Pleasures of the picnic season


With the arrival of the month of December, the thing which brings happiness to people in addition to the cheery and bright vibes of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ or Christmas includes the setting of the picnic season. Yes, the shortest holiday trip undertaken to the nearest breathtakingly beautiful spot with a bevy of well-known people is often followed during the winters when there is a chill in the air and the weather turns out to be pleasant due to which it is touted as a season of travel. While the picnic trips are carried out together by office colleagues or a group of relatives to spend some fun time for a day away from the everyday hectic lives, it is the children who is in much anticipation and excited for these trips because they would get ample open areas for playing the game of their choices unlike the adults who had to take care of the budget, the way of travelling and the food items along with the utensils that have to be carried for a ‘not so short’ distance. Besides finding scope for leisure activities, the most important aspect of a picnic is to have a hearty warm and nutritious meal together with good company under the open skies by sitting on floors instead of dining tables for a day.

Some of the moments that can be witnessed in every picnic trips are-

Mixture of emotions during the planning phase of picnic

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Phone calls and text messages are rampant among relatives when the picnic season arrives as everybody wants their shortest trip to be full of fun but also memorable. From deciding what amount of food items can be brought within the chosen budget and who will be cooking what type of dishes to deciding on the bus or van which would carry the picnickers to whether carrying music systems would be good or not, the discussions on having a great picnic seems to be endless. Meanwhile, not a single soul- be it the little kids, big children , the active youths, concerned middle aged persons or the religious elderly- would forget to argue on which would be the best and popular picnic spot to go too. During family picnics, children would often plan out whether the games of running or chasing would look appropriate under the nosy elders or sports like badminton, volleyball, skipping etc. will be more enjoyable. However, kids do play an active role along with teachers while planning out school picnics. Moreover, office picnics are also great fun and the plan for it ripens only when every employee is able to take out time for it. Whatever be the type of picnic, three stages always play an important role in its execution- agreement for setting off to a particular beautiful destination, planning out a budget, taking the requisite essentials like food, utensils and mats/carpets and arranging for a vehicle to set off.

Hullaballoo before and during the journey

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On the arrival of the D-day of the picnic, arguments and shouts are often a common scene when the time of boarding the bus or van comes. While some might seem to forget some plate, spoon, glasses or some sort of food items, there are others who would lament over forgetting to bundle in adequate number of mats/ carpets in the last moment over the excitement. Sometimes, loud arguments or fierce fights often breaks out between groups of picnickers for bringing in the music systems which a section feels are totally useless and unnecessary. Meanwhile, bouts of sickness like feeling the urge to vomit often arises in some people midway as every picnic journey mostly takes between three hours to sometimes even ten hours. Apart from sickness like fainting or vomiting being a common affair in most picnic vehicles, the other bright moments of these journeys include people bursting into songs in happiness, gossiping in loud or simply sitting back and enjoying the whipping of the cold air in the face as the bus or van speeds along the roads. When the journey to a picnic is long, some stops are also made so that the picnickers can get a chance to stretch their legs before going again to the final much awaited destination.

The finding of a proper place for the gang

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Whatever be the sort of picnic trip and the type of picnicker, the finding for a proper place to set up the things always takes a couple of minutes. After the bus reaches the destination of the picnic, we always know that it would be quite a task for our group to find the perfect picnic spot as crowds of picnickers looming here and there always meets our eyes wherever we turn our heads. However, a picnic spot is do found out after much research because the need for finding it becomes an emergency and we cannot go back without having the much sought after fun. The arrangement of the things for having a great picnic in the coming hours also takes much time as everyone hopes to put out the carpets in a place that is devoid of sharp stones and thorns. From setting up the burners for cooking the big picnic feast and cutting of the meat and veggies along with the process of cooking it to arranging the expensive music systems properly, the work done for having the shortest day trip is also not quite easy. When everything is finally put in place and everyone heaves a sigh of relief, the commencement of picnic occurs.

The flurry of activities

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The types of activities that are undertaken by human beings at picnic spots are always numerous. While outdoor sports like badminton, skipping and running (especially popular with the kids) are often seen in small groups, indoor games like ludo and chess are also played at picnic spots mostly by adults or those who do not like to indulge in much physical activities. Some picnickers would often roam together in groups to enjoy the beautiful sights. Many of them would also go rowing on boats if the picnic trip is being carried out on places close to water bodies. Meanwhile, the dancers of a picnic group would go on dancing to the music beats for long hours without paying any attention to the amused or angry sights of watchers. However, every picnic group would have cooks to cut and prepare the main thing of a picnic i.e. the meal.

Things which make a picnic trip memorable

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Some of the tiny moments which makes us yearn for a picnic trip with the approach of the picnic season includes the happiness of getting to take a long road trip with the people we love and the fresh air for company, the pleasant moment of getting to gorge on juicy seasonal fruits and warm aromatic meal amidst a beautiful surrounding, the enjoyable leisure activities that can be undertaken with the people we know after a long period of time. However, the most important thoughtful thing to do after a picnic is over is to clean away all the rubbish and let the natural beauty of a place beckon you again there with its magical aura.