Ways of travelling that has brought happiness during the coronavirus pandemic

Travelling has undergone unimaginable changes during the coronavirus pandemic. With lockdowns and curfews imposed in various parts across the world to curb the dreadful disease, we had to strictly restrict our ways of travelling. To venture out to our dream place according to our wishes is no longer a possible option. However, the coronavirus pandemic has induced us to carefully observe and appreciate the natural scenery in our surroundings. The deep truth is that the pandemic has taught us that happiness, relaxation and entertainment can be found in silently noticing the smallest of everyday occurrences like feeling the gentle swaying of plants in our garden along with the wind, listening to the chirping of birds and watching the amazing views of sunrise and sunset from our windows.

As the coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to remain within the confinements of our homes, we find great pleasure in getting slim chances of venturing out of our homes even if it is for a very small period of time. Some of the ways of travelling which has been sources of joy during the coronavirus pandemic are-

Balcony and terrace have become wonderful travel retreats

Source : Tripadvisor

With the mask becoming the mandatory requirement to wear in our daily lives whenever we need to go out of the house, therefore, balconies and terraces seems to have become a wonderful sort of travel escapade as these are the only places where we can freely breathe without having to cover our noses and mouths. Getting a glimpse of our surroundings from balconies and terraces seems to bring joy in our lives when the home seems to be the only safe haven in this horrible pandemic. We can spend some ‘Me’ time today in balconies and terraces and these seem to be good places which provide some respite from the monotony of the present situations.

Increase of road trips

Source : Tour Plan to India

Taking out the car or bike to just travel along the road for a short distance seems to have become a common way of travelling in the coronavirus pandemic. With people having to postpone all their planned travels for a long time with the onset of the pandemic, road trips appear to be a luxurious form of travel for many. Driving the vehicle and feeling of the rushing air on the face can, of course, happens to be priceless opportunities that we can find in the coronavirus pandemic. After the places of leisure like cinema halls, parks, zoos, museums etc. had to close down for the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, road trips or driving to a scenic location of the nearby city/ town/ village happened to increase. Moreover, spending some time with dear ones in a beautiful place in the city/ town/ village by just enjoying its view after getting down from the car/ bike and taking a few pictures there had become common nowadays. For this reason, our social media feeds are full of photos of people enjoying the beauty of the local sightseeing spots.

Walking has become a pleasant activity

Source : Telegraph India

Our morning walks and evening walks in the locality have become sources of great pleasure during the coronavirus pandemic. We have secretly learn to feel grateful even if we can just stroll hundred metres down the street. Meanwhile, the time we need to go to bring our groceries and other necessities from the nearest place also seems to give some relief to our senses in these lonely and tiring times. The time of moving aimlessly around the balcony or terrace also appears to be a wonderful activity. Overall, it can be said that finding even a while to walk in the pandemic helps us in feeling relaxed and happy.

Virtual tour of tourist destinations

Source : Google Arts & Culture

Scrolling social media feeds, mostly Instagram, to gaze at some beautiful snapshots of travel photographers have become more common among many people in the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, watching YouTube videos of travel vloggers have also become good source of entertainment these days. Reading travel blogs also seem to be a good pastime. Therefore, it can be said that social media sites have become another sources of travelling platforms where people can enjoy virtual tours. For this reason, many places of importance are providing live-streaming videos of its programmes and beautiful spots on social media sites. You can check out the Google Arts and Culture website to virtually travel to various countries through your digital devices and by just sitting at your home. As per reports, Google Arts and Culture has teamed up with 2500 museums and historical places around the world to provide detailed information and wonderful virtual viewing experiences of places and artefacts of great significance.

Finding happiness in visiting nearby houses of dear ones

Source : Videohive

Visiting our neighbours’ houses to just chat over a cup of tea or coffee has become another way of seeking and spending a break happily in these lonely times. The gossip or adda sessions have become precious, entertaining and pleasant. If the lockdown or curfew restrictions allows us, visiting our relatives’ homes who lives nearby have also become a great source of pleasure. Meanwhile, if our dear one serves up sumptuous delicacies while visiting them, we secretly feel gleeful and feel like we had attended a party or got a lavish treat. If we get a guest in our house which has become rare during these times, we also feel like serving them to the best of our capacities. Getting a chance to do face-to-face talking with our dear ones in these times seems like it has come after quite a long time. Chatting virtually over Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or any other apps also seems to bring happiness as it helps us in connecting with one another. Therefore, the opportunities of feeling connected through talking or chatting has also the power of making a person happy during these times.

Therefore, it can be said that the simple and daily means of travelling and activities which had been taken for granted for long had become sources of happiness in the time of coronavirus pandemic.