Make your trips easier with these 13 travel advisors


With travelling sojourns now occupying a huge chunk of our lifestyle choices, it is only obvious that trips and tours are being planned like never before. Whether it be a destination wedding, a bachelorette party, a holiday getaway or simply a vacational stroll, globe trotting is becoming increasingly a phenomenon. No wonder a number of digital platforms have emerged that provide the luxury of an enriching travel experience. These are the ultimate travel advisors that plan and plot the trip for you so that you can comfortably laze away or enthusiastically wander about while on holiday.

Here’s rounding 13 travel advisors that would provide you an unparalleled travel experience to unwind from the haggles of life-


Whether you are someone who likes to travel on your terms or one for whom a pre specified travel itinerary is more viable, MakeMyTrip has got you covered on all grounds of a fun travel experience. With its user friendly website and an assortment of holiday packages from around the world catering to ever category of traveler, MakeMyTrip scores big on being the leading online travel company in India.


Airbnb was founded a decade back in 2008 and as a new entrant in the sphere of digital travel companies was relatively unknown. However, with an interesting publicity gimmick it managed to come to the fore. Custom Airbnb made cereal boxes started doing the rounds and soon enough the newest travel player hogged the limelight.

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Headquartered in San Francisco, Airbnb provides properly curated unique travel itineraries so that travel buffs can explore new destinations with ease.


TripAdvisor is a unique digital travel planner that is a travelogue and a planner, all in one. Not only does TripAdvisor plans up tour itineraries but also features travelers’ first hand experiences for you to know how exactly would it be for you if you embark on a trip along similar routes.


Travelocity is the digital travel partner churned out by Expedia, the world’s travel platform. Encouraging travelers to Wander Wisely, Travelocity aims to provide a simple but memorable travel experience for all those willing to view the world in all its glory. With its no cancellation charges policy and a guarantee to refund your money if you discover a cheaper deal some place else, Travelocity stands out with its more than two decades of experience in the world of digital travel planning.


Now this is a trip advisor that actually plans an unplanned trip for you! Diverting from convention of planned tours, Untravel allows you to explore at your own pace the way you like it. Untravel is perhaps the perfect way to experience the glory of travelling in all its splendor so that you live your own unique travel life every time.

Hidden treasures of India

As the name suggests, Hidden treasures of India is a digital travel planner that seeks to help you unravel intriguing mysteries while deciphering a treasure that is India. The authentic charms that India spells about through its lengths and breadths is sought to be brought to excited travellers by this travel planner with a difference.

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An approved inbound tour operator from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and also an Active member of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), this travel advisor lives true to the religion it preaches- Tourism.


Digital trip advisor Tripoto calls itself The Global Community of Travellers and for good reason. With real travel itineraries by actual travelers, Tripoto strives to plan your trip in the most hassle free way possible. Exact routes and maps are featured on the website’s blogs to ensure that you get localised with the locales before venturing out on a foreign sojourn.

The Blueberry Trails

An experiential travel company that aims to provide personalised travel experiences with detailed dockets of city guides, The Blueberry Trails isn’t just an exotic name. Globetrotting from the sandiest of beaches to the most glittering of cities has never been more easier with the presence of such digital advisors as The Blueberry Trails. 
Limitless, exhilarating, offbeat travel experiences are surely on offer with this exotic travel company!


If a wholesome travelling and booking experience is what you are seeking to rewind amidst the clatter of your life, then TripHobo is the place, er travel planner for you.

The Grand Indian Route

There aren’t many trip advisors that let locals be your guide while traversing terrains. The Grand Indian Route therefore stands out as one digital travel planning agency that lends wings to the India of your fantasies as you seek to explore its breath taking abodes through the souls of its people.

Pick Your Trail

Beginning operations from the December of 2013, Pick Your Trail has grown to be a travel advisor guaranteed to offer an out of the world travel experience to its adviseers. With a spirited team, Pick Your Trails has been garnering accolades ever since its foray into the digital mainstream.

Rated by Google as one of the torchbearers of online vacation platforms, this travel planner indeed offers an array of breathtaking guided trips across the world to satiate the wanderlusting spirit in you.

Travel Triangle

With specific holiday themes designed to cater to the travelling spirit of every category of wandering souls, Travel Triangle stands out for its customized travel packages that it offers to those who explore the website’s tour packages.

Even specific stages of the holiday plans are dealt with individually, so you don’t have to stress at all about how your travel experience is likely gonna be. Travel Triangle sure knows how to make holiday feel like living a life of luxurious relaxation.

The Backpacker Co

The Backpacker Co caters specifically to the niche of backpackers who trot the globe without all the worldly worries. Though expanding to provide both solo travellers and group rendezvers the perfect travelling experience, a sojourn with this trip planner is a planned voyage, with occassional wayward detours.

Your Trip, Your Way is the perfect envisioning of The Backpacker Co’s idea of an enriching travel experience. If their reflections of “A Spoonful of Wanderlust A Handful of Detours A Bagful of Local Flavours An Ounce of Adventure A Slice of Quirk & A Bucketful of Happy” doesn’t turn your travel mode on, then nothing ever will!

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