Workation- The newest trend of travelling

With the term ‘Work from Home’ becoming a hard hit routine due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, workation has now become the newest trend of travelling that is being followed to take a break from the hectic mundane life of the present times. As the name suggests, workation is a fusion of the two words i.e. Work and Vacation. With the dream of exploring new places of sight and roaming about at will by switching off ourselves from work for a few days no longer remaining a possible option, our wishes of travelling have only become more and the idea of getting to spend a relaxed vacation in a serene and scenic place that has been properly sanitized do seems welcome to hear and know. Meanwhile, as ‘Work from Home’ requires people to carry out their professional tasks by sitting at the same study table at the corner in home in addition to communicating with the teams from office through mails or Zoom, so the concept of taking a vacation where professional work and enjoyment together could be done became hugely accepted and popular. A good internet connectivity and electric connection is the only basic requirement for a scenic location to become a workation. By facilitating proper electric setup and providing excellent Wi-Fi facility for uninterrupted internet access, many places of accommodation in the hospitality sector such as hostels, hotels and homestays are now offering workation packages to suit the demands of travel for their customers. For this reason, people are now packing their bags with some personal belongings and their work essentials such as laptop, stationery, headphones and are heading for a workation among mountains, beaches or forests where both activities of enjoyment and professional work could be done hand in hand.

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As a view that is magnificent and visually appealing seems to be a primary feature required to be provided during a workation, many places of accommodation in the hospitality sector such as hostels, hotels and homestays are now arranging their rooms with good quality study tables near a large window or a comfy verandah looking out into amazing vistas so that their customers can peacefully do their work and enjoy the picturesque scenery outside simultaneously. Meanwhile, recreational activities that are suitable to be carried out in the late evenings without hampering any COVID-19 guidelines have also been designed by the places of hospitality as a part of their workation tourism package so that a customer can get to participate in having some moments of joy that is chiefly sought during a holiday. The places comprising of beautiful mountain peaks, bright sandy beaches or wide expanse of greenery have turned out to be ideal workation destinations because they are noise free and beautiful where one can get to spend some quality time. In India, Goa, Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Darjeeling, Coorg have emerged as the top workation destinations. Experts are of the view that workation can be a good travel option for exploration by the hospitality sector to revive the travel and tourism industry which has been badly affected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the reasons of taking a workation for a short while is to take a break from the confinement of home that has become a regular affair after the coronavirus pandemic started wreaking havoc in the world.  With the everyday household chores and the official work ruling our lives daily and getting the possibility of venturing out to the regularly seen places only for some necessary purposes, the urge for moving out to some unexplored land to feast our eyes on some new pretty scenes have only become more. Therefore, a workation is a perfect holiday for you as a short leave from home to inhale some fresh air, enjoy pretty views, indulge in some fun-filled activities, taste new delicacies and meet new people can refresh your senses and make you feel more contented.

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Another advantage of going on a workation is that you can get to constantly witness a similar poster of your favourite natural scenery that you have saved on the home screens of your mobile phones or laptops or had even put up in a favourite corner of your home. If you are a mountain lover, places such as Meghalaya, Dharamshala, Darjeeling, Panchgani are the ideal locations for you to go. Choose a place of accommodation there that is located amidst the picturesque mountains. With a wide expanse of greenery that might be abounding with colourful flowers, sheer heights of mountain peaks covered by misty clouds and the endless but mesmerizingly irregular shaped hills to feast your eyes upon while you work, you can feel extremely contented and carry out your duties efficiently. If you are the one who adores the sea and the sand, beaches are the ideal place for you to go so pack your bags for a holiday to Goa, Varkala , Gokarna. The infinite stretch of the blue hue of sea and the vividly bright sands can be your closest companion for a few days and can provide you with solace.

Recreational activities have always been a highly demanded option among travellers. Workation is also not devoid of pursuits of leisure as tour agencies are tailoring different types of games that are suited for each customer and as per the suitability of the setting in which the place of accommodation is located. With hikes among the hills, bonfire nights, cycling along mountainous tracks being provided by hotels in mountains, your trip to the highest places in the world could be an enriching experience. Besides, activities like picking up different kinds of fruits and vegetables from the garden of the hotel and fishing in some private premises being offered by some, workation packages have only more promising and attractive. Meanwhile, beaches also offer different activities like seaside walks, parasailing, kayaking, tubing, water rafting, beach ball playing to satisfy the lovers of the sand and sea. Indoor games like billiards, table tennis are also there to entertain the travellers going out on workation holidays. So, you can definitely get your share of fun while being out for a workation.

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Culinary delights are also another source of enjoyment of a holiday package. As workation would also comprise of staying for hours at your chosen place of accommodation being engaged with your office work, tasting different kinds of dishes after scanning the menu well would also be a good idea. The best thing is that you can be able to order a meal anytime as per your convenience and have it in your room. Unlike a normal vacation where you have to find a suitable restaurant for eating after sightseeing and would be forced to order soon whatever dish looks good from the menu as the waiter always seems to be in a hurry to note down your preferences and bring it on the table, the scenario is completely different in a workation. During a workation, you can study the whole menu with the fancy dish names and the list of ingredients and then order as much as you like in a day and eat it slowly by tasting the flavour thoroughly with each bite. Meanwhile, you can also enhance your knowledge by reading in the beautiful verandah of your room with only the fresh air and scenic view for company. It would be a good idea to buy and pore over books of the local history and geography of the place.  

Workation is also good for meeting and greeting fellow travellers who would be staying at your chosen place of accommodation. With face-to-face conversation becoming a far-fetched affair during the coronavirus pandemic, workations are good chances and time for talking with people over a good cup of coffee.