Most beautiful places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days if you are running short on time

places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days

Kerala is not called God’s Own Country for no reason whatsoever. Every nook and every part of this southern state of India is so besotted with natural abundance that it’s hard to pin point any of its places as being the absolute best ever. Wayanad is one such picturesque land that remains steeped in all the elements of glory that the heavens have bestowed Kerala in. Misty hills, lush plantains, abundant groves of tea, coffee and spices, as well as tranquil waters and clear skies make Wayanad one of the best places to visit even in a mere 2 days. A perfect weekened getaway or a quick pleasure trip- Wayanad will be more than happy to serve your spirits any way.

Translating literally as ‘The land of Paddy Fields, Wayanad stands true to its name with the many rice fields and other plantations that dot its every space. Dense forests and exotic fauna equally contribute towards its green quotient while also catering well to seekers of life and thrill in nature. Nestling in a sea of all year greenery and done better by its pleasant weather conditions, Wayanad is a true paradise. Here are 15 most beautiful places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days if you are really, really short on time-

Chembra peak

Among the best places to visit in Wayanad specially as a two day getaway is the magnificent Chembra peak that towers a gigantic 2100 meters. A perfect medley of the thrill and calm of nature, the tallest peak in the whole of Wayanad is a different kind of tourist attraction altogether. A popular trekking destination, trekkers and campers find a different allure altogether in the daunting landscape of the lush green hills.

The allure of the peak however also rests in the pretty heart shaped lake it nestles. Somewhere on the way to the pinnacle, the Chembra lake is a really majestic existence of unabating beauty and charm. The lake encompasses in its gorgeous confines- greenery merged with a certain romance, not just in the aura but also in physicality.

chembra lake
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But it also isn’t just the heart shape of the lake that will have you in with all its captivating beauty. The waters of the lake is believed to possess healing powers and it is said that the heart does not ever dry out. Wit its magical setting in lush, unadulterated greenery, this surely is one spot to rewind all the worries of life and bask instead in an unending pouring of joyful love. Unexplored and somewhat mysterious, sounds so much like a luxurious retreat in nature!

Kuruva Island

A protected river delta that is basically a cluster of numerous islands, Kuruva Island is a heaven of greenery buzzing with just the perfect blend of exotic flora and fauna. A sprawling 950 acre expanse of serene ambiance and natural abundance, the uninhabited island is surrounded by streams that is dotted by bamboo bridges. There are even numerous bamboo rafts at sail that let you explore the vast beauty of this paradise of unadulterated beauty. Needless to say, for nature lovers and quick getaway seekers alike, Kuruva Island is one of the places to must visit in Wayanad to re- energise your dampened spirits.

Pookode lake

A scenic lake that has the Western Ghats along one side to deliver it its spectacular aura is the Pookode lake in Wayanad. The most beautiful freshwater lake in the entire southern region of India, Pookode also boasts a shape that somewhat resembles the map of India. Pretty blue lotuses dot the picturesque body of water that nestles magically between the woods and the greens. You can’t be in Wayanad and yet steer clear of this amazing vista of natural prettiness which is hands downs one among the most tranquil of places to visit there.

Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium

Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium
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Wayanad is home also to one of the highest altitude cricket grounds in the world. The Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium located at an elevation of 2100 feet above sea level is also known for its spectacular design and the grandeur of its verdant confines. Even otherwise, the stadium offers some really stunning views of the sunset to be one of the places to must visit while in Wayanad. Clear blue skies, dazzling green grounds and an exciting match of cricket- relaxation finds a different vibe altogether in this exclusively alluring place in town.

Palchuram Waterfalls

For wanderers of the offbeat path, there’s no end to the enigma that Wayanad’s Palchuram waterfalls holds for them. Cascading 300 meters down in four tiers of sparkly clear waters, this lesser explored natural site some 26 miles away from Wayanad is a definite wonder. With the picturesque allure of the Western Ghats once again in surreptitious play, the waterfalls emerge from deep within the evergreen forests and gush down the rocky terrains with a splurge that is fascinatingly unsettling. Trekking all the way to the waterfalls and ambling along the glorious springs, the Palchuram falls needs to be explored in all its hidden premise of natural abundance.


As the gateway to the mystical peaks of Chembra, the town of Kalpetta in Wayanad comes besotted by the magic of the mountains and the enticing essence of the tea gardens. Kalpetta is one of those charming hamlets that is the ultimate must visit places when you are in Wayanad either as a romantic getaway or even as a solitary indulgence. What’s more, Kalpetta also has some really pretty and quaint tree houses where you can stay put to live the life of ultimate contentment, albeit for a few days. Kalpetta also houses some pretty tea and coffee houses that carry all the charm of the town and is just the perfect indulgence for your soul in all its fetching charm.

Koottamundu Glass Temple

A few kilometers away from Kalpetta in Wayanad lies a place of tremendous significance. The Kootamundu Glass Temple is a site of religious reverence for the Jains and its nestling amidst the verdant greenery does more to render it all the allure of the peace in the mystique. Even the architectural manifestation is as spectacular a phenomenon to behold- with its confines decorated by thousands of glass mirrors that reflect the many idols, the temple is a magical experience in itself.


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A popular resort town that makes it counts as one of the places to visit in Wayanad district is Vythiri, a dweller in the romance of old world charm. An absolute tourist favorite owing to not just its beauty but also its many avenues for relaxation that extend from adventure sports like trekking to simple lazing about in the relaxation of its lush settings, Vythiri is a paradise unparalleled.

Also among the places that receive the highest amount of rainfall in the world, the place is famous for its spice plantations and lush greenery, like most of the other places in Wayanad. Its little cottages and tree houses also make Vythiri an ideal tourist destination, resplendent in the many fancies of nature and its vagaries. Trekking a tourist favourite till the top of Lakkidi, a village 5 kms from Vythiri, from where one can enjoy the breathtakingly stunning view of the valley below. An all weather destination in its pleasant ambiance and cool composure, Vythiri sits pretty atop at an elevation of 700 meters and beckons with a picturesque charm for its tourists.

Varambetta Mosque

Among the list of must visit places in Wayanad, the oldest mosque in town should be a definite feature. And the Varambetta mosque that boasts this distinction is a double delight- for its spiritual sanctity as also for its annual festival. In its 300 year old legacy, the mosque has been a site of religious unity and secularism, being fully incorporating of all tourists who visit its holy premises, irrespective of religion, caste and creed. The popularity of the mosque as a tourist site is also equally done up by its splendid design and architectural superiority, as it is by its all- inclusive nature and heritage.

Karapuzha Dam

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One of the biggest earth dams in India is the Karapuzha dam, located some 17 kilometers away from Kalpetta and is an ideal tourist site in town. With its prime locational nestling amidst lush greenery and scenic farmlands, the dam is a popular picnic spot that also encapsulates the beauty of the Karapuzha river. This man made marvel took a gigantic 25 years for completion and is conveniently done up by the ambiance of the gushing waters and the swamped hills that render its scenic environment a perfect place for the many tourists that set about for relaxation here.

Edakkal Caves

A very important heritage site of Wayanad is the Edakkal caves that are the only known place in the entire country with Stone Age carvings. The rock and wall carvings are in fact what makes the Edakkal caves such a prominent attraction in its touristry and beyond appeal. Two natural fissure formations resultant of a giant rock split, these pre historic caves are archaeologically relevant. However visitors can accessible the caves by trekking their way up the majestic Ambukuthi Hills. Even the trek is a memorable experience in itself- dotted by coffee plantations on either side that leaves you with the tingling aroma of the intoxication dawned on with those magical red beans in full bloom. An exploration of these picture lined caves occupies an important part of the itinerary of every tourist making their way to Wayanad.


An isolated hamlet village in Wayanad is Kolagappara, a must visit place for tourists seeking for a calm, relaxing weekend getaway. Abundant in flora and fauna and verdant in its surroundings, the natural landscape of Koagappara also lets mountaineers and trekkers take full advantage of all the adventure it has to offer. Exploring the village might not be a very adventurous thing to do in this part of Wayanad but it sure holds the potential to pleasure and indulge your senses to its spirits. Either way, quick weekend getaways are never served better any place elsewhere than Wayanad.

Soochipara Falls

A three tiered waterfall in Wayanad, Soochipara falls or the Sentinel Rock Falls is an absolutely amazing place to be in this part of the country. Milky white waters cascading over rocky slopes that remain surrounded by huge hills and dense forests make the place an absolute natural paradise. A prominent tourist spot that sees recreational activities like swimming being the true measure of indulgence of the soul in nature, this among the places to visit in Wayanad sure is a treat for the senses.


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A village in Wayanad, Pozhuthana is home to some of the oldest tea plantations in town. The mist clad mountains and the mesmerising blanket of greenery that has on play the robust aroma of the budding teas make Pozhuthana an enticingly relaxing place to be spellbound by. In its peaceful enchantment however, Pozhuthana house an exciting mix of thrill and adventure. Hiking and cycling your way through the diverse landscape, or swimming and bamboo rafting along the glorious length of its river- whatever you do in Pozhuthana is a guaranteed plunge into the sea of irresistible memories brought about at the behest of surges and rushes of adrenaline.

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam
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Wayanad has the unique distinction of being home to also the biggest earth dam in India. Banasura Sagar Dam which is the second biggest earth dam in entire Asia is a prominent tourist place in the town. But apart from all its remarkable features, the dam is also one of the most picturesque of places to visit in Wayanad. Resting on the lap of the lush Banasura hills and making its way across the Karamanathodu River, the dam also offers avenues for a host of adventure activities including trekking and boating. The majestic hill peaks at the backdrop and an all encompassing view of the lake- the dam is at least as relevant for its famed beauty as it is in its importance for the nearby areas.