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sari village in uttarakhand

The mountains are spinning forever of tales in much mystery and intrigue, out of which images are conjured in spellbinding measure, with vistas expanding and panoramas unfolding even as lands undulate along the gliding smoothness of their curves and the greens beckon with an allure enchanting and salubrious and pretty to present a resulting scenery in unparalleled beauty. So stunning in fact is this narrative of nature perched high up almost in the clouds somewhere that despite their occurrence and recurrence in much commonplaceness, what avails is always an extraordinary curation in such sights and sounds that stupefies the being and teases the senses, weaving as it does tapestries of magic in such elegance that sum up the truest nature of magnificence so characteristic a flaunt in the miraculous musings of all things natural.

Steeped to the core of it in such exuberance of profusion that the misty air of the hills harbour within is aura is a village that is prettier perhaps than even the popular definition in picture perfect. Nestled in the dense woods of the mountains that define the calm charm of the cool state of Uttarakhand at an elevation of some 2000 metres is the simplistic soul of what identifies as the stunning physicality of the Sari village.

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Small and remote and perfect therefore to emerge as one of the more offbeat destinations yet to bear the brunt of an unusual popularity, this scenic hamlet tucked away in the cosy coves of the mountains that is as nurturing in its soul as it is imposing in structure is one of the worthiest destinations of the state so explored in its steeping in the essence of the sanctity of the Gods. And indeed in Sari, one can fully make sense of the divine that flows across every single thing of what makes Uttarakhand the Dev Bhoomi as it has always been. Enchanting in its residing in the immenseness of what nature has bestowed it with and heartwarming as much in the kindredness of its folks, the village of Sari is one true heaven to have descended in all generousness upon the very Land of the Gods themselves.

The serenity of Sari might occur as being the element to have dawned upon it this lesser found but prominent still identity in uncharted fame of its territory. But the benevolence that Sari assumes in its character in pledging unfledged devotion to its tranquil seating in the divine abode of the state asserts through as much distinctive a facet of its expression. It has been in fact in this strand of its exploring that has led the village to be known today as one of the magical presences that dots abundantly the expanse of Uttarakhand, each one imbued as much with the essence of serenity and spirituality that continues to be the dimension of touristry basis for the region not any less dramatic though in the assertion of the shape and form of its landscape.

It is in being the base camp for the trek up to the Deorial Tal as well as to the world’s highest Shiva temple, the Tungnath Temple that Sari brings upon it a validation that goes beyond the scenic scope of its scape. And yet it still is beauty and prettiness and views and aesthetics galore that the village affords in also this aspect of its existence. Lovely to tread through along the length of its well marked trail, more than well defined to not let the adventurous prospect in getting lost stand a chance and yet not anything plain and unremarkable on sheer account of its mesmerising revealing in all the greens and browns and blues of visual accord, Sari sums up in itself quite aptly the definite some joys encountered only on the reaches of a land exuberant and ambient as it is.

As one of the most scenic of trekking routes winding through the twists and turns of a mountainous terrain, Sari speaks thus of its own tale permeated by all essences possible of the exceptional. Immensely picturesque in its radiant vibes, availed of course out of the unadulterated natural expanse of it and radiating also of a glow that speaks of the happiness and contentment of its people is this place of rustic charm that needs to be experienced indeed in its exploration to dawn upon mere mortals the majesty of what it holds.

So stunning in its revealing would be the serendipitous chancing upon Sari that would perhaps make one want to lose themselves indeed in the chime of all that pervades the essence of its curated character in the ultimate calm. Of course it is in its delightful dwelling surrounded by the greenest of farm fields and a bevy of oak trees and a cluster of rhododendron blooms that the beauty of Sari emerges as a motleyed play of hues and joys, inevitably finding way into all lives that find themselves immersed in such engrossing play of nature.

But it also is as much in its trippy lanes and stoned pathways upon which one discovers in surprising pleasantness the candour of an existence so true and spirited and humble. Equally quaint an assertion in striking uniqueness would be the numerous houses that spread out over the entire expanse of this sufficiently small but wonderfully welcoming bourg of beauties divine, as sometimes whitewashed, sometimes colorful houses with thatched roofs and carved doors, even as some specimens of distinctive brick built assert still their charm in a mannerism that seems to draw directly out of the fantasy world of imaginative documentation. There really isn’t anything about Sari that won’t enchant or excite visitors and travelers to this land of all things exquisitely exemplary- even its modern day manifestation of the cafes and homestays tend to be as aesthetic, though not so much evoking emotions of the old world. And equally wondrous happens to be the integrity of this rural character that focusses also on all values and virtues necessary for sustaining the dignified living of its less than a thousand natives.

The village of Sari might be one economically sustained by its treasure trove of what makes it a touristry place, albeit less discovered and thankfully so, with the villagers assuming roles as trek guides and travel operators for agencies or even offering places of stay and options in food for the tourists to earn a substantial income from this destination conducive for travel exploits year round. But it is in their awareness and vision in making convenient use of the opportunities available to them that make the locals here take to this source of their livelihood. And helping their pursuit in charting out engagement in such ventures is indeed their realisation of the importance of education. With a whopping literacy rate of over 90%, the villagers of Sari has managed to ensure for themselves an identity that stands their ground in all significance, dwelling therefore perhaps in a greater awareness of the contentment and happiness and peace that their life in this rather remote part of the world make full allowance for.

The prominence in education that Sari has managed to accrue to itself however has also meant that almost every family of the village has at least one member working in the city to further bolster their state of living. That, coupled with their traditional digging into the grounds for agricultural purpose in such produce as wheat and mustard and some herbs as well, even with apple and peach trees splattering their rosy hues across the verdancy of the Bugyals- the Himalayan Alpine Meadows, and the economy of the scenic assertion of Sari tends to emerge as contented and sufficient in its every need.

It also however isn’t its own pride in being the truest embodier of the beauty description across all leanings that make Sari the absolute sight to soak up and savor in all its riches. On offer are stunning views of the mountains that so lovingly fosters Sari in its own loveliness, and attained thus out of a scape that tends to be as grateful in its drawing into that warm embrace. Particularly in the winter months the snow capped peaks of Tungnath- Chopta reveal themselves in full glory from upon the premise of the village, setting up one for a visual treat that only awes and enthuses in the grandeur of it. Interspersed with the happy chirping of the birds, even as wafts of fresh blooms further also the cool feel of the crisp mountain air and this ambience on offer is what makes camping upon the rolling hills of Sari a truly exquisite experience to live indeed in the exact realisation of it.

Sari-Village in uttarakhand
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A place so pretty wouldn’t have been half the soulful abode that it is if not for the equally beautiful people blessed indeed to call Sari their beloved home. Enthusiastic in their entertaining of tourists and more than openly welcoming of them, it is the locals of the village who make it sure that they do not let any blemish mar the immaculate essence of what makes Sari a perfection in pursuing the art of prettiness. True to their nature in genuine congeniality are the people here who take it upon themselves to let Sari assert itself as the beauty that it is by their responsible attending to every guest and visitor. And yet it also is these folks who take care to ensure that the culture and pride of their home is not played with. True to their culture and immensely steeped in tradition is the characteristic trait through which the Sari villagers proudly express themselves, living up indeed and syncing in even to every element of what describes the beauty of Sari, in and beyond all adjectives of that alluding.