15 safest cities in India to live without any fear

safest city in India

India has always been known as a land that fosters unity in diversity. The land where people of all castes and creed live together in harmony and co exist as one common people, India is an enriching example of how differences can never be a hurdle to growth. Even then, as home to a whopping 300 cities, the question naturally emerges- which is the safest city in India?

Safety parameters are varied and dynamic, and hence determining the safest city needs to be approached with caution. Here are the top 13 safest cities in India you can consider shifting to if some peace is all you need-

#1 Chennai


South India’s buzzing social capital, that is known for its vibrant and welcoming nature, Chennai comes atop the survey of safest city in India. South India’s famed coastal beauty apart, Chennai’s humid weather and congested life seems to set off most people. However, if safety indicators are taken into consideration, Chennai is by far among the most secure places to live in India.

Temples and churches, beaches and sea wonders abound in this city which has time and again reiterated its reputation as being among the safest cities in India. As with most other south Indian cities, Chennai boasts of having one among the lowest crime rate in India. And with its culturally rich and economically sound diversity, this place in Tamil Nadu definitely checks the list as being the best city to live in India.

#2 Tirupati


The second most safe city in India, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh also counts among the best city to live in India with a higher Ease of Living score. With an efficient police system in place, crimes rates all over the state have been plummeting through the years and Tirupati is no exception.

Perhaps it is Tirupati’s interest as mainly a place of pilgrimic importance that have necessitated a larger and more systematic law enforcement agency in place. This in turn has resulted in lower levels of crime that apart from endowing it with the title of the safest city in India has also worked wonders to further boost tourist inflow into the place. As per a survey conducted by the Ministry of Urban Development, Tirupati achieved laurels as being among the most secure places to live in India as well.

#3 Surat


The best urban city of India, Surat in Gujarat is also one of the safest place in India. Surat also has a crime rate that is considerably lower making it the most peaceful place in India.

Surat’s top positioning by crime and security standard has also helped to make it emerge as one of the economic and technological hubs of the country. Famed as the Diamond City Of India, Surat with its focus on quality of life in terms of safety and hygiene is definitely high on the prospect of emerging as among the most secure places to live in India.

#4 Mumbai


Among the big cities, the City of Dreams Mumbai surprisingly ranks among the higher echelons of being among the safest cities in India. Its privilege (?) of being the most populous Indian city not withstanding, Mumbai still occupies position as being among the most secure places to live in India.

Maybe because of the open mindedness of the people residing there which is a cultural amalgamation of sorts in itself, Mumbai has emerged to be the top most safe city in India despite the higher level of ‘chill’. Serenity and clamour side by side create a beautiful aura in Mumbai that which combined with the significantly lower crime rate make the city a true abode of dreams.

#5 Dehradun


With significantly lower crimes pertaining to thefts, assaults and violence, the state capital of Uttarakhand is one of the safest city in India. Also among the best city to live in India as far as credibility of social parameters go, the dreamy city is also a haven of sorts for all those who want a life in quietude and peace.

And not only Dehradun, even Uttarakhand boasts of having a lower crime rate than most other Indian states. Either because of its higher level of education or its relatively less populated advantage, Dehradun is a gem when it comes to safety and specially in fostering women’s safety, being one of the most peaceful places in the country.

#6 Jaipur


The Pink City of India, Jaipur is sufficiently less steeped in crimes and crime rates, making it one of the safest city in India to live in. That apart, a rich architectural heritage, a considerably planned township and a vibrant cultural legacy also contributes to making Jaipur one of the best city to live in India.

As a tourist attraction also, Jaipur fares remarkably well on the safety quotient and as one among the safest places in India remains teeming with tourists all year round. A definite feature among the most peaceful place in India, the ancestral city is very much a delightful terrain.

#7 Pune


Another city that has found its way among the list of Indian places that rank high on standards of Ease of Living as well as safety is the Maharashtrian city of Pune. Also with an exceptional quality of life, Pune is undoubtedly the best city to live in India.

A city that has worked hard enough to earn one among the lowest crime rates in India, Pune counts among the safest cities in India. Also a pretty decently developing IT city, Pune has at disposal ample resource to be one of the safest place in India.

#8 Kolkata


Kokata’s reputation as being among the safest cities in India comes with a rather surprising add on. The state of West Bengal which is home to the city of Kolkata has one of the worst crime scenario in the country.

Friendly vibes flowing throughout the lengths and breadth of the city courtesy its welcoming and largely Bengali population has done much to project Kolkata as one of the most secure place to live in India. However a congested city life and the highly humid climate of the state renders it as not being among the best city to live in India. Even then, Kolkata’s tag of being among the safest cities in India still endows it with enough of the charm already!

#9 Hyderabad


One of the safest metropolitan centres in the country and also India’s second safest metro, Hyderabad is one of those cities that has been rated as among the most secure places to live in India. Also a place abundant in scenic beauty and sight seeing wonders, Hyderabad has also been held in good stead by its positioning among the safest cities in India.

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#10 Ahmedabad


One of the fastest growing cities in the country, Ahmedabad is also one among the safest city in India. As a Times of India recommendation for the best city to live in India, Ahmedabad witnesses fewer crimes, robberies and rapes as compared to other big Indian cities.

Also a scenic tourist destination nestled along side its commercial viability, this city in Gujarat, like some of its other counterparts, is among the most peaceful place in India. Among those regions that can take pride in having the lowest crime rate in India, Ahmedabad sure is second to none.

#11 Chandigarh

One among the least polluted of the big Indian cities, Chandigarh is also remarkably steeped in safety. Another feature in the list of Indian cities which rank high on the Ease of Living Index, Chandigarh also lays claim to being among the safest cities in India.

Though with a rather high rate of petty crimes, Chandigarh is still considerably safe as far as prevalence of more heinous, life threatening crimes are concerned.

Also the fact that Chandigarh is the lone Indian city in New York Times’ travel list that has also been a ‘perfect city’as envisioned by BBC already lends the city enough credibility as being the best city to live in India.

#12 Bangalore

The best city to live in India as far as the work to relaxation balance is concerned, IT hub Bangalore is also among the safest cities in India. The traffic in the city is undoubtedly a matter of concern but if safety is considered to be the prime yardstick of living, then Bangalore far outranks some of those relatively sleepy towns and cities which have witnessed a spurt in crime rates in recent years. And anyway with better standards of living and modern infrastructural facilities in place, Bangalore is still one of the most liveable cities that have graced India in the recent past.

#13 Gandhinagar

A meticulously planned city, Gandinagar in Gujarat is considered one of the safest cities in India to live in, specially for womenfolk. With one of the lowest crime rates in India, this is another city in Gujarat that has been considered remarkably safe and secure. The capital of Gujarat isn’t just a city famed for its beauty; with its pride of having been also the cleanest city in Asia, Gandhinagar is very much the pride of the nation as well as one among the safer cities of the country.

#14 Mysore

Source: Just Mysuru

Another city from down south gracing the list of safest cities in India is Mysore. Being the Cultural Capital of Karnataka, the Heritage City is one that remains steeped in the artsy air, making it a place that entices souls and not threaten them.

#15 Trivandrum

Source: TrafficInfraTech Magazine

As the capital city of Kerala, one of the safest states in the country at least on certain parameters, Trivandrum also is one among the Indian cities that is relatively safe to live in. A prime tourist destination as well as an exotic wonderland blessed abundantly by nature, a visit to Trivandrum would sure make for a largely safe and secure experience.