Unique and famous bridges across the world


Bridges are one of the most amazing entities of infrastructural development in this world as it seamlessly connects two roads that are separated by a large distance. While bridges makes travelling easier over waterbodies, crowded roads, rocky surfaces, it also tells about the story of development of a place to the whole world. As a bridge forms the parameter of development of a place, it thereby brings more people and vehicles to it which in turn makes it more lively and vibrant. With transportation facility improving with the construction of a bridge in a place, it is also likely that it will see a growth of industrialization and in time boom in urbanization is also highly possible there. Meanwhile, bridges also tells the tale of impressive engineering feats and the uniquely constructed ones also becomes some iconic symbols of tourism due to which tourists visit it in large numbers to view it. Some of the famous bridges across the world that are major tourist attractions includes-

New Brunswick Hartland Bridge

Source : Structurae

The world’s longest covered bridge is the New Brunswick Hartland Bridge of Canada. The 391 metre long covered bridge located atop the Saint John River takes one from Hartland to Somerville in New Brunswick. Although there are many bridges longer and advanced than this one, its covered passage gives a unique charm to it and people travelling through it will feel like travelling through a long tunnel. The memorable and exciting feature of travelling through this bridge would be witnessing the interplay between lightness and darkness through your eyes for a long time till you get to see full light again.

Helix Bridge

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One of the most famous yet innovative kind of modern pedestrian bridge in the world is the Helix Bridge of Singapore. The 280 metre long twisting bridge constructed with duplex stainless steel was inspired by the geometric arrangement of a DNA strand. The walkway bridge that is enclosed by opposing double-helix structures of stainless steel connects the Marina Centre with Marina South and is located atop the Singapore river. You can take a stroll along the bridge and enjoy the magnificent sights that Singapore has to offer. The bridge seems more magical at time of night as ribbons of LED lights illuminate the bridge very brightly.

Khaju Bridge

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To admire the marvel of Persian engineering and the beauty of Persian architecture, you must definitely visit the Khaju Bridge of Iran. The 133 metre long ancient bridge over the Zayanderud river was constructed around 1650 during the reign of Abbas II, a king of the Safavid dynasty. It has 23 arches. The entire bridge is made of solid stones and bricks. It is worth mentioning that the structure has 26 small and 21 larger inlets and outlets. It also served as a weir as there are several sluice gates under the archways through which the water flow of the Zayanderud is regulated.

Chengyang Bridge

Source : Travel Triangle

A totally unique bridge of this world is the Chengyang Bridge located in the Sanjiang County in China. Due to its capability of protecting a person from rough weather conditions like winds and rains, it is also known as Wind and Rain Bridge. Located atop the Linxi river, the Chengyang bridge is 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6 meters high. It has two platforms, three piers, three spans, five pavilions, nineteen verandas, and three floors. The speciality of this bridge is that it was constructed by dovetailing pieces of wood but without a single nail or rivet.

Royal Gorge Bridge

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The world’s highest suspension bridge is the Royal Gorge Bridge located at a height of 955 feet above the Arkansas River in Colorado. You must certainly make a point to visit this bridge situated in the premises of Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, a 360 acre amusement park. As the name suggest, the bridge extends 1,260 feet across the Royal Gorge, a 10-mile long canyon characterized by over 1,000 foot tall, red-granite walls. The best way to enjoy in this bridge would be to stroll its entire length and marvel at the stunning beauty of the gorge below you while you are at the moment of thrill due to the bumpy ride via foot.

Seri Wawasan Bridge

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One of the famous bridges in the world that is impressive in both looks and design is the Seri Wawasan Bridge located in the city of Putrajaya in Malaysia. This futuristic asymmetric cable stayed bridge over the artificial Putrajaya Lake connects Precinct 2 on the Core Island, where the main government buildings are located, to the residential area of Precinct 8. The main feature of attraction of this bridge is its appearance of a sail ship. Another jaw-dropping feature of this bridge is the changeable colour lighting at night that gives a magical appearance to this already stupendous bridge.

Stari Most

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A 16th century bridge situated in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 30 metre long Stari Most still manages to give its visitors an old world charm. The uniqueness of this bridge is its hump backed appearance and the presence of the two fortified towers that protect it- the Halebija tower on the northeast and the Tara tower on the southwest, respectively called “the bridge keepers.” . It is traditional for the young men of the town to leap from the bridge into the river Neretva.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Source : World Highways

One of the widely known bridges in the world in the Szechenyi Chain Bridge of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. As the name suggests, the 202 metre chain bridge over the river Danube connects Buda and Pest, the western and eastern of Budapest respectively. The bridge which was opened to the public in 1849 became an iconic identity of Hungary over time.

These unique and famous bridges of the world should definitely be on your bucket list of travels and you must visit it with your friends and family at any point in your lifetime. Some of these famous bridges across the world are quite old too. Besides being masterpieces of some great engineering geniuses, these bridges also provide stunning views of the land in which it is located.