Tallest waterfalls in India that dwarfs out all

tallest falls in India

There is a certain panache about how waterfalls go about their cascading business, roaring in characteristic might, plunging with an exertion so violent that just about silences all buzz not stemming from nature. Seldom do we encounter such force that is as gentle in its power as pure it is in its flirty splashes. Streams of sparkling waters outpours through slopes and cliffs, making an impression underneath so poignant that you can’t miss the sheer magnificence of it all. The greater the height from which the water falls, the greater the impact of exertion of the waterfall. Here are the top tallest waterfalls in India that can silence all with their indomitable surge of power, passion and pristinity-

Vajrai Waterfall, Maharashtra – 560 meters (1,840 ft)

The Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfalls in Maharashtra at a height of 560 meters is the tallest waterfall India is blessed with. A cascading delight on the Urmodi river, the Vajrai waterfall sits pretty close to the twin flower valleys of Kaas and Bhambavli to emerge as a really picturesque sight to be mesmerised at. Perfectly tranquil and scenically pristine, the Vajrai waterfall is in fact a plunge waterfall, that falls from a straight cliff in three tiers.

A perennial waterfall that however unleashes a different glory altogether amid the many rainstorms that lashes it throughout the year, the Vajrai falls in fact cascades from a height of some 850 feet to be only the second highest plunge waterfall in India. But in its three encompassing tiers, the 1840 feet plunge makes it big as also the highest waterfall in the country besides residing in its offbeat allure as beckoning adventure enthusiasts on its trekking trails.

Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka – 455 meters (1,493 ft)

Free falling from a height of 1493 feet, the Kunchikal Falls in Karnataka isn’t just the highest of waterfalls in India; it also is the second highest in Asia. Nestled somewhere amidst the breathtaking majesty of the Western Ghats, the Kunchikal Falls is formed by the Varahi river and is located near Agumbe in Karnataka. A fairy tale waterfall known also as Kunchikal Abbe, the really high falls is indeed a wonder unparalleled. Along the west coast of the country, the four tiered falls enhance further the mystery of the abundantly verdant rainforest wherein it rests in exuberant majesty.

Barehipani Falls, Odisha – 399 meters (1,309 ft)

Another tiered waterfall that is among the highest in India, Odisha’s Barehipani falls from a stupendous height of a thousand and three hundred nine feet. Surrounded by dense forests and green wilderness, this two tiered fall has its origins in Budhabalanga river near the Bay of Bengal. Its locational nestling right in the center of Simplilal National Park in Mayurbhanj district in Orissa renders more stupor to its picturesque beauty that which remains tucked deep in natural glory.

A prominent tourist attraction, the Barehipani falls gushes out from over a wide cliff, in two tiers. In its ambient setting, the falls relies on more than a single element to weave its glorious magic. Flowing over the mighty Meghasani mountain, the water cascades in full glory, unsettling all in the vicinity not just with its characteristic beauty but also with its crushing force.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya – 340 meters (1115 feet)

The Nohkalikai Falls located near Cherrapunjee is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and the fourth highest in the world. At a height of 1115 meters, this Meghalayan landmark is a stunning wonder that feeds continuously on rainwater. A pool at the base of this enchanting spectacle presents as surreptitious a vision- in its green, shimmering waters, the underlying basin is no less a gushing wonder than the cascading falls. A must visit destination in Cherrapunjee, the Nohkalikai falls harbours a legend as enchanting as its beauty. Translating literally as the leap of Likai, the falls has supposedly been witness to the jump of death by a woman named Noh Ka Likai out of sorrow on murder of her daughter. Till this date the legend persists as a further allurement harboured by the majestic falls in all its lush glory.

Nohsngithiang Falls, Meghalaya – 315 meters (1,033 ft)

Another plunging phenomenon in charming Cherrapunjee, the Nohsngithiang Falls fall from a height of 1033 feet to its breathtaking glory. Along Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hills, the falls cascade with characteristic tandem in its seven segments, thereby earning the sobriquet of the Seven Sister Waterfall. Magnificently sloping down the limestone hills, the Nohsngithiang or Mawsmai Falls is a sight of splendid stupor. Every monsoon, this immensely impressive sight holds every soul in awe as the seven streams of gushing water conjure somewhat of a rainbow like phenomenon, making for a kind of those once in a lifetime moments not to be missed out on.

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa -Karnataka – 310 meters (1017 feet)

Literally translating as the Sea of Milk, the Dudhsagar falls epitomises its name in true spirit. Falling from some 1017 feet of height, this Goa wonder is not just one of the tallest waterfalls in India but also one among the more popular of the world. A four tiered waterfall sitting on the Mandovi river, the name Dudhsagar alludes to the white foamy flow of the water as it gushes out in enormous force.

Located inside the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, the majestic cascade of white water emerging from the nearly vertical face of the mountain finds its place of prominence in a lake below. The really entrancing name of this tall falls owes also its tracing to a royal legend even as the falls continue to be popular among the locals as Tambdi Surla. In fact, the falls is strategically located on the Goa-Karnataka border and presents a gorgeous sight of power and beauty. A three streamed fall, the Dudhsagar falls is really one exquisite natural wonder to witness and cherish in all its glorious exuberance.

Kynrem Falls, Meghalaya – 305 meters (1,001 ft)

Kynrem Falls
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A three tiered waterfall some 12 kilometers from Cherrapunjee, this is the third Meghalayic presence on our list of tallest waterfalls in India. Seating pretty along the confines of the famous Thangkharang Park, the fall spreads out in two streams before merging along the last leg of its third tier. A seasonal phenomenon that comes alive every monsoon both in its din and in all gorgeousness, this is the seventh highest fall in the country- prettily pristine and poetically picturesque like all others.

Meenmutty Falls, Kerala – 300 meters (984 feet)

In Kerala’s Wayanad district there rests a 300 meters high waterfall that is not just steeped in elevation but also is a wonder soaring high on adventure. The picturesque Meenmutty falls, one of the most favored tourist location in entire southern India, behests there with all its glory and beauty, making for a spectacular sight of green gentleness and gritty gorgeousness. With abundant lush greenery in tow, this waterfall is one that is every inch encompassing of a natural paradise. One of India’s most exotic of presences, the Meenmutty falls lies on the Ooty route in Wayanad and presents an arduous trekking challenge for you to conquer if you want to catch glimpses of its riveting beauty.

Palchuram Falls, Kerala – 300 meters (984 feet)

Home to some of the most exquisite waterfalls in India, Kerala boasts also of harbouring the 300 meters high Palchuram Falls. For wanderers of the offbeat path, there’s no end to the enigma that Wayanad’s Palchuram waterfalls holds for them. Cascading 300 meters down in four tiers of sparkly clear waters, this lesser explored natural site some 26 miles away from Wayanad is a definite wonder. With the picturesque allure of the Western Ghats once again in surreptitious play, the waterfalls emerge from deep within the evergreen forests and gush down the rocky terrains with a splurge that is fascinatingly unsettling. Trekking all the way to the waterfalls and ambling along the glorious springs, the Palchuram falls needs to be explored in all its hidden premise of natural abundance.

Thalaiyar Falls, Tamil Nadu – 297 meters (974 ft)

Also known as the Rat Tail Falls, Thalaiyar Falls is a 974 feet high waterfall located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Emerging from the lush green slopes of Palani Hill ranges in the Dindigul District, in Kodaikanal, the falls seem to be relaxant in an aura of mystery. In its dark caves and somewhat dangerous confines, the falls remain one of the lesser explored places of India even when it is a treasure trove of natural beauty.

Hidden somewhere in the deep, dark woods, the Thalaiyar falls immediately asserts itself as one that is an enticing heaven for adventurous spirits. But even in its remote sensing as a silver streak juxtaposed along dark rocks and bright greens, the fall surely is one mesmerising beauty you cannot afford to miss out on. In fact it is this very lean, thin manifestation of the falls that has earned it its Rat Tail name. The nearby Perumal Malai village is said to be the source of the clear water of the falls which thereby attracts numerous animals downstream. Imagine a fall so white, so clear that perfectly offsets its verdant settings and all you can ever visualise is the charming Thaliyar falls in all its grand enthralls.

Jog Falls, Karnataka – 253 meters (830 ft)

Among the highest plunge waterfalls of India is Karnataka’s Jog Falls that plunges to glory from a height of 850 feet. Created by the Sharavathi river in its namesake valley in the state’s Shimoga district, the Jog falls stems as a four streamed structure from dense evergreen forests in the south of India. Known also as the Gerosappa Falls or the Joga Falls, this falls could easily have been the largest and most spectacular of all India is bestowed with if not for some dam interferences. Nevertheless however, come monsoon and the Jog falls come to life in all its abundant, luxuriant furore, manifesting its distinction once more as one of the most popular waterfalls in the country.

Soochipara Falls – 200 metres (656 feet)

Source: The Bridal Box

A three tiered waterfall in Wayanad, Soochipara falls or the Sentinel Rock Falls is an absolutely amazing place to be in this part of the country. Milky white waters cascading from a height of some 656 feet over rocky slopes that remain surrounded by huge hills and dense forests make the place an absolute natural paradise. A prominent tourist spot that sees recreational activities like swimming being the true measure of indulgence of the soul in nature, this among the places to visit in Wayanad sure is a treat for the senses.