12 best travelling jobs in India if you have caught the travel bug

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Can travel be a full time job? Sure it can be. Only if you know how to exploit your travelling fantasies to the extent that it even pays you back! Though job opportunities change slightly across boundaries, the encompassing aspect remains the same. Here are a dozen travelling jobs for you to pursue in India if the travel bug has caught on to you-

Travel Blogger

Travel blogging isn’t a job, it is a luxurious way of life. For people high on the idea of exploring new places, there is no luxury greater than a full time travel regimen. And earning the bucks by penning down your every step into wandering is a serious deal worth gambling. Better still, you can even opt for a photo blog, to lure viewers in with really eye catching snaps from your latest vacation!

There’s nothing more fulfilling that doing what you love- and that too by being your own boss. Travelling lets you do both with ease. Naturally, being a travel blogger is one of those travelling jobs in India or anywhere else that has your wander lusting goals on point.

Starting out with your own blog requires quite some efforts but once you are set, you can while away your life in your most indulgent pleasure. And once you become a travel pro, you would be amazed at the sheer variety of content that you can deliver with a mere one trip. It just requires a keen eye for detail and a lucid play with language to make your travel desire a fantasy worth living!



What’s better than soaring high up among the clouds and getting to explore lands and skies, all at once? Whether it be the exhilaration of being among the vast unboundedness of the blues or the challenge of steering clear and safe a plane full of people, being a pilot isn’t just a job; it is a responsibility as well.

There’s nothing like being a suave pilot all dressed in uniform and having the cockpit all to your own. Plus, the obvious perks of travelling that it brings along makes it one of the definite feature among travelling jobs in India. For someone who seeks the thrill of the unknown in every sphere of their lives, being a pilot is the course to fly up and high!

Event planner

Whether you are at the helm of affairs of some event management company or are an event planner yourself, you would have job opportunities that would throw open a wonder world of travelling for you. Being a successful event planner requires skill and it would take constant deliverance from your side to catch the fancy of clients in even faraway lands. But once you have made your name as a planner who shapes up the most striking events in town, you are set for life.

Be it small parties or ambitious ventures like destination wedding, being an event planner provides scope galore that you cannot seek in other professions. And with Indians opting for destination weddings more and more, event planning is indeed one of those travelling jobs in India that feels more like fun than work.

Flight Attendant


If you think piloting is too technical for you or that it would be too much exertion of your brains, then worry not. Because you still have another chance to get on- board. Glamorous and fancy, being a flight attendant is a job you will love if you are the social types forever yearning for a job that lets you travel day in and day out.

Apart from flying long hours you also get to dress up pretty and enjoy deluxe amenities. Considering that it is a shorter span job which means you can switch easily between careers later in life, being a flying attendant is lucrative, given the amount of travel and the optimum pay. The working hours though can be crazy and having to deal with fussy passengers can feel like shit at times, but the associated perks are seriously overwhelming.



For someone who has an eye for the perfect clicks, being a photographer is the best they can be. Not only because they would be pursuing their passion but also because they get to travel insanely. Specifically if you are a wildlife photographer or a wedding photographer or someone dabbling in genres, you need to travel to get your best shots. Among the myriad of travelling jobs in India, a professional photographer boasts of maximum exposure and also all expenses covered outings. Plus with the lens in tow you get such fancy captures that will serve your nostalgia for a lifetime! Indeed if you need to go travelling in style, then you may as well acquire some eye for photos.

Travel Show Host


If you have forever been enticed by travel tales and are yourself well versed both in travelling and in telling, then this is the job for you. A general love for exploring newer places, an urge to know the past and present of things and a charisma that renders you instantly likeable, then hosting a travel show is the most convenient way for you to realise your dream of being the globe trotter.

Not only it’s fun and fulfilling, you also earn a lot. Both in terms of money and experiences, the rewards are immense. And because you would be travelling with a team you can stay rather carefree and enjoy your every journey to fullest. Free travel, a low- stress job and a glam life- what more can you possibly ask for?

Culinary expert

Even chefs and enthusiasts of all things food and cooking can go travelling with their jobs. Because expert exponents of all matters food are paid to dig up history of famous cuisines, it’s natural they need to travel a lot to unearth all authentic elements related to it. From seeking out local people to unravel centuries old traditions to collecting exotic ingredients themselves, chefs and culinary experts get to experience more than just taste. And also with food shows being increasingly popular, these journeys are also well documented as to double up as blogging ventures. Among the travelling jobs in India, exploring culinary legacies and food heritage is increasingly gaining prominence. Like the famed Rocky- Mayur duo, you can even cook up your own food show!

Surf/ Scuba/ Yoga Instructor


High on adrenaline adventure- junkies can seek resort in another of the jobs that necessarily involves travelling. Whether you are a licensed scuba/ surfing instructor or a ski instructor or someone more into yoga, travelling has something for everyone.

From explaining the perfect technique to go sliding along the boundless snowy terrains to exploring the depths of the sea as a scuba trainer, you get to travel to the nooks and corners of the world. Specifically for Indians, turning a yoga instructor is equally viable an opportunity as yoga enthusiasts are beginning to crop up all over the world. As people hailing from the birthplace of yoga, Indian instructors can take up the wellness practice as one of those rewarding travelling jobs in India.

Cruise ship crew


Cruises are as luxurious as they sound. Nestled in the bluest of waters, these uber swanky ships are a party in themselves. And when you are one of the crew aboard such luxurious cruise ship, you enjoy the luxury and get paid for it! But that’s not even all to have you upbeat. Being a cruise ship crew also opens up the world for an all new travelling experience for you. Be it as one of the stewards or as a photographer contracted to go click- click, seafaring has its own inroads into the world that makes it one of the best travelling jobs that matter in India.

Merchant Navy

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An offbeat avenue for those seeking out travelling jobs in India would be to get employed with the Merchant Navy. With adventure beckoning at every opportunity and a chance to serve the nation that instills pride in the hearts of every Indian, a career with the Merchant Navy is all things you aspired for. However, because it requires intense travelling and throws up challenges, this is a job only for the fittest and the most steadfast of all. But those who are up for travelling at every opportunity while taking every challenge head- on, the Merchant Navy is the place to be. Whether it be unraveling a world of travel exploits or one steeped in adventure, this is one really fulfilling career choice to pursue.


Another equally challenging path to pursue if you want to be in one of those travelling jobs is being a diplomat with the government of India. Of course it requires dedication and hard work to crack the national level civil services exam required to be a diplomat. But once you have made it through and secured a good rank, you can land yourself among the elite few who grab hold of the Indian Foreign Service portfolio. Not only is this a position of utmost repute and esteemed importance but it also grants you travel to foreign countries.

Tour Guide


A job that has travel writ large over it has to be that of a tour guide.Showing your place off to new people is a matter of contented pride. While acquiring the confidence through years of travel to lead others on in exploring even newer terrain is every inch an ecstasy that unfolds a world of dreams for you. If you have that sprite that makes you instantly connect to fellow passengers or local people, then being a tour guide is the ultimate among travelling jobs for you to take charge. You can even make it big as a travel advisor, by helping out travellers plan for their trip while you cash in on discounts and commissions. For a country like India where tourism is constantly on the rise, this is among the best of jobs to live your travelling dream day in and day out.