26 things to do in Coorg: the Scotland of India

Things to do in coorg

Coorg isn’t known as the Scotland of India for no reason whatsoever. With the breathtaking majesty of its hills, the freshness of the green cover, cascading waterfalls and streaming rivers, this place in the heartland of Karnataka is indeed a place captivating. Not only in the beauty, even in its tranquility, Coorg evokes every aspect of the beauty and charm of Scotland. Here are 26 things you surely must not miss out on when you take the off beat route along the Scotland of India-

#1 Take in the lush beauty of the exotic coffee plantains

Coorg as a hot bed of exotic coffee plantations offers phenomenal view of its expansive blooming terrains. The enticing brightness of the red coffee berries and the intoxicating aroma of the fresh pods is enough invitation to take a route to the Scotland of India.

#2 Rest like a king at Raja’s Seat

One of the most scenic places in Coorg, Raja’s Seat is also a popular spot for taking in the breathtaking view of a sun spectacular setting down in the horizon. The accompanying garden of seasonal flowers makes it an even enchanting spot to explore and seek solace in.

#3 Capture the beauty of the mystics of Abbey waterfall

Located between Coorg’s super lush coffee plantations and spice estates, Abbey waterfall is the place to indulge your senses. Whether it be capturing the beauty of the sparkling gush of water or simply reveling at the majesty and grandeur of the same, Abbey can be a true Scotlandic wonder.

#4 Refresh your tired self with an exhilarating rafting spree along Coorg’s sparkling waters

Coorg abounds in water bodies which make it a truly worthwhile destination to go river rafting. Kodagu whitewater rafting is a thing to obviously do if you ever choose to venture in the Scotland of India.

#5 Camp under the grand ambiance of the starry sky

Nestled among hazy hills and lush greenery, Coorg boasts of an ambiance that is relaxing and enchanting. Camping under the vast expanse of a starlit sky while taking in all the beauty the surrounding encompasses has to be an extremely romantic thing to do there.

#6 Get adventurous with Coorg’s spectacular waterfall rappelling

Making your way through gorgeous cascading waterfalls is a truly distinctive Coorg experience has to be waterfall rappelling in the many waterfalls dotting the Scotland of India. Similar to rock climbing, rappelling though is more on the unexplored side and is definitely much more of a fun adventure to partake of.

#7 Have some wild fun at the Dubaree Elephant Camp

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Whether it be enjoying the sight of gigantic beasts frolicking in the water or giving those playful creatures a bath yourself, Dubaree Elephant Camp is the place for you to have some fun time while in Coorg.

#8 Transition into tranquility at Talacauvery

The origin point of the Kaveri river, the Talacauvery tank is embedded in rich greenery with a peace pervading the atmosphere that can only be deemed as surreal. Be it to seek some divine inspiration or simply to soak in the beauty of the ambience, experiencing tranquility is the thing to do in Talacauvery.

#9 Go gaga over the distinctive experience at the Tibetan Golden Temple

A Golden Temple in Coorg? Did we mess things up with Amritsar? Well, no. The Tibetan Golden Temple in Coorg is a manifestation of the large Buddhist presence there. Now the Namdroling Monastery, the place is one of the most culturally vibrant areas in the Scotland of India.

#10 Trek the trails up to Coorg’s many magnificent peaks

Whether it be the Tadiandamol peak or the Kumar Parvatha Hill, Brahmagiri or Mandalpatti, Coorg abounds in hill tops to trek and hike up to. With more than a few trails to go trekking in the Scotland of India, Coorg does indeed hold ground as the perfect holiday destination.

#11 Get a bit jittery as you go zip lining for a true blue view of the Scotland of India

Thrill and fun gets intertwined in Coorg as you go zip lining above turbulent waters, with gusts of wind hyping the excitement of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Exhilarating and exciting, zip lining lends Coorg with an even heightened adventurous soul.

#12 Treat the nocturnal in you to a thrilling night ride

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While Coorg is indeed a beauty in its many hues and radiance, one of the most stunning experiences of the place is the mesmerising night view. A nocturnal subfaring of the city lends you an even deeper feel of its charm what with those twinkling stars and floating clouds seeming to descend unto you from the higher horizon.

#13 Fiddle with fishes in the indigenous Scotland of India

Fishing and angling are two of the most fun activities to do in Coorg. Waiting patiently for your catch while you are caressed by the gentle breeze and calming quietude of the place is an experience to savour. A sure offbeat way to rewind in a place that’s as offbeat as well!

#14 Try out microlight flying for an unparalleled in the air encounter

As a hilly area with ample unencroached space, Coorg is the home to try out numerous thrilling adventure activities. And the most thrilling and unique of the lot of adventure games has to be microlight flying. Soaking in the beauty of Coorg with a bird eye’s view while experiencing an adrenaline rush is all the things you need to make your Coorg visit worthwhile.

#15 Keep some kayaking experience handy to kayak across the many rivers in Coorg

With its many water bodies, the hilly town of Coorg also offers ample kayaking opportunities. One of the most fun among the adventure sports to try out, kayaking or canoeing in Coorg is not to be missed while on a vacation there.

#16 Drown in history with a wandering around of the Madikeri fort

Like most places of tourist importance, Coorg also has quite a few spots of historical importance. A 17th century fort, deciphering the history of the Madikeri fort with its architectural manifestation of the era gone by is a sure shot thing to do while in Coorg.

#17 Live the Coorg life at some cosy pretty home stay

Resorts and hotels might spell luxury but what’s the point being to the mountains and not living the mountain life? Try living the true Coorg life and choose one of those cosy home stays!

#18 Jump in for some awesome coracle riding on the pleasant waters of the valley

Coracle riding is one of the most pleasurable of things to do along the still waters of the many rivers flowing through Coorg. Be it the Kaveri river or the Dubaree elephant sanctuary and a host of other areas such as Madikere and Siddapura, coracle riding is abundantly available in the Scotland of India.

#19 Take your pick from a prodigious coffee estate or a traditional farm stay

With its massive terrains of aromatic coffee bushes and farmed lands, Coorg offers more than a few conventional options of stay overs. You can choose to sprawl along one of the capacious coffee estates dotting the place. Or you can go more humble- staying in one of those farm stays to get an even closer feel of the place.

#20 Scutter around the beautiful rural terrains of the Scotland of India

Coorg is one of those places in India which is tranquil and serene, nestled in exotic bounty of nature’s beauty. Scuttering around the beautiful hilly terrains of the land is one of those aimless things that will help you unearth the true beauty of Coorg.

#21 Bow your head to divinity at the Shiva Rameshwara Temple

Nestled in the picturesque expanse of the Iruppu Falls, the Shiva Rameshwara Temple is another Coorg tourist hot spots. In the divinity it inspires and also in its historical significance, this particular Shiva temple will awe you with its splendor and peace.

#22 Beam with joy at the offbeat jeep safari at Coorg’s western ghats

India’s Western Ghats lend Coorg a special appeal. But not all of the fame is attributed to the mountain range being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring the beauty that this calm land has to offer becomes even more of a luxurious experience to savour when you go jeep trailing the entire lengths of the phenomenally alluring place.

#23 Walk around the cute sounding, pretty looking Chikli Hole

A small water reservoir across the Kaveri river, a circling of the Chikli Hole sure sounds like a fun thing to do while you are on a mission to explore each nook of the Scotland of India.

#24 Unearth treasures with the somewhat secret Chelavara waterfall

Magnificent and splendid, Coorg’s Chelavara falls is one relative unexplored natural bounty of the pristine place. Picturesque and gorgeous, this is the one place to not miss out on over the other more popular water beauties.

#25 Gaze delightfully at the chirpy birds dotting the Scotland of India

Coorg’s lush abode, its extensive coffee plantains, the exotic spice routes- all are home to a wide variety of birds. Both local and migratory feathered species abound this land of scenic abundance and beauty. Feasting your eyes on the sight of these colorful birds lending a chirpy vibes to the atmosphere is all you need to detox and rejuvenate in the Scotland of India.

#26 Get a taste of authentic Coorgie cuisine at Somwarpete

It’s a sin to visit a new place and not try the local platter there. While in Coorg, you should most definitely partake of the array of flavours that Coorgie cuisine is. From its famed Pandi curry to the somewhat ubiquitous bamboo shoot curry or pickles, the light on the taste buds puttus or its filter coffee, Somwarpete offers a taste of Coorg in a way no other place can.