hemavathi is truly spectacular a place to explore.