Taking your elderly parents on a trip can be the most blessed vacation ever


One of the most rewarding and extremely satisfactory experiences of a person is to take their aged parents for a holiday as per the latter’s choices. As parents are the ones who toils hard in order to ensure that they can give their child the best of everything according to their capacities, it is therefore a great deed for the wards to do whatever they can to make their mothers and fathers joyful. However, relaxing holidays are the most suitable choices for your aged parents and not the ones where there are heaps of activity to indulge in for pumping up your adrenaline rush. To make the vacations extra special for your aged parents, it is always necessary to empty your pockets a bit so that they can enjoy a beautiful luxurious trip and send their heartfelt blessings to you and you can feel the emotion of gratitude in its truest form. Remember, Mom and Dad listening to your plans as a child to take you to your favourite holiday destination and spending whatever they can to make sure that you really enjoy your childhood in a blissful way? Now, it is the time for you to ask your parents about their favourite holiday destinations and then taking out some time from your busy schedule to zoom away with them for that perfect family holiday again. Prior to heading for that much-planned, much-awaited family trip, don’t forget to pack their medicine kit or their preferred things just as they managed to put your favourite books or toys in an already overloaded suitcase back in those years gone by.

Some of the ideal tours which you can consider for taking your parents for a memorable and joyful sojourn-

Religious places

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The most preferred travelling destinations among senior citizens are the ones that is chock-a-block with places of worship or those that has a uniquely famous religious tourist spot. With ageing, the mind goes through several psychological changes as does the body undergo a number of physical transformations. To find solace and refuge from the various troublesome thoughts that the passing of days brings, people always turns to a higher being in prayer. This practice of relying on God through ways such as prayers, listening to soulful hymns or by participating in various noble activities is known as spirituality. When an elderly person engages himself/herself more in spiritual practices, it helps him / her in ageing in a more positive way. According to researchers, ‘Positive Ageing’ denotes the aspirations of individuals and communities to plan for, approach and live life’s changes and challenges as they age and approach the end of their lives, in a productive, active and fulfilling manner. The focus embraces the idea of making the most of opportunities, innovations and research which promote a person’s sense of independence, dignity, well-being, good health and enable their participation in society. To overcome the frail old life positively, reduce the anxiety of death, establish good relationships with others, explore the true meaning of life, elderly people always establish an intimate connection with God and seek to travel to places where they can find unmaterialistic happiness . For finding huge signs of positivity in social surroundings, spiritual travel is highly preferred by elderly. Therefore, you should always ask your parents about the type of religious destinations they would like to visit and take them there so that they can happily enjoy the stunning architecture of the religious places, literally lose themselves enthusiastically in their own worlds by chanting the hymns of God and cooperate with their fellow pilgrims friendly.

Historical wonders

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Old people always like to actively participate in talking about the activities they had undertaken during their youthful days of yore. A good treat for your elderly parents would be take them to their favourite historical places they had visited as a child or as a youth so that they can once again rewind back to their favourite travel memories and enjoy times of past of their own along with that of their surroundings. However, you can also take your parents to the historical places they had not yet stepped in before. Besides being a wonderful place of enhancing your knowledge richly, a walk through the alleys of forts, museums and taking in the sights of historical ruins allows every person the freedom to fantasize according to their hearts’ content thereby providing them with a feeling of thrill and happiness mentally. While travelling to ancient places that are seeped with history or old mysteries, be sure to always take the consultation of a travel guide so that they can distinctly give voice to the old tales and literally bring alive those characters of yore and allow you to travel back in time to a different era so that you can reconnect with their world and appreciate their old lifestyles and culture.

Natural hotspots

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A visit to a place that is blessed with a scenic natural scenery will always eternally remain a best vacation. During these days, when Work From Home (WFH) has become the type of job schedule for most of us, we can absolutely comprehend our secret sense of thrill whenever we get to take a short trip during our times of leisure. It feels as if we had taken a whiff of the fresh new air outside our homes that we have always been so longing to sink our noses in just as we immediately want to tuck into a meal that smells and looks promisingly yummy. The truth is that spending our time in nature does enhances our mental functioning, helping us focus and remember better. A 2009 Boston Globe article stated that hospital patients recover faster when they can see trees from their windows, and that women living in public housing are better able to focus when their apartment overlooks a grassy courtyard rather than concrete. Moreover, scientists also say that catching fleeting glimpses of nature improve brain performance by providing a mental break from the cognitive processing demands of urban environments. A walk through a place surrounded by natural vistas would definitely sooth frayed nerves, reduce stress and increase our sense of calmness. So, it can be said that visiting places of natural beauty boosts our mental health. Meanwhile, long walks through a beautiful garden would also work wonders to our physical health too as it will make our whole body undergo exercise and providing us with a chance to stay fit. With so many benefits that can be availed from nature tours, wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to make your aged parents undergo participation in such pleasant travels? However, mountainous terrains might not be the ideal spot to take your elderly parents for a trip because the rough roads and the toil required there for movement has the capacity to tire them out though it can satiate the adventurous spirit within you. One of the most time and money saving tours for your elderly parents would be taking them for a walk in nearby parks every week. Sometimes, you can even fly away with them to beautiful national parks or wildlife sanctuaries teeming with vivid flora and fauna.

A holiday with your parents will always remain a wonderful experience in our lifetime as it will only make our bond stronger with our nurturers.