32 awesome things to do in Hampi to create memories for a lifetime (2019)

Bewitching and besotted with beauty, Hampi in Karnataka might be a small town but is easily one of the most magical tourist destinations in India. Be it the burgeoning grandeur of the boulders or the tinkling bells of the numerous temples, Hampi never fails to fascinate. Here are 32 awesome things to do in Hampi to create memories for a lifetime (2019)-

#1 Unearth the history of Hampi at Riverside Ruins

What better way to discover the heritage associated with an UNESCO site other than by delving into its history? Hampi’s Riverside Ruins is one of those places that lets you explore this ancient village of ruins.

Though Hampi abound in ruins, the Riverside Ruins area has its own charm. Carved on the flat rocky surface are 108 Shiva Lingas beside a reclining rock carved Lord Vishnu, that sits amidst numerous other artefacts and statues.

#2 Go coracle riding on Tungabhadra River

Ferries and boats are all fun but coracle riding along a river? Now that is something riveting. Wading over the red calmness of the Tungabhadra river on these pretty quaint vessels of bamboo and resin has to be one of the top things to do while in Hampi.

#3 Relax by the Sanapur Lake

Feeling the cool of the breezy Sanapur waters while exploring the lake that is a paradise nestled in serenity is another thing to do in Hampi. The calm and peace that pervades the sanctity of this heaven hidden in pristinity is a blessing for all those souls seeking to rewind and relax.

#4 Shopping at Hampi Bazaar

Nothing speaks holiday memories more than bringing back the choiciest local stuff back home. And the Hampi bazaar is one experience you should completely not miss. Vibrant and buzzing with activities and artefacts, the market is definitely destined to be a fun experience, worthy of all the effort.

#5 Hop on from one temple to the other

Hampi isn’t called the temple town for no reason. The place nestles a number of temples namely the Achyuta Raya Temple, Badavilinga Temple, Chandikesvara Temple, Chandramouliswara Temple, Ganagitti Temple, Hazara Rama Temple, Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple, Krishna Temple, Kodanda Rama Temple, Pattabhirama Temple, Prasanna Virupaksha, Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple, Uddana Veerabhadra Temple, Varaha Temple, Virupaksha Temple and others. Hopping on from one shrine to another sure sounds like a must do thing in Hampi.

#6 Go trekking at sunrise

Begin your day in Hampi with a mesmerising sunrise trek at the famed Anjaneya Hills. The birthplace of Lord Hanuman, the hills provide a breathtaking experience of the sun coming up in all its glory. Enriching and stunning, and definitely rejuvenating!

#7 Step up and down at the Pushkaranis

Sacred and steeped in steps, the Pushkaranis of Hampi are a must visit attraction of the place. The symmetry of the steps carved out will amaze you while the beauty of the entire environs will sure leave you yearning for more of this sanctity.

#8 Check out the magnificence of the Elephant stables

Hampi’s royalty and heritage is also manifested in its magnificient elephant stables. A tour of these opulent stables just brings to life a manifestation of how royal Hampi once was!

#9 Jump off a cliff at Sanapur Lake

Cliff jumping at a place as peaceful as this city of ruins? Yeah seriously. The Sanapur Lake isn’t just pristine,it’s adventurous as well. Jumping off from one of the many cliffs that dot the lake is a gung ho adventure you need to try. Just beware of the many crocodiles that are thought to besot the river!

#10 Watch the sun go down at the Hemakuta Hill

Sunsets are beautiful, no matter when and where. And when it’s watching the sun go down on a vacation, that too from a place which also offers spectacular view of the city in ruins, it is an opportunity unmissable. A not so steep slope and a picturesque hillock, the Hemakuta Hill is just the perfect place to witness the scattering of the magnificient sunset rays.

#11 Join in the Sunset Jam session at Sunset Point

Sunsets in Hampi aren’t just ethereal, they are musical as well! A little hill on the Hippie Island that goes by a very apt name- the Sunset Point just about revs up the glory of the settling sun with an accompanying jamming session!

#12 Get in the frenzy of Hampi with the Vijaya Utsav

A mega cultural extravaganza, Hampi’s Vijaya Utsav showcases the rich culture of the place. Art, music and dance of the local people are manifested in this festival of revelry and culture that is as much enchanting as the place it represents!

#13 Chill at the Lotus temple

Hampi’s Zenana enclosure houses one of the most striking monuments- the Lotus temple. With a breathtaking view that also stands out from the rest, chilling at the Lotus Temple is one offbeatly quirky thing to do in Hampi.

#14 Get blessed (and amused) by an elephant

As a land of temples, Hampi also has some definite perks. And one of the sure shot blessings the place has to endow comes in the form of an elephant! Caressing your head with the trunk as you offer it some prasad has to be a cute jumbo moment you will cherish long after your trip is over.

#15 Party away to the amazing local hospitality

Steeped in the hospitality of southern India’s locals, Hampi is definitely every inch every tourist’s delight. Being party to this amazing display of affection and warmth is one thing not to miss for an enriching touristry experience.

#16 Climb boulders at Hampi

Boulder climbing for sure is one of those things that is very integral to Hampi. The town abounds in huge boulders you can try climbing to satiate the adventure junkie in you!

#17 Spot and snap flamingos at Tungabhadra Dam

Spending quite evenings in deep peace, disturbed only by fluttery flamingos flapping their wings is one true Hampi experience you should not miss. And the Tungabhadra dam is the place for you if unwinding with nature is your idea of chilling (and romance)!

#18 Go archaic at the Archaeological Museum in Hampi

Unearthing the archaic ruins of Hampi by exploring the Archaeological Museum of the city also counts as a fairly offbeat thing to do if you are an enthuser of all things ancient and by gone.

#19 Explore the rice fields

Hampi has a host of rice fields dotting its scenic landscape that will surely entice you into exploring their folds. The peace and aesthetics waiting to greet you from those stalks of lush paddies will surely be one moment to savor.

#20 Or just sit back and enjoy the paddy views from cafe Mowgli

Or if exploring the town too much has had its toll on you, you can choose to lay back and still enjoy delightful paddy views. What’s more, Mowgli also offers delectable Spanish and Italian fare that is sure to leave you smacking your lips!

#21 Go around spotting graffiti

For a little town, Hampi has numerous graffiti dotted public structures. Checking out the street art or even painting your own creativity on walls is one quirky thing to do in this very off beat town in Karnataka.

#22 Relax and rejuvenate at Hampi’s most popular cafe

Laughing Buddha- that’s the name Hampi’s most popular cafe goes by. And the energy of the place is every inch as contagious as the laugh of the Buddha! The ultimate rejuvenating haven which houses an array of delicious food also comes with an elaborately relaxing seating arrangement.

#23 Climb Matanga Hill

Witnessing Hampi in all its panoramic glory from the top of an equally panoramic Matanga Hill is another thing to do that you should completely not miss while you are here.

#24 Hop in on for a jungle safari at Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Another experience to revel in while in Hampi is the jungle safari at Daroji Bear Sanctuary. Goofy bears, majestic leopards, enticing spotted deer all amp up the wildlife revelry in this part of the town.

#25 Explore the iconic King’s Balance

A majestic couple pillar seemingly resembling a balance scale is also one of the most sought after places in Hampi. Known as the King’s Balance, the archway like structure inspire awe and regality with its up kept appearance.

#26 Get a feel of erstwhile royalty at Hampi’s royal enclosure

Once the royal seat of the Vijayanagar rulers, Hampi’s royal enclosure entices vistors for what it encompasses in name and purpose- erstwhile royalty!

#27 Camp under the stars

With its spellbinding charm and enchanting beauty amidst the ruins, Hampi is a place steeped in an aura of mystery. Camping under the stars in a place as enchanting as this sounds like the perfect detour to enjoy life to the fullest, once in a while!

#28 Go hippie at the Hippie Island

Hippie Island is one place that sums up the hippie spirit of Hampi. Charming and all things extraordinarily commonplace, Hippie Island is a definite place to explore. Staying in one of the many huts on this island has to be a must do for every avid seeker of things usual.

#29 Revel in wonder at the Ganesha Temple

Hampi’s Ganesha temple is a hot spot for tourists but not only for the divinity it encompasses. The marvel structure is carved out from one single rock and just about speaks volumes of the majesty of the stand out edifice.

#30 Cycle at will around the beauty of Hampi

A sleepy town that abounds in natural beauty, Hampi is the retreat that lets you explore things at your will. The best way to explore this pretty place is hiring a cycle, or a moped, and stride around at per your convenience and without all the hassle!

#31 Cut yourself from worldy worries with a vanishing mobile network

A bit secluded and certainly somewhat off the beaten track, Hampi is one of those places that seeks to connect you with nature. And what can bind you to your roots more than a non existent mobile network? Get set to forget all your worries as you amble along at your own pace in this leisurely town in India.

#32 Do all things that matter in life by simply doing nothing at Hampi!

If you are at Hampi, the only thing you need to do is chillax! So let go off all those worldy worries and relax at ease by frolicking about in full frenzy, enjoying every moment you spend doing absolutely nothing!