Travel buffs: Exploring the North east through photographs and words


The north eastern region of India is an unexplored paradise of wonder abyss and idyllic views that makes for a breathtakingly surreal experience of visual delight. The scenic landscape, the freshness in the morning breeze, the hues dotting the greenery, the steams gurgling with their cold splashes beckons you into the serene peace and tranquility this region has to offer. Also, with the region being host to a bounty of festivals that titillate pursuit of the soul through art and culture, North east India is indeed one among the most interesting places of the country. And yet, for reasons unknown, this pretty haven has been somehow out of bounds for the ‘mainland’ populace. But times are a- changing and with the emergence of a niche category of travel enthusiasts from this part of the country, the magic of the place has managed to leave people spellbound. Below we list some travel buffs from North east India who provide a stunning array of depictions of their travel sojourns that will lure any wander lusting soul to this nook of the incredible land!

Raunak Hazarika

A travel enthusiast whose Instagram profile is a delightful collection of travel tales from Cherrapunji to Bhutan, Raunak Hazarika as a travel buff exploits his stunning photography skills to present breathtaking visuals of the unconquered beauty of North east India.

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Fair and Square. #_soi #northeastindia #everydayasia #everydayindia

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Monjit Saikia

A nature admirer, Monjit Saikia takes pains to travel through the daunting of landscapes and lush green abodes nestled in the north eastern hinterland. The adventures of his wandering soul find breathtaking projection in his many shots which make up his visibly travel savvy Instagram page.

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Destination reached #zero_milestone #bogibeel #dibrugarh #brahmaputa #royalenfield #travel_diaries #trippyowl #natgeo #natgeoindia

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Chalo Hoppo

Delivering uniquely stimulating travel experiences and the feel of the aura that envelopes the north eastern lands is Chalo Hoppo which provides camping pursuits to satiate the vagabond spirit of every avid traveller.

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Its 8 am in the Morning. Where could you be? Sailing through a sea of bamboo into an alien land? Dzukou valley perhaps? . . . .  You could have a similar evening, book your slots for the July 5 to July 7 Dzukou experience. . . For details DM US YOUR WHATSAPP numbers. . . This image was captured by our favourite documenter of Dzukou, @frostwolf_ . #ChaloNortheast #ChaloHoppo . . . . . . #morningslikethese #nagaland #northeastindia #travelgram #IncredibleIndia #instaindian #whereisnortheast #beautifuldestinations #bamboo #dzukou #trekking #hiking #nagalanddiaries #tripotocommunity #chalohoppo #bloomingseason #dzukouvalleytrek #backpackers #travellers #campers #travel #dzukouvalley #monsoon #monsoonblossom #northeastindia #streetsofindia #camping

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In its endeavor to promote local growth and sustain economic viability of North east India, Hiptrails has been instrumental in promoting the picturesque terrains as it remains true to its tagline of “Do not settle, Explore!”


As the name suggests, Zajabor meaning a wandering nomad strives to cater to the gypsy spirit of travel enthusiasts, by providing a route to discover the places less explored.

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Greener Pastures

In its bid to promote tourism to exotic and remote places, Greener Pastures provides eco- friendly and authentic escapades to exciting, pretty locales. Sustainable tourism efforts bordering on edgy adventures to decipher the thrill and bounty of travelling pleasure.