Tripura : A Lesser Known Place of India That is Full of Unique Architectural and Natural Wonders

Tripura-a hidden jewel of the northeastern region of India- will leave you spellbound with its artistic cultural and captivating natural heritage. Although its tourism wonders are less known, the third smallest state of India will let you know about its unexplored beauty and curious mysteries of the legends that abounds its scattered places once you go there.

Some of the must-visit places in Tripura are-


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The first place to come up on our list is Unakoti- a mystifying yet an intricate architectural masterpiece. The ancient Shaivite place of worship has amazing gigantic sculptures carved out of the hill that is known as Unakoti Hill. The huge number of the sculptures that will come up before your sight will leave you surprised and make you feel like ‘Wow! Whose talented hands had been able to carve out such mindblowing sculptures right out of a single hill?’ That question still remains a mystery till date. The one-of-kind- pilgrimage architectural spot of India has some wonderful folklore behind it. Some legends say that a sculptor called Kalu Kumhar asked Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to grant his wish of accompanying them with their entourage to Mount Kailash after witnessing them pass through the Hill. However, Goddess Parvati   asked the sculptor to make sculptors of their entourage which numbered upto one crore. Unfortunately Kumhar was able to create only 99, 99,999 sculptures and was left behind. Thus the Hill came to be known as Unakoti (one short of a crore). The most attractive feature here is the sculpture of the 30 feet high head of Lord Shiva known as Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava.

Tripurasundari Temple

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One of the widely known temples dedicated to Goddess Sati among the 51 temples or peethas, it is said that the right leg of the Goddess fell in the state. The temple is located in a hillock that is shaped like the hump of a tortoise. Hence the hillock came to be known as Koorma (tortoise) Pith. You should definitely visit this temple whenever you visit this state. However, the best time to visit the Tripurasundari Temple is during the time of Diwali. The Diwali Mela, which is held annually, is a significant religious occasion of the state. The whole campus of the temple is lit up with earthen lamps and is quite a wonderful sight to behold. A number of cultural performances are also shown during the Diwali Mela. As you feel yourself surrounded with positive vibes , the festival of lights will become more meaningful as it will automatically dispel away the feelings of gloom and despair.


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Chabimura  is quite similar to Unakoti and is also known as the ‘Amazon of Tripura’. A boat ride through the Gomati river will give you access to the amazing sculptures of Hindu mythological figures that had been carved out of the mountains surrounding the river. Apart from leaving you spellbound with its intricate rock carvings, the place will also give a soothing feeling as you witness the lush and unspoilt greenery of the mountains. The most popular sculpture of Chabimura is a 10.70 metre height image of Goddess Durga which the locals worship as Chakrak Ma. Thus, it can be said that Chabimura is an architectural as well as a natural spot of prime importance in the state.

Neermahal Palace

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‘Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a mighty king in a magnificent palace’- no, I am not writing a childhood fantasy tale but these are the stories that we used to hear during our bedtime from our elders. The bed time stories used to amaze us and we really visualize them in their royal splendour in our dynamic imaginations. To relive the wonder of the childhood fantasy tales in reality, you should visit the Neermahal Palace. Located in the middle of the scenic Rudrasagar Lake, Neermahal is the only place of Eastern India that has been built in a lake. Built as a summer palace for Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Debbarma (1908-1947), it is one of the finest pieces of royal architecture of Tripura. The construction of the palace was started in 1930 and completed in 1938. The calmness of the waters of the Rudrasagar Lake combined with the beautiful white infrastructure of Neermahal in the middle atop the Lake gives a feeling of rich royal vibes even while spotting it in a picture on social media. Imagine the feel of when we spot it in real lying in its majestic glory in front of our eyes at Melaghar in Tripura.

Ujjayanta Palace

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A picture of the Ujjayanta Palace tells us that it is constructed in modern architectural designs. It was constructed between 1899 and 1901 by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya Debbarma and was once the main residence of the Manikya dynasty . It was purchased by the Government of Tripura in 1972. The two –storey palace that has elements of Neo-Classical and Renaissance architecture was converted into a government museum in 2013. You should visit this place to learn about history, traditions and culture of Tripura.

Jampui Hills

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If you desire to get breathtaking views of sunrise and sunsets , then Jampui Hills is the place for you. You will be engulfed by an out of the feeling when you view the sky awash with fiery orange hues at the time of rising and setting of the sun. Don’t miss to visit this place as you will regret later if you do not get to witness this wonderful natural phenomenon. Apart from views of perfect sunrise and sunsets, the Jampui Hills will also enthrall you with its treasure trove of beautiful flora. The best time to visit these hills is during October to December as the sight of delicious orange laden trees will enthrall you as well as make your mouth water. During the month of November, the Orange Festival of Tripura is held where various kinds of handicrafts and other kinds of edible items are sold in addition to oranges. Various type of orchids and other kinds of flowers blossoms during March to May. The Hills also have different trekking routes. In order to study nature closely and explore its true essence, trekking is one of the best options. Jampui Hills are the perfect place to do just that i.e. closely bond with nature. Moreover, the beauty of the Hills will also leave you awestruck during your trekking jaunts.

  With so much sightseeing offers for tourists, Tripura’s wonders will prove to be a fun exploration and learning project for you and will leave you hugely satisfied by the benefits that you will be able to sow once you visit this northeastern region of India in your vacation.