21 romantic things to do in Bali on a honeymoon (2020)

Honeymoon in Bali

Love as a passion has always been enticing. And specially when it’s time to take a recourse to some romantic destination, dreamy, picturesque travails are the best option. Bali in particular with its stunning locales and exotic destinations spell romance like only few other places can. Here are 21 romantic things to do in Bali on a honeymoon-

Romantic things to do in Ubud, Bali

romantic things to do in Bali

Bali’s cultural hub Ubud is famous for its wonder trove of nature’s greenery. Aesthetic and calming, this one of Bali destinations is invitingly enticing and definitely romantic.

#1 Strolling through the Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Who would think of rice paddies as being the perfect picturesque setting of an equally perfect romance saga? Well, if you have ever been to Bali, you will swear by just how love charged these lush plantains of greenery can be!

Strolling through these swaying stalks of edible beauties, while relishing the wind on your face and the love in the air, has to be out of the world kinda romantic. If offbeat romances are your kind of thing, you would totally be enthused by this lovely diversion Bali has to offer in terms of love!

The Tegallalang rice terraces in Ubud are one of the finest paddy fields in the world. Their terraced slopes and lush, neat plantations make love in the fields a romantic sojourn to swoon upon.

What’s more, Tegallalang also offers options to explore its culture domain on horseback! Adventure nestled in pristinity, you couldn’t be asking for more!

Romantic things to do in Sanur, Bali

A seaside town, Sanur in Bali is famed for its quaint silence amidst the clamour that Ubud and some other central Bali destinations has to offer. Obviously then, Sanur offers a more relaxed, romantic experience to cherish that can do wonders for any loved up couple.

#2 Witnessing a magical sunrise at Sanur

To start with, enjoying the sun as it comes up has to be one of the most amazing of things to do while you are in Bali. Romantic and very, very enriching, witnessing the first rays of the sun as it dawns on the horizon is one of the prettiest ways to start the day.

#3 Kite surfing in Sanur

romantic things to do in Bali

Sanur is also offbeat in that its beaches offer some activities that are quite different from what other Bali beaches has to offer. The lack of a pounding surf makes water sports not very enjoyable in this part of Bali. But the strong winds provide ample scope for kite surfing which is as much of a delight than any other water adventure.

For those who seek belongingness and romance in adventure, Sanur provides fun opportunities galore to live up their affection.

#4 Sun bathing on Pantai Indah beach

Undeniably, if you are on vacation, the one thing you would want to do is relax. What better than to soak up some sun along one of the prettiest beach in the area?

Pantai Indah beach in Sanur has gleaming golden and clear sands that seeks to elevate the relaxing experience just a bit more. Equivalently, walking along the Sanur Boardwalk is as much a romantic experience as any other.

#5 Romantic things to do in Bali at Lovina beach (watching dolphins)

What can be cuter than pretty dolphins making a point to let you catch a glimpse of their cute antics? Dolphins can make anyone infinitely happy and when you are on a romantic holiday with bae, happiness is the only thing you need. Exploring Lovina beach to catch some adorable dolphin sightings is the thing to definitely not miss out while in Bali.

Romantic things to do in Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua happens to be the ultimate luxury retreat that Bali has to offer. More high end and upscale, this enclave of modernity is more a diversion from the typical Balinese calmness and simplistic endowments you would expect.

#6 A phenomenal Water Blow in Nusa Dua

romantic things to do in Bali

One of the significant attractions in Nusa Dua is the phenomenon of Water Blow. Irrespective of whether you find it romantic or not, this still is one of the best natural sights in Nusa Dua.

This massive blow hole which is the result of a tight rock formation lets you watch the water erupt from the sea (often dangerously) into the sky. As enchanting as it can get, it is always advisable to maintain a safe distance from this wonder of spiraling beauty.

#7 Exotic dinner date at Nusa Dua

Nothing quite speaks out romance than a cosy dinner. And when in Nusa Dua, you must not miss out on the chance of experiencing the most exotic dinner date you can ever have.

A dinner with your loved one inside a cave sounds as surreal as it is interesting. Lit prettily by the magical glow of candlelights, the cave experience just about intensifies your romance. Offbeat and one of its kind, Nus Dua does know what it takes to enthrall your senses!

#8 Discovering Gunung Payeng beach

One of the most well kept of Bali’s secrets is the picturesque expanse of the Gunung Payung Beach. Incredibly remote and therefore less crowded, this is one of those beaches that can help sizzle up your romance. Panoramic and exotic, this is one beach to visit in Bali that sums up the list of romantic things to do in Nusa Dua.

#9 Romantic things to do in Bali at Desa Temukus (strolling along marigold fields)

Marigolds are bright, vibrant beauties that can lure anyone into their enticing fold. And though they never can surpass the symbolism that roses bring unto love, a golden stroll along the marigold fields is still enchanting.

Desa Temukus, a quiet village in Bali that nestles the majesty of the marigold fields is one must visit Bali province. To explore the lush orange red flowers or to wander a bit further to discover another snowy paradise of Kasna flowers– your Bali itinerary cannot get more colorful!

Romantic things to do in Bali, Seminyak

The most stylish beach resort area in Bali, Seminyak is all things relaxingly laidback yet appeasingly up market.

#10 Walking along the Seminyak beach

romantic things to do in Bali

The best romantic option while in Bali has to be meandering along its many dazzling beaches. And the Seminyak beach is no exception. Walking hand in hand with bae in one of Bali’s most favored locations is enough recipe to cook up romance.

#11 High tea at Seminyak

For those who seek charm and grandeur even in romance, Seminyak offers more than only a few options. In particular, the W Retreat & Spa needs to be explored for its one of its kind high tea experience. Urbane and sophisticated, this tea experience has to be one unparalleled one.

Alice in wonderland themed cakes, magical settings and some truly Instagram worthy clicks sure make this one a romantic detour for the senses to indulge in.

#12 Romantic things to do in Bali at Gesing (Wish upon the Great Banyan Tree)

Wishing unto love has to be one of the most eternal promises of romance and Bali does offer love a chance to be ever lasting. Wishing love whilst in Bali upon a 750 year old incredible Great Banyan tree in the northern village of Gesing counts as those romantically Bali pursuits to not miss out on. And wish you should, for legend has it that wishes indeed do come true here in Bali!

#13 Things to do in Bali at Mount Lempuyang (visiting the Lempuyang Temple)

romantic things to do in Bali

A visit to the Gateway of Heaven is a must to do if you are in Bali. It might not count among the most romantic of experiences but the beauty and spiritualism that this place heralds more than offset any requirement of a romance quotient.

In particular, the sunset at the Lempuyang Temple is one experience not to be missed. A splattering of the sun’s rays only enhances the beauty of the most Instagram worthy place in Bali. Needless to say, this one of Bali’s most sacred natural places is also one of its most famed and revered.

Things to do in Kuta, Bali

#14 Exploring the underwater world of Kuta bay

As much as Kuta is branded wasted and over rated, there is no denying that the underwater world of Kuta bay is a true wonder world. And being able to explore that without even having to indulge in water activities is so much of a bonus. Additionally, tandem parasailing is another adventure sport that will put couples on course for a different kind of romantic experience altogether.

#15 Adrenaline adventure at Waterbom Bali

Kuta is also home to the Waterbom Bali, the world’s second best and Asia’s best water park. Experiencing an adrenaline rush with the thrilling rides on offer or by coursing along with its gentle lazy rivers is sure to up the ante of your romance.

Romantic things to do in Uluwatu

One of the most stunning destinations in Bali, Uluwatu boasts of an array of natural attractions in its jaw dropping majestic beaches and also in its most famed namesake temple- the Uluwatu temple.

#16 Enjoying the famed Uluwatu sunset

The famed sunset of Uluwatu is one of those surreal romantic phenomenons that you mustn’t dare miss if you are in Bali on a romantic sojourn. Walking around the Uluwatu cliffs hand in hand with the love of your life while soaking in the beauty of a mesmerizing sunset is hands down one of the most romantic of things to do while in Bali.

#17 Diving in spirituality at the Uluwatu temple

romantic things to do in Bali

The grandeur of the magical sunset experience is obviously more pronounced when you view it from the equally majestic Uluwatu temple.Locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, the temple is a grand confluence of beauty and spirituality.

With its locational advantage of being nestled along the sea, the Uluwatu temple offers peace and serenity and easily counts among the most romantic destinations in Bali.

#18 Frolicking about in Uluwatu’s dreamy beaches

romantic things to do in Bali

Home to some of Bali’s most spectaculary dreamy beaches, Uluwatu is a must visit for those couples for whom romance is pronounced by the glittering gleams of the sun on the waves. Whether it be Bingin, Padang Padang, Thomas beach or the concealed Suluban beach, Uluwatu’s ranege of beaches is striking enough to make a romantic out of virtually anybody!

#19 Romantic things to do in Bali (movie watching at Karma beach)

Movie dates have been the eternally cosy idea of romance. But while in Bali, an unparalleled movie watching experience is sure to elevate your romance to a different level altogether.

Enjoying a movie at Karma beach club is a romantic experience like no other. A movie date at a beach is already dreamily majestic, and the fact that Karma beach is also elusive only seeks to make it more magical.

A hidden white sand beach which is accessible only by a funicular ride down a limestone cliff, the Karma beach is picturesque and alluring. Watching a movie in such a romantic setting while cuddling up with your loved one is one that needs to be experienced.

Reclining comfortably on sofas with the waves coming up to caress your feet, that too in a starry environ lit up with lanterns just about enhances the entire movie experience.

#20 Romantic things to do in Bali at Carangsari (exploring the Pod Chocolate Factory)

Chocolates have always been the perfect love dose through the ages. What better then to indulge in a chocolate tour at the Pod Chocolate factory while in Bali?

A pretty place to explore and a prettier haven to delight in, a tour along the same is not only deliciously inviting but also offers an insight into the delectable world of chocolate musings!

#21 Things to do in Bali at Canggu (indulge in a shopping spree)

romantic things to do in Bali

Hip and boho, quirky and fun, Canggu is that colorful haven of Bali that can just make your day with its color and spunky vibe. Canggu is the shopping hot spot of Bali and has more than a few couple pretty boutiques and shops. Going shopping with bae in a location as exotic as Bali is a true paradise for all shopaholics.