“Revolver” – the Beatles themed hotel in the Himalayas….

“Revolver” - the Beatles themed hotel in the Himalayas....

Revolver – the 1966 Beatles album released on a balmy August day has everything the band eludes…sound production to a different level of artistic fun, acid trips and the puns of course! The title of the album ”Revolver” itself does not translate to the weapon which the word describes…instead it refers to the revolution of the record..it revolves and makes music come alive…Revolver is a Beatles masterpiece and will remain so and even more as a magical production of music and sounds in a studio set up with legendary hits like the “yellow submarine,” “taxman,” “here, there and everywhere,” “she said, she said” and many more…but am here not to write about this album or the legendary hits and the magical sounds which this Beatles album offers, am here to talk about a tiny Himalayan town and its passion for music and the music makers…a Beatles themed hotel named “Revolver” which people say is more than just a guest house…it’s more of a tribute to the Beatles…

“Revolver” - the Beatles themed hotel in the Himalayas....
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This modest and nondescript hotel is tucked in a corner of the hill town of Darjeeling but everyone in town knows and talks about it with pride. It is a true show case of Darjeeling’s love and passion for music and the music makers. The rooms in this hotel are named after the band members of the Beatles…John, Ringo, George and Paul, and even their manager Brian! So once you check in you are in a room named after a legend. It does not end here each room…in fact each corner of this hotel is filled with memorabilia with a Beatles background. 

John, Ringo, George and Paul, and Brian
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The walls are lined with pictures and posters of the musicians all framed to their glory. You will also find some collectors items like limited edition stamps issued in the name of the Beatles. Paul’s room has a huge mural on one of the walls and another wall is scrawled with the words “Follow your heart.” 

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Paul's Room
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Of course the songs played on the  hotels television and sound system gotta be the Beatles… The restaurant offers simple, local fare and some Continental dishes…the Beatles aren’t a part of the food though the menu is interspersed with the Beatles trivia!

Source: TripAdvisor

The hotel is a love child for the owner and his wife….and their love for the iconic band of the sixties is evident at each turn you take within the property. Musically tuned visitors throng to this small hotel in Darjeeling just for the vibes…some carry their guitars and play a mean tune in those rooms dedicated to their favourite Beatles man…while others are welcome to tune the Washburn guitar placed at the hotels’ restaurant and strum away the evenings by the cosy fireplace…the song better be a Beatles one of course…

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“Revolver” in the hills of Darjeeling takes the love for music to a different level altogether…

P.S: John Lennon once said he wanted to sound like the Dalai Lama chanting from a hilltop on ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’…whether he chanted or sounded like Dalai Lama we never know but Johns’ songs still continues to reverberate from the hilltops at the “Revolver!”