words apne apne

Mother earth is healing,

It’s our turn to bear the pain .

When the smog grew and the birds flew ,

Didn’t we notice the acid rain?

When the fishes died on the shores,

To bear our oils overflow.

When animals went into quarantine,

We called it their homing sign.

When glaciers melted and ozone deplete .

We called it global warming.

We allocated funds built offices,

Tried to cleanse forest and water alike.

But did we take it to heart?

Did we slow down?

It’s now that we are left with no choice.

We either live or die

Covid 19 is blazing high.

Where is our technology and gadgets?

Take a bow dear mankind and feel the pain.

The fittest shall survive,

All others shall go in vain.

So much flora and fauna have gone extinct.

Why didn’t our hearts perceive this instinct?

The universe is going through a change,

This we’ve ushered in over years of so called pain.

Let the world heal, let nature breathe,

Birds and animals shall enjoy their share.

We’ve got back our long earned dues.

Once again it’s time to go back to where we came from

To limit our expectations.

To bond, to love to empathise, to care.  

No one can live alone .

Family is the cornerstone .

We work to live,

But when we start living to work

Our purpose of life is lost in the dust.

Covid 19, we will overcome.

But let the lessons learnt seep down.

Friends lets hold hands and find a way

Where mother earth isn’t in pain.

Let every living creature live

For the creator we are all the same.

But fortunately we were made with perhaps more pain,

with a better heart and brain.

But, alas! We went in vain.