Breathtakingly beautiful tea estates in India

tea estate in India

Irrespective of whether you are a tea person or not, there’s no denying the magnificence of beauty that tea gardens tend to encompass in their acres and acres of shooting buds and leaves. There’s something very charming about the mere sight of tea estates that makes us want to while away hours ambling along their intoxicating trails. The striking vibrancy of fresh greens, the infusing aroma of intoxication of the freshly plucked leaves and a overall sense of the quaint countryside seeps into our soul everytime we stand dazed amidst these luxuriant troves of teas. As one of the primary tea producing countries, India boasts of more than a few of these encapsulating beauties scattered across its length and breadth. Here’s visiting some of the most breathtakingly beautiful tea estate in India that will cheer you soul up with their charm more than the cuppa itself-

Monabarie Tea Estate, Assam

The largest tea estate in India and Asia and also possibly the largest tea garden in the world is the spectacular Monabarie Tea Estate. Spread across an area of 1,158 hectares, the estate produces some really robust tea, a reddish bright color that passes off as a really fine brew. In its superior tea and scintillating beauty, this is definitely one of the most captivating of tea estates in India.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Tamil Nadu

An exquisitely scenic array of tea bushes that which grows in glorious abundance in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. At 7900 feet above the sea level, Kolukkumalai is the highest tea plantation in the world. Resting high atop a precipitous ridge surrounded by rugged mountainous beauty, the breathtaking vistas of the estate also churn out some of the most flavorsome teas you will have ever tasted.

The dainty greens of the tea leaves springing up with the mist covered mountains in the backdrop even as the fresh, crisp air breathes new life in its sprightly environs makes for an experience that can rest and rejuvenate even the weariest of hearts. And with the tea acquiring a distinctive and superior quality and aroma with every increase in altitude makes a sojourn along the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate one of the absolute best in India.

Manohari Tea Estate, Assam

Set amidst the lush green facade charcaterising the enchanting beauty of Assam is the Manohari Tea Estate. Nestled at 390 feet above the sea level, the tea estate is a breathtaking view of vibrancy interspersed by the fresh aroma of the superior quality tea leaves that blossom there in gay abundance. Tracing its legacy back to the time of the British, this tea estate in the north eastern part of India however has more than just its beauty to boast of. The tea produced across 1000 acres of this 1800 acres large estate also is the most expensive in India. Having fetched a whopping Rs 50000 per kg, savouring the rich warmth of the Manohari Gold Special Tea amidst its gorgeous confines is an experience directly out of heaven.

Happy Valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling

With a name that can warm up your spirits with its happy vibes, Darjeeling’s Happy Valley Tea Estate is a haven of cheers and teas! Fragrant tea bushes making their way all up along the slopes of the hilly state make for some really pretty scenes of exotic greenery. One of the oldest tea estates in Darjeeling having been in existence since 1854, the Happy Valley Estate is perched at some 6800 feet above sea level. Panoramic vistas present themselves in abundant glory through the course of the estate that grows a special kind of tea imbued with a delicate flowery flavor.

Glenlorna Tea Estate, Karnataka

The only exclusive tea plantation in the coffee laced wutherings of the Scotland of India is the Glenlorna Tea Estate. Tucked away in the hills of South Coorg, the dewy greens of the teas stand out against the robust reds of the coffee berries that dominate proceedings in the region. Pristine blue skies offset perfectly the fresh green of the tea bushes that line up one after the other over slopes at an elevation of some couple thousand feet above sea level. If serenity in solitude is all you want to soak up in with ever sip of some soothing tea, then the gorgeous Glenlorna Tea Estate is the place for you to be in.

Kanan Devan Hills Plantation, Kerala

A tea plantation that dates back to the 1880s, the Kanan Devan Hills Plantation in Kerala’s Munnar is also significant in housing the first ever tea museum of India. Also the largest employee owned tea company in the world, this key tourist destination is a colossal riot of fresh greens interspersing the quaint calm of the land. The elegance of the hills bestows a breathtaking allure to the lush tea plantations in tow there, churning up some tea that is as refreshing as the crisp breeze that brings to you the delectable aroma of the teas. Besotted with the breathtaking beauty of Munnar and the serendipitous saga of traversing undulating slopes in God’s own country, this is a tea estate guaranteed to tease your every sense.

Nilgiri Tea Plantations, Tamil Nadu

Nilgiri Tea Plantations, Tamil Nadu
Source: Teafloor

Backed by the unparalleled charm and mystic of the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu plays home to some of the most beautiful tea estate in India. Be it Valparai or Coonoor, these tea plantations remain nestled some 6000 to 8000 feet amidst the pristine blue mountains dispensing such teas that are more than elixir to the tastebuds. And while the exotic greenery on offer here is something that can sooth your spirits, the distinctiveness here is equally amazing. With tea being grown here all year round, these evergreen concentration of tea bushes demarcate the green confines of these blue expanses for a serving of brew and view that is high in flavour and intoxicating in the very feel of it.

Temi Tea Garden, Sikkim

Temi Tea Garden, Sikkim
Source: TravelDias

The only tea garden in Sikkim, but no less enticing in any way is the Temi Tea Garden. In fact, in being one of the best tea estate not just in India but also in the world, Temi is a solitary wonder. Gently blossoming tea bushes over a gradually sloping hill with cherry blossom trees lining up the sides, the Temi garden conjures up an image of a charming escapade. Fascinating in its lone encapsulation within a state known for its natural abundance and greenery, the Temi Tea Garden definitely is among the breathtaking estates in the country.

Darang Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh

Darang Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh
Source: Toluna

Indigenous in being one of the first tea plantations in the country to have an Indian at the fore, the Darang tea estate in Himachal Pradesh is a 150 year old presence in the sleepy state. With the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas nestling this rustic paradise of prettiness, the Darang estate is one really incredible vision unfolding before your eyes. The grandeur of the Himalayas, the vibrant greens of the teas, and the quaint allure of more than a centuries old estate in fray, the Darang Tea Estate is truly one blissful peep in natural heaven.

Kausani Tea Estate, Uttarakhand

A world acclaimed tea plantation in Uttarakhand and a major tourist attraction in the state, Kausani tea estate remains perched some 1800 m above the sea level. A picturesque presence in its sprawling expanse over an area of 208 hectares, Kausani is as robust in the flavour of its teas as in the encapsulating view it guards. With production of organic orthodox tea that is exported to many countries, Kausani is undoubtedly one of the best places to flock to not just for an invigorating view of the tea life but also in being fascinated by the many intricacies that go into brewing a simple cup of chai!

Kelagur Tea Estate, Karnataka

The world’s highest grown Orthodox Te Estate is the Kelagur Tea Estate located in Chikmaglur of Karnataka. Spanning across an area of 1500 acres, this major tourist hotspot is however not just a treat to the eyes. For tea connoisseurs as also for those for whom every cuppa is as much about the artful making of tea, the Kelagur Tea Estate will enthrall you all with its seven step process of orthodox tea making involving traditional techniques.

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

With the mighty expanse of the Kanchenjungas in the background and the picturesque appeal of Darjeeling in close quarters, the Glenburg Tea Estate happens to be among the most spectacular of green plantations in India. Continuing its trail amidst the lush green tea bushes since 1859, this pretty parade of greenery sits at the foothills of the Himalayas, making for a vision of blooms and blossoms enchanted in serene tranquility. A peaceful little tea retreat that which sits on a hillock over the Rungeet River, the 1600 acre Glenburn Tea Estate is a charming escapade into verdant visions. With some of the finest Darjeeling tea on offer from this idyllic piece of tealand, an experience at Glenburn would be a fine bio organic tea tale laced with some really soothing soulful sagas of refreshment and rejuvenation.

Mangalam Tea Estate, Assam

With the Towkok river flowing through in close vicinity, the Mangaram Tea Estate in the northeastern state of Assam in India is another picturesque presence. Unique in being the only bush plantation tea estate, the Mangalam tea estate reinstates further the legacy of Assam as a primary tea producing state. In fact in harbouring the largest tea growing area in the world, the state is home to quite a number of tea estates, of which Mangaram is among the most breathtakingly beautiful ones in its lush spawning.