Why you should choose homestays as places of accomodation while travelling?


Homestays are one of the unique places of accommodation where you can reside to get an enriching travel experience of your visiting destination and go back home with lots of beautiful memories to narrate to your families, relatives and friends. As homestays are simply temporary paying guests (PG) facilities offered to a traveler for a short period with excellent kind of personal services, the ‘home away from home’ feeling is highly found in it. Unlike in a hotel where you cannot get a chance to interact with local people , the option of choosing to reside in a homestay will allow you to engage in a conversation with its hosts or owners who will always try their best to please you and will give you vast details of the lifestyle and culture of the place where you had travelled too. Although some homestays might be modest form of accommodations and often lacks the luxurious amenities of five star hotels, it is the homely level of hospitality like getting a chance to devour warm local homemade cuisine, sleep in a room that is furnished just as a home should be without loud elements, sniffing some fresh homely air and the wide smiling faces of the hosts always asking about your welfare that renders homestays an extraordinary feature in the travel and tourism industry.

Some of the huge benefits of staying in homestays as a traveler are-

Get to eat a plate of local delicacies served with love

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While eating in a hotel, we can order only what kind of dishes are present in its menus. Moreover, most hotels serve local food as a kind of fusion cuisine with the addition of some foreign ingredients in it so that it can present  a marketable concept publicly in order to attract customers and earn more profits. Apart from local cuisine, the hotels also serve various kinds of non-local delicacies so that they can run a good business with it. Therefore, it is highly evident that some of the fancy names of dishes present in the hotel menu might make our mouth water and ultimately appeals our senses to order it for the table. This might make us seriously miss out some of the local dishes that we are not aware of beforehand and later can cause us to feel regret in the future on knowing about it. So, the foremost benefit of choosing to stay in a homestay is that you will be served pure and fresh local food platter by the hosts when you are residing there. If you might question about some unknown dish you have set your eyes on, the homestay owners will only be happy to present more information to you about it. Moreover, the hosts can also be willingly ready to prepare the food items of your choice in a more clean and delicious way than that of the hotels. With ingredients fresh from the market or from their shelves, rigorous cleaning and chopping, careful cooking, it is then served to you with much attention and love to ensure that the home cooked dishes are exactly as you had wanted it to be. Some home stays even welcome their guests into their kitchen, and let them watch and participate in the cooking process

Visit some places that are off the beaten track

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Unlike the Internet or the tourist guidebooks, homestay hosts can sometimes literally turn out to be an encyclopedia with useful information to offer that are yet unwritten so far. With unique knowledge to be learned, travelling can certainly turn out to be more fun. There is a high chance that you might be able to visit some beautiful hiking trails or be able to tread on some places that are not yet popular on the tourist circuit. Homestay owners can turn out to be excellent tourist guides who can show you around the place in a more beneficial manner thereby making your travelling experience a combination of educative and entertaining – edutainment – one. You can get to hear some funny incidents or stories associated with the place of visit that is not present in the Internet or the tourist guidebooks. Homestay hosts would also make good travel bookings for you so that you can get to enjoy your trips. As homestays have the motto of providing god personalized services to guests, they will often put a great deal of effort into arranging activities that are of interest to you. You might be able to attend local fairs, watch a folklore cultural programme, go on picnics to best nature spots, attend a unique festive event, explore some unique professions like a farmer tilling a field, a shepherd watching over his flock, a potter busy making earthen wares etc.

Usher in a feeling of receiving a lot of personal attention like a family member

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Unlike a series of rooms present in a hotel, homestays will offer only a few rooms as accommodations for guests or travelers. To ensure that they are offering the best level of hospitality to the guests who had chosen their homestay to stay in, the hosts will often question them so that their likes and preferences are paid attention to and thereby some highly customized services are provided to them. Therefore, residing in a homestay often feels like living among some loved ones. If you wish to talk with the homestay owners, they would be always ready to cooperate with you and would happily chatter away till late hours to make you feel like one of their own family members. You might even be invited to have meals with them in their dining rooms. You can spend as little or as much time with the host family as you like. Sometimes homestay owners and guests make such a good bond with each other that they stay in touch for a much longer time.

Stay in a place just like your own home

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As homestays are mostly run by middle class families in order to get a good income, it is highly evident that the rooms you are staying in might be furnished with inexpensive decors and might lack LED TVs, air conditioners or the plush king sized bed where you can dreamily fell asleep by literally drowning in its comfort. However, with windows looking out into small private gardens or the streets just like the one at your own bedroom, the fresh aroma of the home cooked food coming gently from the kitchen capable of pleasing the senses, the sound of the homestay hosts calling out each other are the reasons that makes homestays sound exactly like its name ie. A Home.  Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can feel safe and secured but most of all homely in a strange land, then a homestay is the perfect place of accommodation you should book right away when going out for the next long distance trip.