10 Evergreen Bihu Songs Loved by All Generations

Youth in traditional Bihu attire performing Bihu, in a “MUKOLI BIHU” in Guwahati, Assam on 13-04-10, on the eve of the greatest festival for the Assamese People “RANGALI BIHU”. PHOTO: UB PHOTOS.

গৰু বিহুৰ গধুলি হুঁচৰি গাই,

গৃহস্থই চাকি, ধূপ-ধূনা জ্বলাই

কালিলৈ গধূলি হুঁচৰি জুৰিমগৈ

শৰাইখনি থ’বি সজাই

মোৰ আই অ’ শৰাইখনি থ’বি সজাই।

Husori is an inseparable element of Bihu. A bihu performance starts with husori where only the males take part.
The 10th song in our list is a husori which when played whenever and wherever, takes us to the nostalgic feelings of the festival.


This beautiful song is in there in 10th Position in our list. This one is from heartthrob Zubeen Garg. When the song plays, it gives us the reminder for the festival.


Another hit by Zubeen Garg, which was the starting of the new phase. Probably this is the most loved Bihu song of early 21st.


When Bihu comes, Junbai is the most favourite album which comes first. This is a beautiful example of modern Bihu songs.


Angarag Papon Mahanta, Son of Bihu Samrat Late Khagen Mahanta, is known as the most popular singer who brings all the old folk Bihu songs in the new modern platform. This song is a perfect example of it.


Zubeen Garg is the modern Bihu King, and he has more than 10,000 Bihu songs under his name. Junbai Series is of the best from Zubeen Garg.


Khagen Mahanta is Known as the Bihu Samrat. His evergreen Bihu songs are still loved by Assamese People.


One of a most famous song almost every singer sings the song on Stage.


How can we forget Bhupen Hazarika? His contribution to the music industry and specially Assamese music is remarkable.



One of the most popular Bihu songs sung by Zubeen Garg. A romantic Bihu number.



When we consider Bihu, we must think about Khagen Mahanta as he is known as the Bihu Samrat. His evergreen songs are still Assam’s favourite.

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