The Necessity of Travelling Alone

In this period of coronavirus pandemic, when social distancing has become a strict rule, there cannot be anything more pleasant than taking a short solo trip around the neighbourhood even if it is for some simple purpose like picking up groceries or other essential things. Going for a morning walk or an evening stroll just for a few kilometres alone and breathing in the fresh air outside can make us feel content and happy. The most advantageous aspect of taking a solo trip is that there is no limitations in exploring and it literally feels like the whole world has been opened for us to roam at our own free will.

Let us know the reasons behind the necessity of venturing out outdoors ourselves-

Travel happens according to our choices

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With no one to tell us how much distance would be possible for travelling, we can roam as per our wishes. The less travelled nooks of a place whose beauty has been much eulogized about but is yet untouched by the rushing trod of human feet can be dared to explore while travelling alone. There is not a single mention of a thing known as time limit in solo travelling. With ample time and freedom laying bare before us, solo travelling can be termed as necessary for us to question and find more information about a place that we have been quite curious to learn from a few years back.

Actions and reactions during travelling are not judged by known faces

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One of the wonderful aspects of solo travelling is that there is no known person to judge or criticize about the way we behave when going from one place to another. For this reason, when we travel solo, we can freely enjoy the visually appetizing street food being sold in a dirty corner that had made our mouth watered as soon as we caught its sight or shout in glee after viewing the vast mesmerizing view of the beautiful valley that we had reached after walking on foot tiredly for long enough along the steep hill.  From exploring and taking time to learn about the various flora and fauna in a national park to questioning the guide for long as we want to quench our thirst about the mysteries of a historical ancient palace, solo travelling can open up opportunities of learning in a way that is difficult to find when travelling with other people.

Self-decision on budgeting

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The plan of spending depends solely upon the traveller when venturing out alone and with no one to lecture him / her on how money ought to be saved or shelled out, getting to enjoy our choicest things becomes easier. As no one is going to bother about our way of spending, we can get to decide whether we want to stay in luxurious five star hotels and travel lavishly or seem satisfied with the choice of residing in a cheap lodging but fulfill our desire of wanderlust.

Spend much time in a place that is too attractive

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If a spot manages to lure us with its beauty, we can get the chance to spend much time alone wandering through it without the interruption of others and till we have fulfilled our demands of getting to know what we so desperately wanted. Apart from enjoying the beauty and learning more about a place, solo travelling allows us to spend some time for ourselves in our favourite place. Therefore, reflecting on our choices and planning out various decisions in life at a scenic and quiet place while travelling alone can be a good idea.

Makes us confident in ourselves

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To carry out the task of travelling alone, confidence is the first quality that is necessary at the initial phase itself. Moreover, if the dare to venture out alone is made into action, the degree of becoming confident with each stage in the journey only becomes an essential need. With each step of the journey becoming challenging and bringing more hassles in the way, the decision on how to tackle it without worrying depends wholly on the traveller.

Become curious to meet other people

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As solo travelling will allow us to observe more minutely around our surroundings, the curiosity to meet the locales of a place will only increase. Apart from meeting people to fulfill our essentials of travelling, meeting the local people of a particular destination and questioning them more about the culture, social structure, sightseeing spots and history of the place will enrich our level of knowledge more as listening is the best way to gain information easily. Moreover, we can get to meet other travellers and if we manage to get friendly with them, we can learn about the interests that had drawn them to the same place we had visited and the challenges they had faced while travelling around.

The journey becomes highly fulfilling

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The experience that a solo travelling journey brings is very rich and fulfilling for the one who had the courage to undertake it. Travelling out alone to a place brings in much knowledge about the routes that we had taken, get to learn more about the culture and importance of the place, manage ourselves in difficult situations and take decisions wisely and carefully. With so many things to gain during solo travelling, it is quite sure that a traveller who undertakes it comes back with a huge smile on his / her face as if he / she had achieved something in life that is difficult to be experienced.

Although travelling alone now in the neighbourhood or in our place of living is not all challenging as we had known about it for years, it still manages to raise our spirits to be able to breathe the outside air in this time of gloom. Once the pandemic gets over, you should plan a solo travel trip to your favourite place to learn more about life and of course enjoy the freedom heartily without being pestered by anyone.