Best places for taking solo trips in India for the much needed alone- time

solo trip in India

Tripping through places and trodding on with life, that’s what living really is all about. Whether it be travelling with friends or with your own self, making your way through the world is what matters. Solo trips however are a different level of ecstasy altogether. Because it lets you course on your own, you discover a newer version of yourself. Of course, travelling alone comes with its own challenges to encounter. But that’s perhaps the best adventure of solitary wandering. No wonder solo trips are the ultimate food for your soul. Here are 13 best places to travel to on solo trips in India if you want to embark on your own journey of making life all the more worthwhile-


The name that first strikes you when you thing about going solo through India is Ladakh. The place encompasses the undying spirit of adventure and for any adrenaline junkine, a road trip through the undulating terrains and challenging landscape of Ladakh is an experience not to be missed. Perhaps it is this romance in adventure that makes Ladakh such a perfect place to explore by your own, with no worries in tow.

Spellbinding in its every aspect, Ladakh stuns as much with its beauty as it does wih its gritty spirit. Fluttering air flags, the icy cool breeze, the bluest of skies and the purest of serene silences make Ladakh an abode of divinity. One that is guaranteed to make you lose all inhibitions as you tackle its every rough terrains and soak in its every magic. In all its natural grace and daunting landscape, Ladakh is a haven of wonders and one that figures very prominently in our must travel list when it comes to solo trips in India.


Bewitching and besotted with beauty, Hampi in Karnataka might be a small town but is easily one of the most magical tourist destinations in India. Be it the burgeoning grandeur of the boulders or the tinkling bells of the numerous temples, Hampi never fails to fascinate.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is undoubtedly one of the best places to explore if you want to do solo trips in India. Rustic in the feels, peaceful and enchanting for the soul, there are more than just a couple attractions in Hampi that will make your solo sojourn into this land of awe- inspiring delights a deeply fulfilling experience.

Varkala, Kerala

If you have ever witnessed the abode of beauty that Varkala is, you will forever be wanting to tread its nature all over again. Laid back and beautiful with all the serene feels in place, Varkala is that haven of beauty that entices and enriches you, and still leaves you craving for more.

With its lesser than conventional tourist inflow, Varkala remains seated in deep founded calmess and peace. Whether it be a solo trip or one with your favorite bunch of people, Varkala will delight you every time with its every view and vista. Majestic sunscapes, relaxing vibes, indulgent experiences like surfing and stuff- Varkala have all that you seek and more. Connecting to your soul while discovering nature anew, the coastal town of Varkala is almost the spa for your senses!


Spirituality runs deep and prominently through the many alleys of life in Varanasi. Yet outside the somber, rustic vibes of Varanasi, rests a place that is as bustling in vibrancy as any other. Varanasi has that vibe of realism, one that lets you introspect and find inroads into your own soul.

The city is an amalgamation of the most diverse elements morphed into one seamless entity, which makes it such a delight to just wander about and explore. In its fascination rests the remarkable spirit of the city that entices even with its chaos. In the many ghats and temples lining the city you will find a certain peace that will resonate in your deepest confines. As a healer of souls and the panacea for troubled minds, Varanasi’s solo tripping experience is one that will impact you life long.

Arunachal Pradesh

The list of places that are the best for solo trips in India would be incomplete if we do not make it to the north eastern region of the country. Breathtaking natural beauty and jaw dropping escapades make Arunachal Pradesh a haven for travelers, especially solo enthusiasts.

Nestled somewhere amidst the mountains, the crisp air and the vibrant flora perfectly complements the region’s ambient cold and calm. Lush greenery dots the region abundantly, even as numerous pretty rivulets and hilly fields dawns in that rustic essence of life so commonplace in North east India. Solo travelers will find themselves at ease here, as warm locals and happy vibes welcome all who come here to explore its raw appeal. The region is a hotspot of music festivals, the hype of which resonates perfectly with its damp weather. Whether it be a sojourn to the drop dead gorgeous Ziro Valley or through challenging undulating slopes to seek pristinity at the Tawang monastery, Arunachal Pradesh will never disappoint you in your solo pursuit.


A holy city and one that remains nestled in serenity, Rishikesh might appeal only as the solo sojourn for folks who are in search of some peace and calm. But this very vibrant place in India is also as much an exciting wonder trove as it is a land of spirituality. The Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh makes known its affinity for meditative calmness. But the town is also striking in the array of adventure it encompasses in its folds.

Nestled along the gushing waters of the river Ganga, Rishikesh’s scope for adventure is unparalleled. Apart from the divine spirit it is so abundant in, the flowing Ganga also makes Rishikesh a hub of adventure activities. Whether it be white water rafting or rapelling, bunjee jumping or mountain biking, nature has abundantly bestowed Rishikesh with the thrill of adventure. For enthusiasts of solo travel, Rishikesh is the place to venture into with its eclectic mix of chill and thrill.


Kashmir might have always been the war- stricken, strife- torn place that has empathetic souls sadenned, but the beauty of this spectacular place is so breathtaking that takes every inhibition away from even the most apprehensive persona. It isn’t for anything that Kashmir is touted as the Paradise on Earth. Scenic landscapes, surreal abodes of expansive beauty, stretches of cool, breezy expanse, hardly will your ever find a place as peaceful as Kashmir in its entirety.

For the carefree traveler who wants to experience the ecstasy with solo trips in India should absolutely not miss out on the experience of life in Kashmir. There’s a lot to do in Kashmir- like exploring its diverse beauty, seeking out its innate warmth, basking in its glorious sun, braving its biting cold, trying out its authentic cuisine, you really would not feel even a bit lonely in this heaven on earth. What’s perhaps more enticing about Kashmir is the vibe it hoards- simple and rustic, yet so warm and inviting. Few places on earth are blessed enough to rest in this appeal that Kashmir so fluently indulges in!


Pondicherry has forever been that haven of lesser explored treasures waiting to take you aback with more than a few surprises in fold. The very laid back vibes, the visible French influence, the quaint appeal, the peaceful environs, and the relaxing coastal air- Pondicherry has all it takes to guarantee a memorable solo trip.

Pondicherry is so low in hustle that you take an instant liking to its quietness and solitude. Still residing primarily in the natural aura, Pondicherry emerges also as a safe and secure tourist destination. Particularly for solo travellers, the stakes of an instantly gratifying experience are really high. Chances are with its very composed allure, Pondicherry might even compel you on never returning back!


If you think of solo trips in India, you should definitely think Mumbai. The city of dreams, Mumbai is such an inviting place and one that is steeped in so much color- both mundane and vibrant- that it instantly revs you up.

Mumbai is an assortment of experiences, of distinctive existences nestled in a vibe that is basically an array of diverse reality. There is no dearth of things to do and places to visit in Mumbai. Whether you are up for art and architecture or culture, authentic cuisine or standard street fare, fun and games or sessions of roam abouts, there is no end to the spectrum of life that Mumbai will make you aware of.

Cafes and restaurants, shops and boutiques, galleries and centers- Mumbai’s many attractions are equally worthwhile whether you visit them with pals or all by yourself. What makes Mumbai a really good bet to go solo travelling is how much safe the place is and how you can even go carefree through the nights of this city that never sleeps.


Goa is the next destination for those wanting to do solo trips in India but only after you have ticked off the place from your bucket list of exploring with the gang. The beach town is as much a place to explore by yourself as it is a place for rave partying with friends and pals.

Peppy and zesty to the look yet laid back contented in spirit, Goa can delight with more than just its beaches. There isn’t any charm that Goa does not boast of. Yet even in its popular standing, Goa beckons all also with its calm in the buzz. Whether it be lazing around on some really picturesque beaches or enjoying a night party at the many clubs all by yourself, Goa lets you be at peace with your own. You can be roaming in and about the place, exploring architecture and culture, snapping and clicking and no one would care. That’s just how hip and ‘cool’ Goa is!


Another holy place that makes it to the list of places apt for doing solo trips in India is the very beautiful city of Dharamshala. Famed as the little Lhasa of India, the picturesqueness of Dharamshala makes it a very enticing tourist destination, one that has travelers unearthing its ample beauty in hordes and in person.

What makes Dharamshala a place to wander about solo is its people. The locals here are warm and hospitable, making your sojourn into this land of spirituality an experience to cherish. The lush greenery and the cool mountain air makes the place the perfect detour from a montonous life of buzz and fuss. What’s more, a host of adventure activities enhance the vibrancy of this Himachal state all the more. If you are also an adrenaline junkie who seeks solace in solitude, Dharamshala will more than satiate you with its many activities like trekking, night camping, paragliding, fishing, rock climbing et al to keep your spirits up and about, all by yourself.

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

Famed as the Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is literally the place to be if you want to feel the chills as you go about solo tripping in India. The beauty of this hill station is nestled in the most pristine setting, that which is relaxing and liberating. The plaid scenic vistas remain rooted in serenity, which means you get to enjoy the best of views with a really blissful state of mind.

The Himachali hamlet is so quiet that it almost feel deserted. But therein lies its appeal- in its very fascinating terrains rest a place that is breath taking in the beauty and awe inspiring in its every feel. Mist dotted meadows and the parlance of pastures, foggy peaks and romantic drizzles, Khajjiar has every element to make your solo trip a worthwhile indulgence. You can even go paragliding in Khajjiar if you are brave enough to not let the icy cold feel freak you out. For the offbeat solo travelling experience, Khajjiar is very much the place to explore in India.

Shillong, Meghalaya

The north eastern town of Shillong is famed as being the Scotland of the East. Nestled amidst lustrous green hilly peaks somewhere within Meghalaya, the abode of the clouds, Shillong peeks out to the world with its every enchanting and captivating view.

The glimmering mountain sun, the crisp cool breeze, the many undulating slopes and the numerous winding roads, Shillong is more than just a destination to seek solace in. In its seething beauty and charismatic vistas, Shillong is replete with a vibe that resounds with enthusiasm and vibrancy. Perfect for the solo trip you have been planing for long, the hill station is one that has pristinity oozing out of its every aesthetic visual.