9 awesome places for skydiving in India

sky diving in india

Skydiving in India had never struck me as real till the time Google, like the wonder it is, dug out ads for the same. Skydiving as an adventure sport is massively popular, the feel of thrill and excitement that grips you while in air, free falling and unbridled is undoubtedly exhilarating. Perhaps it is the anticipation even in uncertainty that has adrenaline junkies rave up and about this adventure activity.

Skydiving however requires a certain degree of grit and passion to make it through. Likewise, a conducive environment is all the more important to help you experience the thrill of skydiving. Too strong winds and too bad a weather and all excitement will vanish. Hence, it is only a few couple places that are the perfect hosts to skydiving enthusiasts. If you want to go skydiving in India instead of treading on foreign locales, we have listed out the 9 best places in the country to be your adventure buddy-

Deesa, Gujarat 

Gujarat’s lakeside city Deesa is not just your regular picturesque destination that makes you go all click. Do not let the aesthetics take anything away from the city as being a certified drop zone for sky diving.

Skydiving in Deesa is accentuated by the active involvement of the Sports Authority of Gujarat and the Indian Parachuting Federation in promoting the sport further in the first ever certified destination for skydiving in India. The potential indeed is unmatched with something for both beginners and adventure freaks to rave about. Skydiving camps and events aren’t a rarity which makes it more convenient for people to dive to glory here.

Being a lakeside town, the pleasant climate and perfect winds of Deesa lends your skydiving experience an altogether different perspective. Soaring with the winds as the blue sky embraces you while the equally magnificent lake below has you spellbound is an exhilaration not to be missed. You can go either tandem jumping or para sailing or even choose to fall free in the mighty exuberance that Gujarat has to offer only to return richer and gladder of having made your dive into the ultimate thrill!

Mysore, Karnataka

By far the best destination to explore when it comes to skydiving in India is the Princely state of Mysore. Located in the southern part of the country allows Mysore to have access to an ambient temperature and pretty views of nature’s choosiest bounty.

For long the cultural capital of Karnataka, what makes Mysore an adventure haven is its convenient location. With its majestic positioning at the base of the Chamundi Hills, any skydiving experience is guaranteed to besot you with the most breathtaking of views. The goosebumps are worth all the adventure that grips you as you make your fall like a free soaring bird into virtually nothing all the more amazing!

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Revered as a center of spirituality and knowledge, the sleepy town of Pondicherry sure can spring up quite some surprises. Case in point: it is one of the best places if you want to go sky diving in India!

A much preferred tourist destination because of the calmness it nestles in its abundant beauty, Pondicherry also got adventurous as skydiving became a popular activity here in 2012. Blessed with a spectacular landscape resplendent in amazing views, the once colonial town experiences the bustle of adventure with people flocking to get their adrenaline up and running. Skydiving has sure emerged to be a big deal here in Pondicherry.

Frequent sky camps are organised in town, that lets you go para sailing either in tandem or with static jumps. The experience here is a bit multi dimensional- with the thrill only compounding the marvel as you see Pondi’s delightful coastal glory unfolding below you. The influences of the bygone French settlers become all the more vivid as you jump to depths before soaring to heights, soaking in all stunning moments life has to offer.

Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

What makes the Aamby Valley in Maharashtra a premier destination for skydiving in India is that as a planned hill city, it houses the most spellbinding views you can witness. Because skydiving isn’t just about the adrenaline, it’s as much about the aesthetics as well.

Adventure freaks will discover a thrill at Aamby that is unparalleled and worth all rigours. The dive is made all the more epic as you take in all the beauty unfolding like a dream in front of your very eyes. A singular experience of the jump from a 10,000 feet altitude for about 45 minutes is more than enough to make you feel like you have just lived the adventure of a lifetime.

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

What makes Dhana in Madhya Pradesh one of the must visit destinations for skydiving in India is because it is the first in the country to give flight to such surges of adventure. Serene and upbeat in equal measure, Dhana is just perfect for tourists to trot about or ‘fly’ around!

Go jumping with the wind in tandem or dive solo in the astounding magnificence of the fascinating environs as the vast greenery below holds you awestruck. Dhana goes about its skydiving activities from an airstrip with its world class infrastructure really preparing you for an out- worldly experience to savour and relish for a lifetime.

Hyderabad, Telangana

Skydiving opportunities in Hyderabad are best explored in sessions conducted near the Nagarjuna Sagar Airport. The dive is by all means exhilarating, with the Krishna river valley beneath beckoning with its mighty expanse. Soaring high in the City of Nizams brings along with it an unique sense of achievement, one that lets you witness the city in all its majestic glory.

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

The Aligarh air strip sure does more than just easing it for planes to hover up in the air. It does that for humans as well. Adventure junkies in town sure need to try out their time in the Aligarh air to not miss out on the rush of thrill that skydiving is.

Tandem jumps from a height of 10,000 feet is the way to go about skydiving in Uttar Pradesh’s famed Aligarh region. With the bluest skies beckoning you to fall spirited and excited in its arms, there sure is a certain air of anticipation to make your skydiving experience all the more memorable.

Baramati, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is perhaps the only state that promotes skydiving in India in two of its locations. Apart from Aamby Valley, Baramati is yet another place in Maharshtra that lets you jump to self discovery from dizzying heights.


The riot of resilient and exuberant existence that Rajasthan is, it’s no wonder that this very vibrant Indian state houses ample opportunities for skydiving in the country. In fact, this place is the only in the country for civil skydiving. At Kota airport, scores of adventure enthusiasts attempt exciting dives into space under the supervision of an instructor certified by the United States Parachute Association. So the next time you are in Rajasthan, make it a point to go beyond mere desert faring and history digging and explore instead the depths of nothingness for a truly thrilling experience.